• Time travel under Linux


    Time travel? The bridge in the movie, right? Liangxu, are you bluffing again? No, it’s not. Maybe I’ll introduce the touch command here. With it, you can change the timestamp to achieve the purpose of time travel. Touch command is also frequently used in our work. Let’s explain it in detail from shallow to deep. […]

  • The diff plug-in of comparing code blocks in the introductory course of gitbook


    Gitbook plug-in for showing differences between codes in markdown documents English | Chinese homepage Github : https://snowdreams1006.github.io/gitbook-plugin-diff/ GitLab: https://snowdreams1006.gitlab.io/gitbook-plugin-diff/ Gitee : https://snowdreams1006.gitee.io/gitbook-plugin-diff/ Screen capture usage {% diff method=”diffJson” %} { “name”: “gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map”, “version”: “0.2.1”, “description”: “A gitBook plugin for generating and exporting mind map within markdown”} { “name”: “gitbook-plugin-diff”, “version”: “0.2.1”, “description”: “A gitbook plugin […]

  • The difference between “arrow function” and = > in trust


    BeginnersrustI’m sure you’ll be punished like merustThe complicated grammar shocked me The following code looks likejavaandJavaScriptThe combination of use std::io::prelude::*; use std::fs::OpenOptions; fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> { let mut file = OpenOptions::new() .append(true).open(“D:\\text.txt”)?; file.write(b” APPEND WORD”)?; Ok(()) } fn main() { let mut v = vec![1, 2, 4, 8]; println!(“{}”, match v.get(0) { Some(value) => […]

  • Sendcloud driver installation tutorial for laravel 5.1


    advantage:The normal sending mode is fully compatible with the official usage, and the configuration file can be changed to other drivers at any time without changing the code installExecute in the project directory composer require naux/sendcloudto configureModify config/ app.php ‘providers’ => [//Add this line Naux\Mail\ SendCloudServiceProvider::class,];Configure your key in. Env and modify the email driver […]

  • Nestedscrollview, a required component for the home page of flutter


    Mr. Meng: yesterday, version 1.17 of flutter was heavily released. The new version is mainly to optimize performance and fix bugs. Some people think that this version has no bright spot, but it also reflects that flutter is relatively perfect for mobile terminals. If you want to know the specific content, there is a link […]

  • Do you really know how to use the flutter date component


    Flutter system provides some date selection components, such as daypicker, monthpicker, yearpicker, showdatepicker, cupertinodatepicker, etc. the first four are material style components, and the last one is IOS style components. This paper introduces the basic usage of the control and how to realize internationalization. If the internationalization provided by the system does not meet your […]

  • Operators of go language learning


    01 arithmetic operator Arithmetic operators include plus sign (+), minus sign (-), multiplication sign (*), division sign (/), and remainder (%). We declare two variables A and B and assign them 10 and 5 respectively. Through the code, we demonstrate the usage of arithmetic operators. func main() { a := 10 b := 5 fmt.Println(“a […]

  • Explanation of printf function


    Common usage of printf function pritnf(“”); # include int main(void) { Printf (“Hello world!”; return 0; } /* Used to output information directly */ Printf (“output controller”, variable); # include int main(void) { int i=10; Printf (% D-N “, I); // here% d is the output controller, which indicates that the output is in decimal […]

  • How to use Python subplot


    This article mainly introduces the use of Python subplot parsing, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to The function of subplot () in MATLAB is to create and control multiple graphic positions in the same screen. General […]

  • Python parsing


    In Python, you can often see the form ofret = [x ** 2 for x in lst]This kind of assignment statement is not easy for people who transfer from C + + to Python to understand the use of this for loop. This is the new syntax invented by Python for simplicity. Python analytic expression […]

  • Help for anti spam QQ swarm robots


    be interested? something the matter? Click the link to join the group chat [Mengmeng robot]! brief introduction This is a QQ robot based on iotqq framework. It is written in nodejs. Its core function is to call Baidu content review API to review the messages in the group sentence by sentence, and automatically help the […]

  • Golang version of carbon date time processing library, PHP developer benefits


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic, IDE friendly date and time processing library. It is the golang implementation version of PHP carbon library. Its original intention is to get rid of golang’s anti-human 2006-01-02 15:04:05 format time design, and support chain call and mainstream ORM such as Gorm and xrom If you think it’s good, please […]