• On cap theorem


    In a single machine, the database is easy to meet the acid characteristics of transactions, but in the distributed database, acid distribution is difficult to meet. So distributed theories like cap and base are born.Cap Theory: C: consistency, a: availability and P: partition tolerance can only satisfy at most two of them. Consistency: in a […]

  • On base theory


    Base: they are basically available, soft state, and eventually consistent.Base theory, the result of consistency and usability measurement in cap theorem. The core idea is that even if strong consistency cannot be achieved, the final consistency should be achieved through appropriate methods. Basically available: allows the loss of partial availability when a distributed system fails. […]

  • It is not easy to ensure the data consistency between cache and database


    Soul torture Is it easy to keep the cache and database consistent? What are the ways to ensure the consistency of cache and database? What if the cache and database data are inconsistent? In the last article, we introduced the definition, classification, advantages and disadvantages of cache. If you haven’t seen it, you can move […]

  • Smartcode | on one two three four five of cache


    -When it comes to caching, everyone is familiar with it. -Especially for the domestic Internet industry, the problem of high concurrency is an unavoidable hurdle. And the most common solution is ——Cache. /Preface/ and Introduction In fact, the concept of cache is very simple, that is, temporary storage of some files; but how it works […]

  • Data consistency of cache


    Since write cache and write data are not atomic, they will cause data inconsistency. Should we write the database first or operate the cache first? Do we update or delete the cache?Any design that leaves the business is playing rogue. Let’s imagine a scenario. After service a updates the cache, no one accesses it for […]

  • Front end training – node stage (49) – NoSQL basic concepts


    The most basic part of the front end isHTML+CSS+Javascript。 If you master these three technologies, they are just beginners. Now the definition of front-end development is far more than these. Front end small class(HTML/CSS/JS)In line with the central idea of improving the level of technology and laying a solid foundation of knowledge, we have started […]

  • Analytic hierarchy process of adding and pushing actual combat


    Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is an operational research method Background and application of the method AHP method is a hierarchical weight decision-making analysis method, which was proposed by American operational research scientist satty of Pittsburgh University in the early 1970s, when he studied the subject of “power distribution according to the contribution of various industrial […]

  • After reading my distributed transaction, I won’t take you for nothing


    preface The text has been included in my GitHub warehouse. Welcome to star: https://github.com/bin3923282…The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, then now I know a lot of people don’t playqqYes, but for a moment of nostalgia, welcome to join the six pulse sword Java novice learning group. Group chat number:549684836We are […]

  • Nacos 1.3.0-beta is coming. This time it will be big!


    This article comes from my official account, Nacos 1.3.0-BETA, which is coming soon. Please keep the link for reprint.) summary The changes of 1.3.0-beta are very large, involving the modification of two modules and the addition of a core module. Modification of Nacos core modulea. Unified management of node member addressing mode in Nacos clusterb. […]

  • Service discovery comparison: Consult vs zookeeper vs etcd vs Eureka


    [please indicate the source of reprint]: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000022574300 Here is a comparison of the features of service discovery products that are often used. First of all, let’s see the conclusion: Feature Consul zookeeper etcd euerka Service health check Service status, memory, hard disk, etc Keep alive Connect heartbeat Configurable support Multiple data centers support — — […]

  • Reliable messages are ultimately consistent (asynchronous guaranteed)


    preface Consistency design is an important problem in distributed systems. If a system uses multiple data systems to store and read data at the same time, it is necessary to design a consistent definition to meet the functional requirements. If the results of different data subsystems are inconsistent, not only users may be confused, but […]

  • Why Apache bookkeeper? (Part 1)


    Original author: Sijie GuoTranslation: streamnnative Sijia Apache bookkeeper is optimized for real-time workload and is a scalable, fault-tolerant, low latency log storage service. Initially developed by Yahoo! Research, bookkeeper was incubated as a sub project of Apache zookeeper in 2011, and finally launched as a top-level project of Apache in January 2015. Since its initial […]