• Distributed – theoretical basis (1) – consistency, 2pc and 3pc


    Distributed (1) – consistency, 2pc and 3pc I don’t know who this article reprints. Many articles don’t mark the original or reprinted from… 1. Introduction In a narrow sense, a distributed system refers to a computer system connected by a network. Each node independently undertakes computing or storage tasks, and the nodes work together through […]

  • Reading tidb papers has a sense of HTAP database with strong data consistency and resource isolation


    Author introduction:Chen Xianlin, the head of the middle platform of fish technology, built the middle platform of fish technology from 0 to 1. He has some experience in the construction of distributed architecture, service governance, stability construction, high concurrency and high QPS system and the organization architecture of China Taiwan. He advocates simple and elegant […]

  • Detailed explanation of database transaction


    1、 Business 1. What is a transaction A transaction consists of one or moreSQLThe logical execution unit composed of statements can be compared to a container, which contains a pile ofSQLStatements, either all of which are executed successfully or none of which can be executed successfully(Atomicity) 2. Why use transactions When performing a series of […]

  • Several routing algorithms for distributed dB / redis are illustrated


    background As the application becomes larger and larger, the amount of data becomes more and more. Neither the single database, single table nor single redis of MySQL database can meet the high concurrent read-write operations and the storage function of large amount of data. Therefore, we are familiar with itSub database and sub table。 Vertical […]

  • First knowledge of distributed: MIT 6.284 series (I)


    preface This series is derived from”Manon turned over”The reading activity initiated by the knowledge planet is sponsored by the [email protected] UDP does not lose packetsRecommended, there are some alternatives in this reading activity. We abandoned traditional books and began to introduce the top graduate course < 6.824 >, which was the inventor of worm virus […]

  • How should MySQL count the number of rows


    I believe everyone has encountered the case of obtaining the number of data rows in the MySQL table when writing code. Most people use it when obtaining the number of data table rowsCOUNT(*)However, there are many other methods, such as count (1), count (primary key) and count (field). There are different opinions on which way […]

  • Distributed election algorithm


    1. Distributed basic theory Cap Theory: Consistency: consistency Availability: availability Partition tolerance: partition tolerance Distributed services can also provide external services in case of system failure. Basically, all distributed systems can meet this requirement. There is a contradiction between C and A. if you pursue consistency, you need to abandon availability. If you pursue availability, data consistency will not […]

  • Cap theory


    Series articles: Distributed algorithm Cap theory Cap theory Consistency availability partition tolerance uniformity Consistency means that each read operation of the client, no matter which node is accessed, either reads the same latest data or fails to read. As you can see, consistency emphasizes not data integrity, but data consistency among nodes. For example, the […]

  • Cap theorem


    Reprinted from Ruan YifengMeaning of cap theorem Distributed system is becoming more and more important. Almost all large websites are distributed. The biggest difficulty of distributed system is how to synchronize the states of each node. Cap theorem is not only the basic theorem in this field, but also the starting point for understanding distributed […]

  • What is a distributed system? You need to know this


    Summary:What is a distributed system? Why use distributed systems? How are distributed systems distributed? Do you know that? Small citation Distributed system is an old and broad topic. In recent years, due to the rise of the concept of “big data“, it has radiated new youth and vitality. This paper will discuss the distributed system […]

  • Understanding of distributed transactions


    Business scenario E-commerce business The above figure shows the business scenario of an e-commerce system when an order is paid: Change the status of the order to paid Deduct commodity inventory Add points to members Create an issue order and notify the warehouse of shipment Imagine that when the order is paid, the personal points […]

  • Multi Center disaster recovery practice: how to realize real multi activity in different places?


    Introduction:In the realization of multi live in different places, the core technology to solve the real multi live in different places is that the data can be synchronized in two directions between three or more centers. Based on the three center and cross overseas scenario, this paper shares a multi center disaster recovery architecture and […]