• Technology sharing ppt collation (2): C # common types and data structures


    This blog originated from my curiosity about the differences among dictionary, list and ArrayList. At that time, when I was reforming the company’s old system, I found that ArrayList was used in many places, but we usually used the generic set list < T >. When I was reforming, I had to replace all of […]

  • Eight pieces of code to master promise


    1. Prompt execution var p = new Promise(function(resolve, reject){ console.log(“create a promise”); resolve(“success”); }); console.log(“after new Promise”); p.then(function(value){ console.log(value); }); Console output: “create a promise” “after new Promise” “success” The promise object represents an event that will happen in the future. However, when a (New) promise is created, the function passed in as a promise […]

  • Nullable value type


    Nullable value type Variables of reference type can be null, while variables of value type are not allowed to be assigned null, and nullable value types are value types that can be assigned null. Declaration and initialization of nullable value types int? x = null; int? y = 1; Conversion between types Int to int? […]

  • Open source recommendation – eadmin out of the box UI framework


    Many friends are asking if there is a background UI framework out of the box that doesn’t need packaging environment and learning cost. He came here today. Eadmin has been officially updated to version 2.0, with new colors and more abundant components to meet the background requirements of small and medium-sized projects. It is a […]

  • Hyperf2.0 telepope an elegant debugging tool


    Hyperf telescope is a debugging tool for hyperf developed by referring to the code of laravel telescope composer require windawake/hyperf-telescope dev-master One click installation of telescope php ./bin/hyperf.php telescope:install If there is a problem with one click installation, please try the following installation methods: Copy migrations to the root directory php ./bin/hyperf.php vendor:publish windawake/hyperf-telescope Run […]

  • Overview of springboot and creating a springboot project with idea


    1 Introduction to spring boot 1.1 overview of spring boot Now the software market has formed a certain scale, and the complexity of system architecture is getting higher and higher (such as monomer architecture, distributed architecture, microservice Architecture). The whole architecture system of software is undergoing great changes. In this change, enterprises now pay more […]

  • Summary of articles on the use of various components of apiboot open source framework


    What is apiboot? ApiBootIt is a landing solution for interface services, which depends onSpringBootProvides a series of out of the box components to simplify the integration of mainstream third-party frameworks through encapsulation, so as to improve developersDevelopment efficiency、Learning costs、Lower entry threshold, real implementationOut of the box。 Official document & source code Official documents: http://apiboot.minbox.io Code […]

  • The introduction of JavaScript data type and packing and unpacking


    Original blog data type specification There are two types of data type atmosphere in JS: Basic data type (original type) contain:Number, string, Boolean, null, undefined, symbol (New) PressvalueVisit Fixed storage size Data stored inStackIn memory Reference data type (object type) contain:Object、array、function、dataetc. PressQuoteVisit Storage size is not fixed Data stored inHeapIn memory; but inStackStore address to […]

  • BOC’s 13 inch MacBook Pro unpacking experience


    MRCHUI2015-05-22 19:57●Open box insolation Last month, I bought a 13 inch Pro high-end Mac, which I really like. I am an architectural design ape. Its image processing and simple operation are very suitable for me. However, many software functions have been castrated on MAC, so I have to install two systems, so I am annoyed […]

  • [Extension recommendation] larecipe: add markdown document function to your laravel project


    The article was forwarded from the professional laravel developer community. Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t Larecipe is an extension package created by Saleem Hadad, which provides an easy way to create beautiful documents for your products or applications using markdown syntax within the laravel application. To start using it, you need to install and run the install […]

  • Interviewer: brother, tell me the difference between basic type and packing type


    Six years ago, I returned to Luoyang from Suzhou with a “returnee” mentality. I put in many resumes and “interviewed” many interviewers, but only two or three of them satisfied me. One of them, Lao Ma, still lives in my mobile phone address book. At that time, he threw an interview question and I was […]

  • VBS MDB package and unpack code package


    Pack.vbs is used to pack folders. The root directory is the directory where the files are located Copy codeThe code is as follows: Dim n, ws, fsoX, thePath Set ws = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) Set fsoX = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) thePath = ws.Exec(“cmd /c cd”).StdOut.ReadAll() & “\” i = InStr(thePath, Chr(13)) thePath = Left(thePath, i – 1) n = […]