• Ubuntu 18.04 source code compilation QEMU


    The apt warehouse has QEMU, but the version is not up-to-date, there are unknown bugs, so choose the source installation. ##Installation dependency sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config zlib1g-dev sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-0 libglib2.0-dev sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev sudo apt-get install libpixman-1-dev libfdt-dev sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool sudo apt-get install librbd-dev apt-get install libaio-dev […]

  • Getting started series build continuous integration system with buildbot in Ubuntu 16.04


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article was published by angel Yu in cloud + community column introduce Buildbot is a Python based continuous integration system, which is used to automate the software build, test and release process. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to […]

  • Server hosting, virtual virtual virtual virtual machine, virtual server


    Tianjin Huaxin Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Huaxin Netcom, Huaxin Netcom, a comprehensive service provider of China’s basic telecommunication business and Internet, has the rapid deployment ability and its own advantages based on the host hosting, host leasing, virtual host, transmission chain and optical fiber link interworking with multiple data centers in IDC […]

  • Install SVN version control service under Ubuntu


    Deploy SVN version control service in Ubuntu today. I. download and install # apt-get install subversion II. Create directory # mkdir /home/svn # mkdir /home/svn/repository # chmod -R 777 /home/svn/repository III. create warehouse # svnadmin create /home/svn/repository To view the repository Directory: # cd /home/svn/repository /home/svn/repository# ls -l total 24 -rw-r–r– 1 root root 246 […]

  • VNC viewer single network cable direct access to Ubuntu 18.04 unity desktop method (applicable to the situation that the monitored party does not have a screen)


    Recently, we started to install Ubuntu 18.04, a Jetson nano from NVIDIA. However, there is a lack of a display on hand. Based on the principle of saving money, simplicity and efficiency, a LAN between laptop and Jetson nano is set up with a single network cable to realize VNC viewer’s access to Ubuntu 18.04 […]

  • Details of docker common instructions


    Instruction detailed Pull image from remote warehouse //Docker image pull library / Hello World pull from library by default can be omitted docker image pull hello-world View image list docker image ls Run a docker image to generate a container instance // operation docker run hello-world //Echo will print a piece of text in the […]

  • Change the default root password in Ubuntu and how to change it


    What is the default root password in the newly installed Ubuntu system? How to modify it? For example, I believe that many newcomers to Ubuntu will encounter this problem, so how can we solve this problem? Ubuntu didn’t let us set the root password during installation, but when we need to obtain the root permission, […]

  • OVS dpdk vxlan tunnel processing


    Before learning about the implementation of OVS vxlan, let’s review how traditional vtep devices handle vxlan messages. As shown in the figure below: After the vxlan message enters the switch port, the vxlan tunnel is terminated according to the message header information. After the end of the tunnel, overlay mapping is carried out according to […]

  • Linux multi version Python switch and multi version PIP mapping (cloud Studio & & Ubuntu 16.04)


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com linux&&cloud studio&&Ubuntu16.04 Simple solution to the problem of multi version Python switching and multi version PIP correspondence 1. Switch python2 to Python Multi version Python:View version number before changing $ python -V Python 2.7.12 $ python2 -V Python 2.7.12 $ python3 -V Python 3.5.2 See many executable paths of python3 through the […]

  • G book: 0 Tao C


    The Art of Community “Community art” It was first learned from Weibo’s editorial friends four years ago!!! Now the third version is coming out. At that time, the first version was opened for download by CC protocol, so all pages will be printed to 394 pages!All e-books! I watched the first time on my way […]

  • The difference between server hosting and server renting


    The difference between server hosting and server rentingAt present, enterprises with relatively high requirements for servers will want to use their own servers to run their own websites. When choosing independent server business, how to choose between server hosting and server renting becomes a problem that many people need to consider. What are the similarities […]

  • Using Ubuntu to build a personal e-mail server on the public network (based on postfix, dovecot, MySQL)


    Preface This tutorial is based on Ubuntu 18.04 (other Linux can be used in theory, and the software packages installed by knowledge are different). The main software used is: postfix, dovecot, mysql. There’s not much nonsense. Here’s the tutorial: Precondition Mysql database. In this tutorial, MySQL is used to store domain names, user information, etc. […]