• List of URL codes (recommended Collection)


    æ BackspaceTABLine feed Enter Blank space!“#$%&‘()*+,–./ %00%01%02%03%04%05%06%07%08%09%0a%0b%0c%0d%0e%0f%10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%19%1a%1b%1c%1d%1e%1f%20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%29%2a%2b%2c%2d%2e%2f 0123456789: <=>[email protected] CDEFGHIJKLM O QR TUVWXYZ[\]^_ %30%31%32%33%34%35%36%37%38%39%3a%3b%3c%3d%3e%3f%40%41%42%43%44%45%46%47%48%49%4a%4b%4c%4d%4e%4f%50%51%52%53%54%55%56%57%58%59%5a%5b%5c%5d%5e%5f `a cdefghijklm o qr tuvwxyz{ }~

  • Readme of a URL


    Revival Although it’s early morning3Dot, butacohome.cnThe server received a request:http://acohome.cn。 With the alarm sounded, the server in the sleep suddenly hit a spirit. “Tell me, what’s your transport protocol?” “Why? Are you asking me? ” I replied. “You are the only one here. Can I ask the air? Oh, the air here is thin. Are […]

  • Example of Unified Processing of Url Operations by Yii2 Framework Custom Classes


    This paper illustrates the unified processing of URL operations by Yii2 framework custom classes. Share for your reference, as follows: Because everyone writes URLs differently, it will be very troublesome for us to modify the URL later. So we need to unify management, and we can also standardize writing. 1, newservices\UrlService.phpServices is our custom directory, […]

  • JS matching URL regular expression set


    DNS stipulates that all the labels in a domain name are composed of letters and numbers in English. Each label does not exceed 63 characters and does not distinguish between upper and lower case letters. No punctuation except hyphens (-) can be used in labels. The lowest level domain name is written on the leftmost […]

  • How to find the exact path of SAP Fiori launchpad Designer, i.e. URL address


    For example, we know to open Fiori Launchpad designer in customizing activity on the path below SPRO: SAP Netweaver – > UI technologies – > SAP Fiori – > Configure Launchpad content – > Adding Apps to SAP Fiori Launchpad – > Configure Target Mappings and Tiles – > SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer, right-click, select […]

  • JS regular expression validation URL function code (for multiple regular comparisons)


    Recommend a collection of code to facilitate simultaneous testing of multiple regularities, to view different test results, combined with chrome perfect Core code <script> /** * Regular expressions to determine whether a web site is valid */ (function(){ “use strict”; var urlDict=[ //Bad Case ‘www.baidu.com’, //regular website, address without protocol header ‘w.baidu.com’, // regular website, […]

  • Regular expressions matching URLs in asp.net


    % What I have done is to block some URLs in a text box >% First, regular expressions: String check = @”((http|ftp|https)://)(([a-zA-Z0-9\._-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,6})|([0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}))(:[0-9]{1,4})*(/[a-zA-Z0-9\&%_\./-~-]*)?”; A description of the regular expression: (1) The string matched by the regular expression must begin with http://, https://, ftp:///;(2) The regular expression can match the URL or IP address; (e.g. http://www.baidu.com or […]

  • Use to solve the line-breaking problem of long URLs


    problem As we know, there are mainly two kinds of characters in the world: one is the pictograph represented by Chinese, the other is the phonetic system represented by English, French and Russian. The former is easy to change lines. Every word has its own meaning, so it can be changed after every word. In […]

  • Weex Series (2) – Page Jump and Communication


    After the Hello World project, I was thinking about what to write next in this series, so I would like to draw up a simple catalogue first. On the one hand, I urge myself to persevere. On the other hand, if you are interested, please pay more attention to my column and give me a […]

  • Dahua – The Difference and Connection between URLs and URIs


    On June 15, 2019, the rookie sat at the computer desk, drinking coffee, singing and feeling beautiful. Write a blog “Programmer’s Past and Present Life”. As it happened, the big bird passed by him. The cat took a look and thought it was good. He said to the rookie, “Rookie, is it good to write? […]

  • Share Router. class. php, a routing class available for a PHP project or framework


    Functional description:This routing class is originally a core document in my own framework, because I want to hear your views and suggestions, so I put it out. If there is any suggestion, please say it directly and welcome Tucao. Router. class. PHP is a PHP class file that packages URL parameters. It can be used […]

  • Two Methods of Android Detecting Url Address Reachability


    Method 1 try{ URL url = new URL(address); HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection(); conn.setUseCaches(false); conn.setInstanceFollowRedirects(true); conn.setConnectTimeout(waitMilliSecond); conn.setReadTimeout(waitMilliSecond); //HTTP connect try { conn.connect(); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); return false; } int code = conn.getResponseCode(); if ((code >= 100) && (code < 400)){ return true; } return false; }catch (Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); return false; } Method 2 […]