• Kiwi Security: Forging the Golden Armor of Mobile Game Security Protection


    In the recently released “China Mobile Internet Industry Development Analysis Report for the First Half of 2018”, it was pointed out that in the first half of the year, the TOP1 keyword of China’s mobile Internet was “safety”, and security has become the lifeline of China’s mobile Internet companies. As a platform, we must first […]

  • Dialogue with CTO | Heytea also has a CTO? Listen to Chen Peilin talk about the technical sweetness in tea


    · The content of this article is in graphic form· Column: Dialogue CTO· Reading time: 18 minutes· Reading suggestion: In-depth long article, please eat slowly with the benefits at the end of the article· Master Difficulty: ★★★★☆ Column lead The value of this era is the value of technical leaders. Everyone says an era is […]

  • WebAssembly + Forge combat – Integrate Forge AR/VR ToolKit + Unity scenes into the front-end framework


    In the browser environment, explaining and running JavaScript scripts to achieve high-level functions has long been commonplace. However, the ever-changing needs of the Web front-end have gradually become unable to rely entirely on JavaScript. Fortunately, a new technology that breaks the bottleneck has matured, and it is WebAssembly. What is WebAssembly WebAssembly is a magical […]

  • Winning the bid for Kirin 7.0 to install Unity, Qt, etc.


    Prerequisite Independent graphics card is required (integrated graphics card has not been successfully tested yet) Winning the bid for Kirin 7.0 Unity offline installation package (.sh file), 2017.2, download address: https://forum.unity.com/threa… Qt offline installation package (.run file) 5.6.2 x64 (Wireless network card driver) rtl8192eu-linux-driver-realtek-4.4.x.zip Steps Install the wireless network card driver (Mercury MW300UH) Unzip rtl8192eu-linux-driver-realtek-4.4.x.zip […]

  • Learn 2D Roguelike tutorial


    This article is the record I left when learning the use of Unity through the 2D Roguelike tutorial project. The video provided in the official tutorial comes from YouTube, and some porters in China have already moved the whole set of videos to Bilibili. Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes.mp4 The update of the content of this […]

  • Implement voice dialogue in Unity multiplayer games


    We have shared the real-time audio and video in the game more than once, such as how to realize the audio recognition in the game, the voice chat challenge in the werewolf killing game, etc. Basically, the sharing is based on the technical principle and Agora SDK. Let’s take a different angle this time. We […]

  • Unity Model Naming Conventions and Import Settings


    Please indicate the original address for reprinting: https://segmentfault.com/a/11… Model naming convention 1. Model file name:model [email protected] nameIn this way, after importing Unity, it will automatically name the Animation in the model as the animation name. 2. Separation of grid and animation:One model file with meshes and no animations and the rest with animations and no […]

  • How to quickly access Android/iOS sharing and authorization through Unity3D of ShareSDK


    Unity3D is a multi-platform comprehensive game development tool developed by Unity Technologies that allows players to easily create interactive content such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, and real-time 3D animation. It is a fully integrated professional game engine; used in games The sharing function can effectively help game operation and promotion, and increase the […]

  • Let’s Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!


    To programmers:From the era of touch screen to the era of induction, Future-Close at hand.ToF technology is currently applied in VR games, AR music and other scenarios. We look forward to more geeks joining us and entering the induction era together. Pursue the ultimate experience and more fun, no matter in the field of games, […]

  • Unity sports related learning records


    Some articles in Unity are learning records, and the understanding is not very deep. They are mainly used for self-study summary. If there are any mistakes, please lightly spray. 1. Realize the movement of objects through the position attribute 1. Call Vector3.movetowards in the update loop to directly set the position of the object input […]

  • Dusty Memories Volume 2: Serekh Resource Pack


    Dusty Memories Volume 2: Serekh resource pack has been released. In this resource pack, concept artist Edvidge Faini takes you into an unknown laboratory of evil. This project is dedicated to creatingAAAHigh-end resources required for high-level works. We hope to inspire creators to expand their fields, observe, analyze and learn from the technology and creative […]

  • UGUI’s EventTriggerListener encapsulates various events such as long press, double click, click, drag and drop


    Friends who have used NGUI know that there is aEventTriggerListenerVery easy to use, directly useEventTriggerListener.Get(xxx)You can easily register various events. Let’s also implement a UGUIEventTriggerListener, and implement common events such as double-click, long-press, etc. Observing the source code of UGUI shows that UGUI events are implemented through various interfaces provided in EventSystems, so if you […]