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  • Projectors for event consumers – event traceability


    This article is reproduced from [how to decouple]:https://codedecoupled.com/php… In the event traceability architecture, obtaining the current state of the application through the event flow may cause performance problems. The projector generates an independent view to save the current state of the application by listening to events. We can think of it as a materialized view […]

  • Software testing process


    Software testing process 1. requirements review After a requirement is obtained and the product personnel have designed the prototype and documents, a requirement review meeting is held. The whole project team begins to discuss the requirements and review the requirements. (in the review, the main contents involved are tested, the product function points are analyzed, […]

  • Does agile QA need to write test cases?


    This article was first published in【Forest space】 “Working software is better than comprehensive documents, which is one of the agile values. Testing does not need so heavy documents, and test cases can not be written.” This is the view of Party A. “How do you know what to test without test cases? How can you […]

  • Those “hard words” about interface testing


    When it comes to interface testing, you must be familiar with it. Interface test is a test to test whether the interface between system components is smooth. Including whether the test data can be exchanged, transmitted, whether the management process can be normally controlled, and the mutual logical dependence between systems, etc. Because the interface […]

  • Ten minutes to understand the fastest app automation tool uiautomator2


    I believe many useappiumPeople who have done app automation have deep feelings: Appium runs slowly and takes a long time Uiautomatorviewer has to turn off appium server when locating elements To get toast on a lower version of appium, you need to switch the automationname Now there is oneautomated testing Tool uiautomator2, which almost perfectly […]

  • How to write efficient software test cases? Wechat circle of friends dynamic sending as an example


    Writing a good test case requires: sufficient requirement analysis ability + theory and experience blessing。 However, this does not mean that without testing experience and weak analysis ability, you can’t write good use cases. There are still methods to follow. As an old man who has worked in the mixed track test for 10 years, […]

  • httprunner3. X the most detailed tutorial of the whole network


    1、 Required environment Wiindows1up python3. More than 6 httprunner3. 1.6 (latest version) Pycharm Community Edition 2、 Install httprunner 1. Uninstall old version The command to uninstall the previous version is:pip3 uninstall httprunner 2. Install new version Default installation method: pip3 install httprunner In this way, the latest version is installed by default and downloaded from […]

  • How IOS can better adapt to special-shaped screen (banged screen)


    Usually, when we adapt the special-shaped screen, we may use itsafeAreaInsets。 If the timing is wrong,safeAreaInsetsThere will also be problems with the value of. Maybe you can usekey windowofsafeAreaInsetsOr you can rewrite itfunc safeAreaInsetsDidChange()Method to modify the layout at the right time, but these operations are always troublesome and uncomfortable to use. Is there a […]

  • Test case management: agiletc platform


    Platform introduction After investigating some use case management platforms in the industry (TestLink / QC / Zen / cloud effect, etc.), we sorted out the basic functions that a use case management platform should have: Final system architecture: Mode of use Access to other platforms The difficulty of embedding agiletc into other project management platforms […]

  • How do bat test architects interpret various disputes of the test platform


    Let’s start with the topic about the test platform on testerhome, then talk about the pain points of interface testing, and then my solution for interface testing. I hope that through this discussion, we can reach a unified understanding of what a good platform is, and make a useful and tester friendly platform through innovation. […]

  • App automation test framework (III. allure beautification test report)


    1、 Install allure allurefile: https://docs.qameta.io/allure/# Allure download address: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/qameta/allure/allure-commandline/2.13.8/ Allure installation(1) You need to install the Java environment first(2) Windows downloads the zip package, unzip it and add the bin directory to the environment variableMac can be installed with brew brew install allure (3) Install allure pytest Library pip install allure-pytest Reprint:https://blog.csdn.net/z_erduo/article/details/116332523?spm=1001.2014.3001.5502 2、 Production report […]

  • Reactor of event consumers – event traceability


    This article is reproduced from [how to decouple]:https://codedecoupled.com/php… Reactor andProjectorThe only difference is that we can’t replay reactor’s behavior. Therefore, reactor is a behavior with side effects in the processing field. So what is the behavior with side effects? If the result of a behavior occurring once is different from that occurring many times, this […]