• Multi Center disaster recovery practice: how to realize real multi activity in different places?


    Introduction:In the realization of multi live in different places, the core technology to solve the real multi live in different places is that the data can be synchronized in two directions between three or more centers. Based on the three center and cross overseas scenario, this paper shares a multi center disaster recovery architecture and […]

  • Emacs plug-in (4) — package configuration use package


    1、 Reference Emacs series article directory – updating use-package use-package docs Configuring Emacs from Scratch — use-package 2、 Whyuse-package? When configuredinit.elAfter, the following two problems often occur 2.1 portability When needed in other machines, configureemacsIf you can’t guarantee what you needpackagesAre installed, which may causeinit.elMany configurations in do not take effect 2.2 too flat code […]

  • Word paste picture to the picketor


    After 1.4.2, the official did not change the function. There is no bug in word copy in 1.4.2, and other versions cannot be transferred manually The background of this article is Java. The front end is JSP (the front end is the same, and the back end has to do Base64 encoding and decoding if […]

  • Darts: classic network search method based on gradient descent, open end-to-end network search | ICLR 2019


    Darts is a classic NAS method, which breaks the previous discrete network search mode and can carry out end-to-end network search. Because darts updates the network based on gradient, the direction of update is more accurate, and the search time is greatly improved compared with the previous method. Cifar-10 only needs 4gpu days.  Source: Xiaofei’s […]

  • Common commands and concepts of ad


    The common command set of active directory server is as follows: net accounts   View the role of the first domain controllernet accounts    View computer rolesnet share       View shareNetdom query FSMO verify operation host role get-ADforest|FL globalcatalogs   Query all global catalog servers in the current forestGet-ADDomaincontroller|FT name,ISglobalcatalog   Verify that the login […]

  • Using CSS to draw the texture of relic stone in twilight forest of my world


    Original address:https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000022984416Author:FW DragonThis article is published in:Do you think about it Foreword: in the process of front-end project development, sometimes some backgrounds are obtained by simple changes (such as translation and rotation) of some regular graphics. The usual way is to cut a repeatable picture and set it as the background image. With the popularity […]

  • Two examples of spring boot unit test


    This article mainly introduces two methods of springboot unit test, and explains the examples in detail. The example code is introduced in great detail, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. If you need a friend, you can refer to it Spring boot unit test, here are two ways, one […]

  • Ltsm network


    Recurrent neural network (RNN) To understand ltsm, we must first understand RNN. Similar to human thinking, people never think from the beginning, but from the existing knowledge to do in-depth thinking. But the traditional neural network can not complete this, so the recurrent neural network can solve this problem well. Recurrent neural network (RNN)It’s a […]

  • Const char, const char, const char *, const char *, char * const and const char * const


    Note that the char type is just an example. Other ints are also common. 1: Constant: example: char str[] = “Hello world!”; char ch = ‘a’; int i = 12345; Let’s look at the right side of the equal sign. These are called constants. The constant does not change during the running of the program, […]

  • CentOS7 install spark+ipython-nodebook


    ipython-nodebook IPython notebook has become an important tool for teaching, computing and scientific research with Python. IPython notebook uses the browser as the interface to send requests to the background IPython server and display the results. In the browser interface, cell is used to save all kinds of information. There are many types of cell, […]

  • Nonvolatile MRAM and its unit structure


    Because of its excellent performance, MRAM can quickly replace DRAM memory and EEPROM flash memory, which are widely used at present, as a new generation of computer memory. At present, MRAM is the best candidate for the new generation of computer memory, but it is not the only one. At the same time, fram (ferroelectric […]

  • Composition of MRAM cache


    Reluctance random access memory(MRAM)It is a new type of memory, which has the advantages of fast reading speed, high integration and non-volatile. At present, many researches focus on the application of MRAM memory in computer storage system. Because of its many advantages, MRAM has the potential to replace SRAM and DRAM. MRAM memory constructed with […]