• APUE Notes


    Based on the third edition of apue i am directory Chapter 1 UNIX Basics Chapter 2 UNIX Standards and Implementation Chapter 3 File IO Chapter 4 Files and Directories Chapter 5 Standard I/O Library Chapter 6 System Data Files and Information Chapter 7 Process Environment Chapter 8 Process Control Chapter 9 Process Relationships Chapter 10 […]

  • Install the Chinese version of the man help command


    Tool introduction Man is a commonly used command. I believe everyone should know and use it. When you are not familiar with a command, you may want to use man to view the description of the command. It is equivalent to a command manual, but the content of the manual is in English. , for […]

  • Virtual Memory


    VPs–virtual pages–PPs–physical pages–page frames Three types of virtual pages: unallacated, cached, uncached

  • Private book list of Ali technicians and developers


    Introduction:In the context of fast-changing and uncertain times, embracing change has become the norm. How to deal with it, how to break the situation? Continuous learning and continuous improvement through reading may be the lowest cost and most efficient way. Author | Ali MeiSource | Ali Technology Official Account In the context of fast-changing and […]

  • Online drawing tool Freedgo Design design uml


    Record an online drawing tool website, which can do beautiful UML design work, visit address: Freedgo Design Click to edit online: Make UML tool edit page online

  • IP address classification


    IP address classification Classification prefix code start address end address default mask Class A address 0 Class B address 10 Class C address 110 private IP address Class A Class B Class C special IP address refers to all IPV4 addresses on […]

  • The mac environment uses wireshark to capture https


    Configure SSL decryption cd ~ && make tls && cd tls && touch sslkeylog.log launchctl setenv SSLKEYLOGFILE ~/tls/sslkeylog.log Set the started application to read environment variables Preferences -> Protocols -> SSl -> (Pre)-Master-Secret Add sslkeylog file capture filter [not] primitive [and|or [not] primitive …] host //Capture [source/destination] IP address net //IP range […]

  • Dennis Ritchie, Father of the C language, observes


    Among various programming languages, C language always occupies a place because of its concise, effective and general features. Since the emergence of the C language, object-oriented languages ​​such as C++, Java, and C# based on the C language have been born one after another, and have achieved great success in their respective fields. Until today, […]

  • tcp message


    tcp/ip packet tcp message tcp header TCP is the main transport protocol used to provide reliable full-duplex connections, header length (20bytes), optional data segment length (40bytes) source port/destination port: source port/destination port, each port length (2bytes/16bits) sequence number: serial number, length (4bytes/32bits) acknowledgment number: Confirmation serial number, length (4bytes/32bits) Hlen: start position of data segment, […]

  • The principle of hot standby


    Reposted from: Code Rising (WeChat ID: coderising) Nightmare As mentioned in the last article “Principles of Load Balancing”, under the guidance of Bill, Fatty Zhang successfully developed a four-layer load balancing software, which “evenly” distributes the traffic to the following servers, and obtains Received a reward of 1,000 yuan from the boss. But Fatty Zhang […]

  • makefile


    Implementation process 1. Read the main Makefile (other Makefiles can be referenced in the main Makefile) 2. Read other Makefiles that are included 2. Initialize the variables in the file 4. Deduce implicit rules and analyze all rules 5. Create dependency chains for all object files 6. According to the dependencies, decide which targets to […]

  • gcc compilation parameters


    compile gcc -c main.c ==== Compile without linking, generate .o object files gcc -E main.c ==== preprocessing gcc -S main.c ==== Only compile but not assemble gcc -g main.c -o main_d ==== enables gdb debugging gcc -Dname=’xinzhu’ === define the macro gcc main.c -o main -I../path gcc main.c -o main -I../path -L../path gcc -I [uppercase […]