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  • Analysis of variance in Statistical Science


    The last one talked about hypothesis testing, and this one about analysis of variance. 1. Background: If you have proposed three strategies a, B and C to increase the unit price of customers, how can we know the difference in the effect of these three strategies? The simplest way is to do an experiment. We […]

  • WinForm DataGridView header shows hide and place call usage


    public partial class WeighRecord : Form { WeighRecordSet headsSet = null; public WeighRecord() { InitializeComponent(); this.RecordTimepx.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom; this.RecordTimepx.CustomFormat = ” “; this.GrossTimepx.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom; this.GrossTimepx.CustomFormat = ” “; this.TareTimepx.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom; this.TareTimepx.CustomFormat = ” “; //Test data //var list = new List(); //list.Add(new WeighRecordDto() { Number = 1 }); //list.Add(new WeighRecordDto() { Number = […]

  • Using skills of Excel vlookup


    [example 1] find personal information =VLOOKUP($B18,$C$7:$H$15,COLUMN(B1),0) Note: the result of colum (B1) is 2. When the formula is copied to the right, 3, 4, 5,… Can be generated [example 2] merge two tables F2 cell formula=VLOOKUP(B2,$B$14:$F$22,MATCH(F$1,$B$13:$F$13,0)) Formula Description: use match function to find the position of Table 1 Title in Table 2 [example 3] make […]

  • Using decode elegant row to column transformation in Oracle


    Using in OracledecodeElegant row to column Recently, I finally met the application scenario of row to column conversion in my work. I took notes for myself to view and help people in need. In other relational databases, it is recommended to usecase when then endThis kind of bloated and complicated writing method has recently seen […]