• Shen Jian uses three hours of video to tell you about high availability


    This is the video of Shen Jian’s speech at mpd2016 Beijing station. Comprehensively analyze the availability architecture and optimization of single point system, accessibility architecture of message system and consistency architecture and optimization of optimization / transaction system. 1. Availability architecture and optimization of Internet single point systemClick here to watch the video. The duration […]

  • On cap theorem


    In a single machine, the database is easy to meet the acid characteristics of transactions, but in the distributed database, acid distribution is difficult to meet. So distributed theories like cap and base are born.Cap Theory: C: consistency, a: availability and P: partition tolerance can only satisfy at most two of them. Consistency: in a […]

  • On base theory


    Base: they are basically available, soft state, and eventually consistent.Base theory, the result of consistency and usability measurement in cap theorem. The core idea is that even if strong consistency cannot be achieved, the final consistency should be achieved through appropriate methods. Basically available: allows the loss of partial availability when a distributed system fails. […]

  • Service discovery comparison: Consult vs zookeeper vs etcd vs Eureka


    [please indicate the source of reprint]: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000022574300 Here is a comparison of the features of service discovery products that are often used. First of all, let’s see the conclusion: Feature Consul zookeeper etcd euerka Service health check Service status, memory, hard disk, etc Keep alive Connect heartbeat Configurable support Multiple data centers support — — […]

  • EBay: building mission critical multi data center applications with mongodb


    As one of the world’s top 10 global retail brands, with 170 million active buyers and 1 billion online markets, eBay can’t afford the loss of system downtime. That’s why the company relies on mongodb as one of its core enterprise data platform standards for running ebay.com Provides support for multiple customer facing applications. At […]

  • Pre research of configuration center


    Pre research of configuration center summary With the increasingly complex function of the program, the configuration of the program is increasing: the switch of various functions, the configuration of parameters, the address of the server The expectations of program configuration are also higher and higher: the configuration changes will take effect in real time, the […]

  • New features of mongodb Atlas: more support for cross region replication set nodes


    New features of mongodb Atlas: more support for cross region replication set nodes As an automated database service, mongodb atlas is currently used by thousands of customers in a wide range of industries to provide high availability, consistency, and some simple operations. Sega’s hardlight studio migrated to atlas to support real-time data processing requirements, and […]

  • Theoretical advancement of distributed system from acid, cap and base


    Original statementAuthor:Liu danbing aceldThe official account of WeChat is the same name. As today’s Internet back-end technology stack engineer, regardless of golang, Java or other departments, the concept of distributed theory has gradually become one of the necessary theoretical basic knowledge. This paper mainly discusses the promotion of distributed cap theory, which is the first […]

  • Talk about distributed transactions and solutions


    Source: https://www.cnblogs.com/savor…Author: savorboard preface I haven’t written a blog for a long time recently. On the one hand, it’s because the company is busy recently. On the other hand, it is because of the “cap”] http://www.cnblogs.com/savorb… The next phase of the development work, but has now come to an end. Now let’s start our topic […]

  • [distributed system roaming] distributed data replication


    Let’s talk about distributed data replication today. Why data replication is needed In the last article, we talked about the partition storage technology of distributed data, the core of which is to divide the original data into multiple data subsets, and then distribute each subset to different cluster nodes for storage, so as to achieve […]

  • Reading and recommendation of back-end good books (continued 8)


    Back end good book reading and recommendation series:Back end good book reading and recommendationBack end good books reading and recommendation (Continued)Reading and recommendation of back-end good books (continued 2)Reading and recommendation of back-end good books (Continued 3)Reading and recommendation of back-end good books (continued 4)Reading and recommendation of back-end good books (continued 5)Reading and recommendation […]

  • 1. Advantages of nginx


    Features of nginx I / O multiplexing: https://www.zhihu.com/question/28594409/answer/52835876 × showwechatsharetip Lightweight CPU affinity: each worker process can be fixed on a CPU to run, avoiding frequent CPU switching Sendfile: can efficiently handle the access of static resource files Built in server vs nginx For example, the express framework will listen to port 3000, and the […]