• Install SQL Server tutorial under Ubuntu


    Microsoft has just announced a public preview of the next generation of SQL Server, and Canonical has officially announced that this preview version is available for Ubuntu. Whether deployed in-house or in the cloud, SQL Server on Ubuntu offers developers and organizations more freedom of choice. The development languages and data types allowed by SQL […]

  • The LINUX terminal command line shortens the display path to make your path more elegant


    Usually when we use the Linux terminal command line, we are often troubled by a problem, that is, the file path is too long, sometimes even more than one line, so it seems very awkward, but in fact, it only takes two steps to solve this problem: 1. Modify. Bashrc file (under user root directory)Vim […]

  • Why don’t I like Ubuntu?


    Why don’t I like Ubuntu? Ubuntu was the first Linux distribution I tried. As a mainstream distribution, Ubuntu is rich in software, well supported by the community, and features a user-friendly desktop environment. It’s no exaggeration to say that Ubuntu opened the door to the Linux world for me. However, once I became familiar with […]

  • Linux system resources view (walker)


    OS version lsb_release -a uname -a cat /proc/version System resource overview top memory free -h cat /proc/meminfo disk Disk capacity and partition status (unmounted partitions cannot be viewed) df -Th Disk capacity and partition status (you can view unmounted partitions) sudo fdisk -l sudo lsblk -f # /lib directory size du -sh /lib # /lib […]

  • Web front-end development play win10 Linux subsystem


    preface Linux subsystem (WSL) functionality is already built into the latest version of Windows 10. After a week of development with win10 WSL, I feel that macOS has completely replaced the position in web front-end development. Linux environment terminal tools ease of use, environmental stability and win10 mass software ecology combined, and then look at […]

  • Linux view all users of a user group (Python Implementation)


    code # encoding: utf-8 # author: walker # date: 2017-07-31 #Summary: Linux view all users of a user group # filename: group_users.py import sys #Print all members of a group def ShowGroupUsers(group_name): group_id = ‘err’ users = ” with open(‘/etc/group’) as f: for line in f: line = line.strip() vec = line.split(‘:’) if vec[0] == […]

  • Ubuntu decompress zip file name garbled problem solving


    Installation (12.04 and above): sudo apt-get install unar Use: Suppose that the zip package to be decompressed is foo.zip LSAR foo.zip list all filesIf the file names listed are already correct Unar foo.zip unzip all filesIf the filename listed is not correct LSAR – e GB18030 foo.zip – specifies to list all files using GB18030 […]

  • Ubuntu 14.04 installation of mongodb and PHP mongodb driver


    Explain Mongodb is a very famous NoSQL database. The following is the installation of mongodb under Ubuntu 14.04, as well as the configuration for PHP (driver installation, etc.), which is applicable to homestead. Install mongodb 1. add source sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 –recv 7F0CEB10 echo ‘deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart dist 10gen’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb.list sudo […]

  • Compiling openjdk 8 in Ubuntu 16.04 under WSL environment


    System environment Windows version number: win10 1709 Ubuntu version number: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Compilation steps Installation dependent sudo apt update sudo apt install build-essential libx11-dev libxext-dev libxrender-dev libxtst-dev libxt-dev libcups2-dev libfreetype6-dev libasound2-dev ccache gawk m4 libasound2-dev libxrender-dev xorg-dev xutils-dev binutils libmotif-dev ant If the installation time is too long, please replace the domestic source of […]

  • Getting started with nginx


    About nginx “Nginx is a lightweight HTTP server, which adopts event driven asynchronous non blocking processing framework, which makes it have excellent IO performance, and is often used for reverse proxy and load balancing of the server. “—– official introduction Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy server; it is also […]

  • Deploy Django project through nginx + uwsgi in Ubuntu environment on Alibaba cloud


    Years ago, Alibaba cloud had a discount. One core 1g cloud server cost only over 300 yuan a year. It was decided to rent it for one year. Now that the server has arrived, how can we not deploy our own projects? In fact, there are many articles about the deployment of nginx + uwsgi […]

  • Getting started installing and using tensorflow on Ubuntu 16.04


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article was published by Xie Yuan in the column of cloud + community introduce Tensorflow is an open source machine learning software built by Google to train neural networks. The neural network of tensorflow is represented in the form of […]