• Detailed explanation of Unicode and string examples in golang


    Background: In the development process of using golang, we always can’t get around the processing of characters or strings. In golang language, the processing method of characters and strings may be different from other languages, such as Python or Java class language. This article will share some Unicode and string encoding in golang language. Character […]

  • Method of converting Unicode into string string by golang


    This paper introduces the method of converting Unicode into string string by golang. For your reference, the details are as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: package main import (     “bytes”     “encoding/binary”     “encoding/hex”     “fmt”     “strings” ) func main() {     str := `\u5bb6\u65cf`     fmt.Println(u2s(str)) } func u2s(form string) […]

  • VBS implementation GB2312, UTF-8, Unicode, Big5 code conversion tool


    DemonstrationEcho “ABCDE &! @ # $^ < > ()%% ABCDE test! “> before processing.txt“Gb2ue.vbs “before processing. TXT” “after processing. TXT”Ue2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”Gb2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82ue.vbs “after processing. TXT”Ue2gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”@Echo after 6 times of processing “after processing. TXT” and “before processing. TXT” are still the same codeIf you do not […]

  • New Unicode feature of windows 10 makes vs Code unable to debug GDB


    Because you need to debug an open source tool based on C language under windows, the debugging environment is vs code, Microsoft C / C + + extension, GCC and GDB environment (mingw-w64). According to the official document of vs code using mingw-w64 in vs code, build the debugging environment step by step, and the […]

  • Code of converting GB2312 to unicode in vbs


    Today, I wrote a program similar to the following: Copy codeThe code is as follows: Dim http Set http = CreateObject(“msxml2.xmlhttp”) http.open “GET”,”http://www.sina.com.cn/”,False http.send WScript.Echo http.responseText But I found that the returned Chinese was all garbled. After a look, I found that Sina’s code was GB2312, Khan, and now it’s the era of UTF-8 code. […]

  • How to convert utf-16 code into UTF-8 code in JavaScript — utfx.js source code analysis


    Summary When you need to communicate with the server through binary data in the front end, you may encounter binary data coding problems. Most of the server-side string encoding types are UTF-8, while in JavaScript, the string encoding type is utf-16, so you need a method that can convert strings between two encoding methods. Through […]

  • Programmers’Interesting Readings on Unicode Coding


    Question 1: Using the “save as” of Windows notebook, the encoding modes of GBK, Unicode, Unicode big endian and UTF-8 can be converted to each other. It’s also a TXT file. How does Windows recognize the encoding? I found earlier that Unicode, Unicode big endian and UTF-8 coded txt files start with a few bytes […]

  • How to use ISSkin to add skin to the installation program made by Unicode Inno Setup?


    What is ISSkin? How does ISSkin work? ISSkin is an Inno Setup skin plug-in produced by Code Jock Company. It is used to provide skin function for Inno’s installation program. ISSkin provides you with the flexibility to create custom visual styles that can be used with innovative installers, adding a rich professional look to any […]

  • Basic Preparations for Binary Transmission of WebSocket-Unicode to UTF8


    Preface Let’s learn coding today. Let’s review the basic preparations of yesterday. Understand the binary encoding of UTF-8. Why do you know this, because all string types in JS are encoded using UTF-16 So when we communicate with the back end, we need to translate it into the same coding. (Back-end or front-end conversion) UTF-8 […]

  • It’s Python, too. How does it make such a big difference?


    discover problems Last week, my test colleague told me how can your user name still be allowed in Chinese? At that time, I thought to myself, you must have made a mistake in the interface test. I used regular w to filter the parameters. How could I make a mistake, unless the Python regular system […]

  • Go string encoding, Unicode and UTF-8


    1. StringsStrings appear as native data types in the Go language. Using strings is like using other native data types (int, bool, float32, foat64, etc.). The value of the string is the content in double quotation marks, and non-ASC II code characters can be added directly to the source code of Go language. Common escape […]

  • VBS implements Unicode and ASCII coding conversion


    I. Copy a Unicode File to an ANSI File WiToAnsi.vbs file: Copy codeThe code is as follows: ‘ Utility to rewrite a Unicode text file as an ANSI text file ‘ For use with Windows Scripting Host, CScript.exe or WScript.exe ‘ Copyright (c) 1999, Microsoft Corporation ‘ Option Explicit ‘ FileSystemObject.CreateTextFile and FileSystemObject.OpenTextFile Const OpenAsASCII   […]