• Let’s Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!


    To programmers:From the era of touch screen to the era of induction, Future-Close at hand.ToF technology is currently applied in VR games, AR music and other scenarios. We look forward to more geeks joining us and entering the induction era together. Pursue the ultimate experience and more fun, no matter in the field of games, […]

  • Pass parameters between Lua and C#


    1) Pass parameters between Lua and C#​2) There are screen problems when Unity releases the iOS version3) Android’s View becomes part of the Unity interface4) The Unity upgrade causes the project startup time to be too long5) Settings of Cascaded Shadows on the mobile terminal in Unity This is the push of the 258th UWA […]

  • Video Tutorial | Egret Pro Getting Started Study Notes (1, 2)


    Today we launched the long-awaited Pro usage tutorial: Getting Started Study Notes! Why is it named the introductory study notes, because first, this is the process record of our technical support children’s boots learning Egret Pro, and second, our technical children’s boots have the same starting point as some developers, with Egret engine 2D development […]

  • UE4/Unity draws the basic elements of the map – line (Part 2)


    UE4/Unity draws the basic elements of the map – line (Part 1) foreword The first part records the basic process of drawing lines, and the second part mainly describes the performance and effect problems encountered in drawing lines. When you’re done drawing a line and want to style it with a stroke, you’ll run into […]

  • Unity – Talking about AB Package (AssetBundle)


    Talking about AB bag Unity resource management In Unity, generally speaking, resource loading methods are mainly divided into Resources loading and AssetBundle loading. Unity has a special folder Resources, and the resources placed in this folder can be loaded directly through Resources.Load(). That is, the way Resources loads resources. After obtaining the AssetBundle, you can […]

  • Unity C# reflection performance optimization


    Original address:https://segmentfault.com/a/11… This article mainly talks about how to optimize the reflection performance of getting (setting) object fields (attributes). Conclusion first: 1. Reflection performance is poor, hundreds or thousands of times slower than direct calls.2. The idea of ​​reflection performance optimization is to bypass reflection.3. Reflection performance optimization methods include: Dictionary Cache, Delegate (Delegate.CreateDelegate), Expression.Lamda, […]

  • UE4/Unity draws the basic elements of the map – surfaces and bodies


    foreword Drawing basic elements of maps based on UE4/Unity – line (Part 1) Drawing basic elements of maps based on UE4/Unity – lines (Part 2) After getting the map line drawing, the next step is to draw the surface and volume: As one of the basic elements of map rendering, surface can represent various forms […]

  • An overview of Cinemachine implemented by mainstream game cameras


    “Mainstream Game Camera Implementation” uses the Unity 3D engine and Cinemachine components to implement the concepts, habits, basic principles, experience parameters, etc. of camera settings, switching and management of mainstream games. The implementation content is mainly based on action game cameras, but it is not limited to action games. It can also be used for […]

  • HybridCLR – an epoch-making Unity native C# hot update technology


    HybridCLR is a near-perfect Unity full-platform native C# hot update solution with complete features, zero cost, high performance and low memory. HybridCLR expands the code of IL2CPP, making it change from pure AOT Runtime to “AOT+Interpreter” hybrid Runtime, and then natively supports dynamic loading of Assembly, so that games packaged based on IL2CPP Backend can […]