• Installation of mongodb in Ubuntu and some simple operation notes


    First install mongodb and input at the terminal: Copy codeThe code is as follows: sudo apt-get install mongodb  Then start the mongodb database: Copy codeThe code is as follows: mongod  This error may occur: Copy codeThe code is as follows: mongod –help for help and startup options  mongod: symbol lookup error: mongod: undefined symbol: _ZN7pcrecpp2RE4InitEPKcPKNS_10RE_OptionsE  […]

  • File sharing between Ubuntu and windows under VMWare


    This paper records the method of file sharing between Ubuntu and windows under VMware for your reference. The details are as follows 1. First of all, you need to install vmware tools under Ubuntu to realize file sharing. However, it is found that the virtual machine is gray and you cannot install vmware tools. It […]

  • Set shared folder in Ubuntu virtual machine of VMware 14.0.0


    I don’t know how to arrange my first blog, because I don’t know how to look good, so you can make do with it for a while. Note:The VMware version used by the author here is 14.0.0, but the method to be mentioned below is actually available in the earlier version. 1. Click “virtual machine” […]

  • Installation and configuration of VMware Tools in Ubuntu


    Some time ago, the blogger installed Ubuntu system on the VMware virtual machine. If you haven’t installed it, please refer to the previous article of the blogger: detailed installation process of VMware Ubuntu. We all know that Linux is not easy to use. If you want to put the files or installation packages on your […]

  • VMware Workstation installing Linux (Ubuntu) system


    If you want to learn Linux, you can install the Linux operating system on the virtual machine, or go to the web version. This article mainly introduces how to install Linux operating system (Ubuntu) under vmware workstation. Pay attention to your own before downloadingIs the computer performance sufficientFor exampleMemoryOtherwise, it will be obviousCartonAnd other phenomena […]

  • VMware Workstation 12 installation Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit)


    1、 Installation environment Computer model: lenovoy471a (i5) notebook System environment: win7 64 bit flagship VMware version of virtual machine: VMware Workstation 12 Ubuntu version: Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit 2、 The specific steps are as follows 1. Double click to open VMware Workstation; Permanent license key: VMware Workstation v12 for Windows 5A02H-AU243-TZJ49-GTC7K-3C61N VMware Workstation v11 for […]

  • Configuration details of wireless network card under Ubuntu server


    1. Insert the wireless network card through the command:iwconfig  Check whether the wireless network card exists. The wireless network card here is WLAN 1 2. Enable wireless network card:sudo ifconfig wlan1 up 3. Automatic connection router configuration: the content obtained by using wpa_passphrase “ESSID” “key” command is added to / home / wireless.conf. 4. Add network card configuration […]

  • Details of anaconda and pycham configuration methods under Ubuntu


    This article shared the configuration methods of anaconda and pycham under Ubuntu for your reference. The specific contents are as follows 1. For Ubuntu 18.04, there will be a default Python interpreter at the beginning, which is version 3.6, located at / usr / bin / Python 3.6. You can view it by typing Python […]

  • The method of Python version switch under Ubuntu 16.04


    This paper mainly records the python environment configuration under Ubuntu 16.04. The details are as follows For Ubuntu 16.04, because it comes with Python, it reduces the download and environment variable configuration under windows, which is very good. But it comes with two versions of python, 2. X and 3. X. by default, the two […]

  • Ubuntu – the header file corresponding to the Ubuntu installation kernel


    The header file corresponding to the Ubuntu installation kernel brief introduction Sometimes when compiling kernel modules, it is found that there is no corresponding kernel header file in the system, so you need to install the corresponding package manually install Query the corresponding package dpkg-query -s linux-headers-$(uname -r) install sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) If […]

  • Correct construction of apt intranet local source under Ubuntu – Ubuntu


    Correct construction of apt intranet local source under Ubuntu Why do we say that the correct construction is because the construction process copies the online encounter pit, and it is 100g at a time. Moreover, the 16.04 system uses the 14.04 source to prompt for executionapt-get install -f, this order must not be executed. I […]

  • Ubuntu – NFS service configuration on Ubuntu


    NFS service configuration on Ubuntu brief introduction NFS (network file system), which is one of the file systems supported by FreeBSD, allows computers in the network to share resources through the TCP / IP network. In the application of NFS, the client application of local NFS can read and write files on the remote NFS […]