• Ubuntu crontab timing task


    Cron This command is installed and started by default Preparation: – Crontab’s service program under Ubuntu is cron, and the default log of cron service is not available. We must start it manually. – Command: sudo vim/etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf – Find the line cron. * and remove the comment, / var / log / cron. log – […]

  • Compiling Hadoop under Ubuntu


    Compile Hadoop-2.9.2 under Ubuntu System Environment System: ubuntu-18.10-desktop-amd64 maven: Apache Maven 3.6.0 jdk: jdk_1.8.0_201 ProtocolBuffer: portoc-2.5.0 OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.1.1 cmake: cmake3.12.1 hadoop: hadoop-2.9.2 Installation environment # Install various required dependency Libraries $ sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool zlib1g-dev pkg-config libssl-dev libsnappy-dev libbz2-dev # Install ssh-server $ sudo apt-get install ssh-server # Install OpenSSL $ […]

  • Introduction and Installation of Node Version Management Tool NVM


    Nvm, node, NPM relations 1. Noejs: Project Development Dependence2. npm: nodejs third-party library management tool, in general, an NPM version corresponds to a nodejs3.nvm: nodejs version management tool, NVM manages multiple nodejs and npm, so that nodejs can coexist with multiple versions and switch to use Install NVM 1. Recommend that Homebrew install NVM and […]

  • Installation of YouCompleteMe Tutorial in VIM under Ubuntu


    Installation of YouCompleteMe tutorial in VIM under Ubuntu 16.4 YouCompleteMe is a VIM code prompt plug-in 1 First check the VIM version vim –version As follows VIM – Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Nov 24 2016 16:44:48) Included patches: 1-1689 Extra patches: 8.0.0056 Modified by [email protected] Compiled by [email protected] Huge version without GUI. […]

  • How to add swap space on Ubuntu 18.04


    https://www.digitalocean.com/… How to add swap space on Ubuntu 18.04 Brian Boucheron Previous versions of this tutorial were written by Justin Ellingwood introduce One of the easiest ways to prevent applications from running out of memory is to add some swap space to the server. In this guide, we’ll show you how to add exchange files […]

  • Developer’s Necessary Tools under Ubuntu


    For a list of developer utilities, see https://github.com/liamylian/… Editor and IDE Sublime Text Lightweight Code and Text Editing Tool Visual Studio Code Microsoft’s Code Editor Atom Github’s Cross-Platform Text Editor for Programmers Intelj IDEA Java Integrated Development Environment Goland GoLang Integrated Development Environment CLion C/C++ Integrated Development Environment Pycharm Python Integrated Development Environment PhpStorm PHP […]

  • Traveling Unix-APUE Course Notes [2]


    Preface In the last article, we implemented the simplest shell, and the shell just executed the bash instructions. So what do we need to do if we want to implement all the commands? For example, ls. First of all, we should think about parsing parameters, because as long as we parse parameters, we can call […]

  • Python Crawler Introduction Tutorial 6-100 Picture Crawling of Hummingbird Net


    1. Introduction of Hummingbird Network Pictures The National Day holiday is over, and new work has begun. Today, we continue to climb a website, which ishttp://image.fengniao.com/Hummingbird is a place where photographic bulls gather. This tutorial should be used for learning, not for commercial purposes. Unsurprisingly, hummingbird is a copyright-protected website. 2. Analysis of Hummingbird Picture […]

  • Python Cat Recommendation Series 7: What are Python introductory books?


    This article was originally published in the Public Number.【Python Cat】 Do not reproduce without authorization. Original address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ArN-6mLPzPT8Zoq0Na_tsg Recently, Cat Ge’s Python technology learning group has entered several special classmates: a junior three girl who is interested in programming, a teacher who has just started teaching Python in university, and an engineer in his forties […]

  • Python Crawler Introduction 8-100 Picture Crawling of Hummingbird Net


    1. Pictures of Hummingbird Net – Two Verbose Sentences A few days ago, the content of the course is relatively large. Today, I write a relatively simple, crawling or hummingbird, which is still used.aiohttpI wish you like it.Crawl pageshttps://tu.fengniao.com/15/This tutorial is based onStudyAim, why choose hummingbird, no way, I choose blindly. After a familiar operation, […]

  • Bash Cookbook Learning Notes


    Read Me This paper is based on the English version of <bash cookbook> and strives to dehydrate. Updated on November 23, 2017, [Foundation] covers knowledge points such as bash grammar. The other two articles in this series are for mutual reference. Intermediate content includes advanced topics such as tools, functions, interrupts and time handling. Portal […]

  • Bash Cookbook Learning Notes [Intermediate]


    Read Me This paper is based on the English version of <bash cookbook> and strives to dehydrate. 2018.01.21 Updated [Intermediate]. It includes advanced topics such as tools, functions, interrupts and time handling. The other two articles in this series are for mutual reference. The content covers such knowledge points as bash grammar. Portal [Advanced] content […]