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  • Six things I learned when I wrote code in Ali


    After years of writing code, I always feel that how to write clean and elegant code is not an easy thing. According to the theorem of 10000 hours of deliberate training, it takes about five years to become a master, assuming that 8 hours a day, 20 days a month, 12 months a year. In […]

  • Seed of webpack + angular (Part 2)


    Seed of webpack + angular (Part one)The construction, production and hot compilation display of the project are introduced. introduce Here is mainly about testing. Many companies are doing agile development. There are many methods for agile development, but no matter which method is adopted, testing is necessary. Verification of code, verification of function, timely feedback […]

  • Dependency injection and IOC container in C


    In this article, we will explain dependency injection and IOC container by refactoring a very simple code example with C #. Introduction: Dependency injection and IOC can be quite complex at first glance, but they are very easy to learn and understand. In this article, we will explain dependency injection and IOC container by refactoring […]

  • JDBC + MySQL


    preface Hello, I’m bigsai. Today we’re doing the actual combat of JDBC + MYSQL, which is very suitable for beginners to open a new world. Implement an example of adding, deleting, modifying and checking (curd).First like and then watch, handsome boys and girls to develop a good habit! Before this case, you need to make […]

  • Introduction to spring boot and the first case


    1What is springboot Springboot is to improve and optimize the shortcomings of spring, the Convention is greater than the configuration   Out of the box   There is no code generation and no XML file configuration     Property values can be modified to meet the requirements 1) Spring boot makes coding easier 2) Spring […]

  • Brother Qiang takes you to read a series of good books: in simple terms, react and Redux (Chapter 8: unit test)


    Fans meeting: Fan a: “brother Qiang, time is fast. We have entered the eighth issue.”Brother Qiang:“Yes, time fly, thanks to old fellow’s support.”Fan a: “brother Qiang, I find that there are not so many people reading your articles. Why do you insist on writing?”Brother Qiang:“The amount of reading is really average, but some things need […]

  • Laravel Test Driven Development — forward unit test


    This is the second article about testing. This article briefly describes how to add, delete, modify and query unit testing in laravel. The unit testing in this article is forward testing, and there will be another article about how to do reverse testing. Positive test: positive test provides legal data, and the test expects the […]

  • Go project management 18 quality assurance: quality assurance through testing


    Now the development of a project can not be completed by one person, and it needs many people to cooperate. How to ensure the quality of the code, how the code you write can be used by others, how to optimize the performance of the code, etc. unit testing After a function is developed, the […]

  • Golang unit testing and interface


    Unit testing and interface

  • Spring boot integrates mybatis


    New project: The first step Check configuration(web.mybatis.mysql)         modifymysqledition:         Step two Related configuration of database:       The third step springbootintegrationmybatis(findCount)           Step four to writemapperInterface @Mapper:takemapperInterface tospringAdministration       Step five stayresourcesUnder the directorystaticDirectory, writemapper.xml         Step six to writeservice […]

  • The use of CSS selector


    preface I’ve been writing data verification this week. During the foreground unit test, sometimes layer V doesn’t render the data, so I need to let it render manually. it(‘should create’, () => //The following assertion ensures that no exception occurs during the initialization of the component expect(component).toBeTruthy(); //Simulation of production environment background asynchronous return data […]

  • Integration implementation and principle analysis of mybatis framework in 05 springboot project


    Preliminary analysis of integrating mybatis summary Mybatis is an excellent persistence layer framework. The bottom layer is based on JDBC to realize the interaction with database. It is packaged and optimized on the basis of JDBC operation. With the help of flexible SQL customization and mapping of parameters and result sets, it can better adapt […]