• [introduction to C / C + + programming] the same data type, linked list comparison array? Which one is more fragrant?


    Speaking of linked list, the first reaction: linked list is a data type! It can be used to store multiple batch data of the same type.   With this understanding, it is easy to associate array. It is also a data type and can also be used to store batch data of the same type. […]

  • Five examples and skills of web form design


    1. Mobile selection of form text input: if a prompt is added in the text input field, visitors often need to select it with the mouse, delete it, and then enter useful information. In fact, as long as you add OnMouseOver = “this. Focus()” onfocus = “this. Select()” code to < textarea >, everything will […]

  • Introduction to Linux basic commands 14: scheduled tasks


    In the process of using the computer, there are often some planned tasks that need to be executed at some time in the future. Linux provides some methods to set themScheduled task。 1、at commandatRead the command from the file or standard input and execute it at a future time, only once.atThe normal execution of requires […]

  • Handwriting series – realize the react of a platinum segment


    1、 Foreword Based onhttps://pomb.us/build-your-own-react/Realize the simple version of react. Learning ideas from this articleKasong-b station react source code, which floor are you on。 The simulated version is react 16.8. The following functions will be realized: CreateElement (virtual DOM); render; Interruptible rendering; Fibers; Render and Commit Phases ; Diff algorithm; Function component; hooks; Now let’s have […]

  • Description of the CentOS system configuration file in CentOS


    System D uses units to manage system services and programs. System units use configuration files to control their related operations. There are three types of cell profiles: default cell profiles, system specific cell profiles, and runtime cell profiles.The paths of three types of unit configuration files are listed below:Default unit configuration file – / usr […]

  • A brief talk about the physical structure of solid state disk


    The previous articles mainly focus on mechanical hard disk. At present, SSD is more and more widely used, which is worthy of our energy. SSD hard disk is a product under genuine electronic technology, because unlike mechanical hard disk, which relies on two time-consuming mechanical axis behaviors during IO: disk rotation and track seek, the […]

  • Knative multi container support introduction


    Introduction:Microservices and containerization bring the demand to decompose applications into small reusable units, which usually run as separate processes or in separate containers. Kubernetes’ pod model allows users to create a deployment unit that can package multiple containers as a single instance of an application. At present, knive users also have the demand to deploy […]

  • Follow the neural network


    Little MI, learn and be positive! Last week, Xiao Mi briefly introduced the model of neural network to you and said that today, Xiao Mi will further lead you to further understand the neural network. Don’t say much. Let’s learn together~ 5 features and intuitive understanding aIn essence, neural network can learn a series of […]

  • Gate control unit (Gru) of recurrent neural network


    1、 Abstract In the last share, we learned about the basic recurrent neural network (RNN). For the basic recurrent neural network model, it can be better related to T-1 time and T + 1 time through t time, or even more. But it gives the same weight to the input at any time. In this […]

  • Long and short term memory network (LSTM)


    1、 Abstract Gate control loop unit is a solution to the short-term memory problem of cyclic neural network. They introduce an internal mechanism called “gate” to adjust the information flow. In the last content sharing, we simply resolved the door control loop unit named Gru. Because of the “door” mechanism, we can also innovate better […]

  • Neural network model


    1、 Overview Through the analysis of the components of neural network in the previous part, the content of this part is based on the inheritance of the previous part (see the composition of neural network for details). In terms of structure, neural network is composed of many single neural units. The output of one neural […]

  • Analysis of dual live and multi live architecture in the same city and in different places


    This article starts with WeChat official account of vivo Internet technology.Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/OjfFcjnGWV5kutxXndtpMgAuthor: vivo official website mall development team Using high availability system architecture to support important systems and provide 7×24 uninterrupted services for key businesses has become the main choice for many enterprises to ensure stable and sustainable business operation. Service multi activity is an […]