• Unix / Linux common command line operations


    Introduction: in view of a period of timeMacThe frequency of using terminal operation after computer is increasing day by day. It’s mainly studious. To sort out the following terminal operation commands for the system MacSystem andLIUNXThe system is based onUNIXThe developed ones are basically universal. Now I useMacFocus on common command lines Common operation command […]

  • Windows terminal edge cmder


    In the field of it, most of the time, it is recommendedLinuxOr classUnixOperating system programming,LinuxAs a generation of excellent operating system, it has become the core of IT industry. The conditional big guys all choose to use MAC programming, the best is the terminal experience, andLinuxA completely consistent command line brings a lot of convenience, […]

  • UNIX family tree


    What is the relationship between Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and other operating systems? Wolfram Schneider has sorted out the family tree of UNIX (mainly BSD Series). Is it clear after reading it? The genealogy tree is drawn with ASCII characters, isn’t it geeky? First Edition (V1) | Second Edition (V2) | Third Edition […]

  • Why is C program as solid as a rock?


    November 11, 2008 (single day ~ ~) C language is a special programming language today. Only a very small number of people can really program with C, and a large part of us have their own views on C. Buffer overflow, stack overflow, integer data overflow, C has many well-known defects, which are spread by […]

  • Time saving linux commands


    Some netizens asked quora, “what are the time-saving tips that every Linux user should know?” Joshua levy usually works on the Linux platform, and he has accumulated a lot of practical command-line skills. He selects a part of his reply. For technical users, these skills are very important or practical, but not many people know […]

  • Matsumoto, the father of ruby, talks about Emacs and VI


    debate Even hackers are not one of a thousand. There are all kinds of hackers. Apart from those who only do bad things, they call themselves hackers. There are also various interests and cultures in hackers. And they often have arguments because of their own opinions and culture. There are many typical themes of such […]

  • Understand HTTPS certificate certification at one time


    TLS TLS (Transport Layer Security) and its predecessor, secure sockets layer, is a security protocol, which aims to provide security and data integrity for Internet communication. As shown in the picture,TLSWhen establishing a connection, you need to Client sends clienthello (including supported protocol versions, encryption algorithms, andRandom number a (client random))To server The server returns […]

  • Load avaerage


    The average load refers to the average utilization rate of the running queue of the system, which can also be considered as the average number of running processes.General processes need to consume CPU, memory, disk I / O, network I / O and other resources. In this case, the average load is not the CPU […]

  • Computer skills route


    linux shell awk&sed perl Node.js C/C++OS system structureKernel browsing

  • Installing the Adobe Flash Plug-in for FreeBSD


    Refer to the official FreeBSD manual browser chapter. pkg install nspluginwrappernspluginwrapperIs a tool to assist in the installation and configuration of Netscape plugin.You can install plug-ins built on other systems for netscape family browsers, such as Flash plugin compiled on Linux. Install via portslinux-f10-flashplugin11。 F10 represents Fedora 10.cd /usr/ports/www/linux-f10-flashplugin11sudo make installsudo make clean Install Flash […]

  • Unix Foundation


    Summary The task of the operating system is to serve the programs running on it, including running, opening files, reading files, allocating memory, and obtaining time. Framework Definition: In a strict sense, an operating system can be defined as the software that controls the hardware resources of the computer and provides an environment under which […]

  • Note: partition, file system, link


    Preface I want to know the UNIX operating systemcloseandunlinkThe difference is that I have looked up the relevant network materials and referred to apuv3 to write down this record. I will start from the partition of computer disk, and I will always write the file system of UNIX operating system (mainly UFS: traditional UNIX file […]