• Cross-platform Android and IOS Baidu voice online recognition native plug-in


    1. Plug-in recommendation Online preview of cross-platform Office documents and pictures, and native plug-ins for video playback Online preview of Android and IOS pictures, native plug-in for video playback Cross-platform Android and IOS Baidu OCR text recognition, card recognition, bill recognition native plug-in 2. Preparation 1. Preparations for Android and IOS certificates Android side: Generate […]

  • Pro multi-store version system, all-rounder is none other than it!


    The market environment is changing, how can offline stores make profits efficiently? The distribution of online and offline customers is scattered, how to conduct unified management? Operational data statistics are inefficient and vague. How can data analysis help marketing? Various problems have plagued many corporate chain brands, making it difficult for brands to operate online […]

  • 【2022/01/20】uniapp and Android Studio wireless real machine debugging


    uniapp and Android Studio wireless real machine debugging Find the directory where adb is located The adb path of uniapp isHBuilderX\plugins\launcher\tools\adbs The adb path for Android Studio isAndroid\Sdk\platform-toolsThe sdk directory of Android Studio can be viewed through the setting of as If you have both HbuilderX and AS on your computer, you can use one […]

  • Using canvas in uniapp to realize QR code sharing poster


    Case 1 Implementation background: The size of the poster is based on the size of the picture, the width is 100%, the height is scaled proportionally, and the QR code is covered on the picture If the poster image is not set, use another image, add a bottom fixed image at the bottom, and a […]