• Conversion of mon type time format in Oracle and resolution of invalid month and year error


    Time conversion NLS in different systems_ DATE_ Usage of language: English: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE=AMERICAN Japanese: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE = Japanese Chinese: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE = SIMPLIFIED CHINESE   Summarize the solution:   select TO_CHAR(to_date(’23-JUN-99′,’dd-MON-YY’,’NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE=AMERICAN’),’YYYY-MM-DD’) from dual;

  • PHP 14 week function learning record


    filter_has_var() effect filter_has_var()Function to check the existence of a variable of the specified input type. usage filter_has_var(type, variable) type INPUT_GET INPUT_POST INPUT_COOKIE INPUT_SERVER INPUT_ENV case <?php if(!filter_has_var(INPUT_GET, “name”)) { echo(“Input type does not exist”); } else { echo(“Input type exists”); } ?> result Input type exists filter_id() effect filter_id()Function returns theIDnumber. usage filter_id(filter_name) case <?php […]

  • The method of Oracle judging whether it contains string


    Transferred from:https://blog.csdn.net/jumtre/article/details/38020389You can use the_ 01 t where t.column1 in (‘zzzz’,’zbbbbb’)。 The first thing I think of is contains. The usage of contains is as follows: select * from students where contains(address, ‘beijing’) However, if the contains predicate is used, the column must be indexed. That is to say, if the address column of the […]

  • Switch case of JS notes


    Switch statement to select one of multiple blocks of code to execute.Switch cannot handle greater than or less than grammar switch(n) { case 1: Execution code block 1 break; case 2: Execution code block 2 break; default: Code that does not execute at the same time as case 1 and case 2 } How it […]

  • Regular expression practice article


    Regular expressions in my eyes In depth understanding of regular expressions advanced tutorial Deeply understand the concept and usage of regular expression look around Regular expression practice

  • Sharing a Django restful framework for quick start scaffolding


    Git address https://github.com/gaojiuli/DRF-startup.git features A basic custom user A custom authentication One permission A filter A celery mission A set of crud templates usage git clone https://github.com/gaojiuli/DRF-startup.git Configure the python 3.5.2 environment Configure the database in project/ settings.py in Execute PIP install – R requirements python manage.py migrate python manage.py runserver

  • Go carbon version 1.1.0 was released to support Gorm


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic, IDE friendly date and time processing library. It is the golang implementation version of PHP carbon library. The original intention is to get rid of golang’s anti-human 2006-01-02 15:04:05 format time design and support chain call and Gorm structure.If you feel good, please give me a stargithub:github.com/golang-module/carbon gitee:gitee.com/go-package/carbon Application in […]

  • Sharing a tool for performance testing of webapi interface


    The address of mud water man can’t be downloaded, so share it. The usage is very simple, just enter the address. Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1OUeybjqY9uGWmxe_ ywgwgQ Extraction code: nls9  

  • PHP week 15 function learning notes


    ftp_fget() effect ftp_fget()Function fromFTPDownload a file from the server and save it to a local open file. usage ftp_fget(ftp_connection,local,remote,mode,resume) case <?php $source = “source.txt”; $target = fopen(“target.txt”, “w”); $conn = ftp_connect(“ftp.testftp.com”) or die(“Could not connect”); ftp_login($conn,”admin”,”ert456″); ftp_fget($conn,$target,$source,FTP_ASCII); ftp_close($conn); ?> ftp_fput() effect ftp_fput()A function has been uploaded and opened locallyFTPSave it as a file on the […]

  • Methods that may be used in regular expressions


    This article mainly explains the methods used by regularization First of all, let’s start with a random string: let content = ‘gabgAjklbgadlkjgbajkdgbAjldgbadg’ The first is a simple method that doesn’t require regularization indexOf If you use a simple match STR or intercept the matched text, I will use the str.indexOf (SearchValue, [fromindex]), the index of […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS automatic layout tutorial: 8. Uiview common events: click, double-click, long press, drag, slide, screen edge sideslip, timing events.


    preface: This section introduces the general events of uiview. Common events are available on all UI. 1. Uiview event: Click definition: //Click events that can be attached (when archived in keyValue, parameters cannot be transferred (memory address is invalid), only runtime attributes can be saved) typedef void(^OnViewClick)(id view); #Pragma mark extended system events – Click […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS automatic layout tutorial: 12. Special usage of uibutton, uilabel, uitextfield, uitextview


    preface: This article introduces the common functional usage of some elements. 1. Uibutton special usage: the countdown is displayed on the button. Basic definition //! when button dynamically sets the text or picture, the width is adaptive -(UIButton*)stWidthToFit; //! displays the countdown state (seconds) of NS. When the time is up, the initial text will […]