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  • Integration implementation and principle analysis of mybatis framework in 05 springboot project


    Preliminary analysis of integrating mybatis summary Mybatis is an excellent persistence layer framework. The bottom layer is based on JDBC to realize the interaction with database. It is packaged and optimized on the basis of JDBC operation. With the help of flexible SQL customization and mapping of parameters and result sets, it can better adapt […]

  • JavaScript advanced programming (4th Edition) resource link list (Reprinted)


    High Resolution Time API(https://www.w3.org/TR/hr-time/) Performance Timeline API(https://www.w3.org/TR/performance-timeline/) Navigation Timing API(https://www.w3.org/TR/navigation-timing/) User Timing API(https://www.w3.org/TR/user-timing/) Resource Timing API(https://www.w3.org/TR/resource-timing-1/) Paint Timing API(https://www.w3.org/TR/paint-timing/) GitHub project page of W3C performance working group(https://github.com/w3c/web-performance) Appendix a es2018 and es2019 A. 1.6 implementation of observable objects Rxjs Library(http://reactivex.io/rxjs/) Appendix C JavaScript library and framework C. 1 Framework React(https://reactjs.org/) Angular(https://angularjs.org/orhttps://angular.io/) Vue(https://vuejs.org/) Ember(https://emberjs.com/) Meteor(https://www.meteor.com/) Backbone.js(https://backbonejs.org/) […]

  • Knowledge sharing: how to parse JSON data?


    The problem is that we, as programmers, operate almost every day. How many ways does it have? Let’s talk about it here. Four ways of analysis Official analysis Google gson analysis Analysis of Alibaba fastjson Analysis of Jackson Case practice Here we only discuss how objects and JSON can be converted to each other. Here […]

  • [email protected] transfer [email protected] 1.2% reduction in construction volume


    This paper recordsGridManagerTable component [email protected] process and problems encountered includebuild, start, testAnd other related commands. Test compatibility Try [email protected] the following options to the configuration of to test the current environment [email protected] of. module.exports = { // … node: { Buffer: false, process: false } }; If there is an error, you need to update […]

  • Springboot unit test


    See a very good article about spring boot unit testing, here to turn, original address: spring boot dry goods series: (12) spring boot unit testing 1、 Preface This time, I will introduce the integrated use of unit testing in spring boot. This article will introduce the following four points to basically meet the daily needs […]

  • How does angular simulate HTTP request delay in unit test


    With the in-depth study of angular application, how to simulate HTTP request delay in unit testing is on the agenda. Before there was no HTTP request delay, we used it in the unit testof()To send data manually.of()Methods undoubtedly bring great convenience in unit testing, but due to thesynchronizationSo it can’t simulate the impact of HTTP […]

  • Powermock: Java unit testing skills


    To write java unit test cases is to simplify complex problems, that is, to decompose a piece of complex code into a series of simple unit test cases; to write java unit test cases well is to deepen simple problems, that is, to learn a set of methods, summarize a set of patterns and apply […]

  • Front end daily on May 27, 2017


    Front end daily on May 27, 2017 Browser rendering principle in simple languageDeep understanding of JavaScript errors and call stackAn event loop with little knowledgeSource code analysis of underscoreCanvas image rotation and flip pose unlockingJavaScript in depth seriesHorizontal comparison of JavaScript unit testing frameworksNPM 5 released! GitHubAddress, welcome star!Latest update:May 28, 2017

  • An analysis of using JUnit 4 to test Android program


    An analysis of using JUnit 4 to test Android program Three core concepts in JUnit 4 Runner Statement RunNotifier Parentrunner and blockjunit4classrunner Android JUnit 4classrunner and uithreadstatement Androidtestrule and androidstatement Other rules in Android package JUnit 4 is a popular Java unit testing tool. Using JUnit 4 and androidx.test The package can write unit tests […]

  • Unit testing of angular app (1)


    This is a series of articles, which are being translated and sorted out in succession Original address:http://www.bradoncode.com/blog/2015/05/12/angularjs-testing-getting-started/ @ Bradley Braithwaite preface Before writing tests, we have to give a brief introduction to the basic JS unit testing framework and how to write test cases. Let’s talk about it firstjasmineIt can be regarded as a framework […]

  • Springboot episode 3: hot deployment and unit testing


    Springboot episode 3: hot deployment and unit testing If you are interested, please refer to the appendix for a simple understanding of the springboot automatic assembly process. 1、 Spring boot deployment During project development, do you also encounter the problem that you have to restart the project after updating the configuration file information, otherwise the […]

  • Iris go framework construction landing API project development process


    A series of articles: Iris go framework construction landing API project development process Iris + caspin: from being unfamiliar to learning to use Iris go framework construction landing API project development process Specific project examplesgithub.com/snowlyg/IrisAdminApi When many novices learn iris go, they will feel a little scattered when reading the documents. And the English documents […]