• day 3 of learning vue


    Key modifier You can use the global config.keycodes objectCustom key modifier alias Auto match key modifier You can also directlyKeyboardEvent.keyAny valid key name exposed is converted to kebab case as a modifier: <input @keyup.page-down=”onPageDown”> In the above example, the handler function is only called when $event. Key = = ‘pagedown’. System modifier .ctrl .alt .shift […]

  • Implementation of colemak layout window + Linux + Android


    Implementation of colemak layout window + Linux + Android Title: ‘implementation of colemak layout’Subtitle: ‘a geek’s keyboard layout’ tags: entertainment solution preface The keyboard layout used by most students is QWERTY layout Scientific research shows that this design may not be the most efficient layout, or even deliberately studied to reduce the efficiency of typing, […]

  • Install Sogou input method for Ubuntu


    environment Linux/Ubuntu20.04LTS Fcitx Chinese language support dependency sogoupinyin_2.4.0.3469_amd64.deb download https://pinyin.sogou.com/linux/ programme If there is no “fcitx” option in the keyboard input method system, it is recommended to open the terminal and install fcitx manually: sudo apt-get install fcitx Directly install the downloaded package and install Sogou input method through the command line sudo dpkg -i […]

  • Linux Chinese garbled code problem


    Linux version Ubuntu 16.04 Problem description The Linux command line displays garbled code in Chinese, as shown in the following figure: Run Python code program on Linux platform. When you encounter coding problems in reading and writing Chinese files (you can try to check the system coding) Solution Open. Bashrc in the home directory (this […]

  • Windows common Tips & actions


    Windows common Tips & actions: catalogue Windows common Tips & actions: typewriting Width Toggle Input skills: (Microsoft Pinyin) Solutions to misoperation typewriting Width Toggle In the full angle state, use the shortcut key shift + space to quickly switch half angles. When shift + space cannot be used, right-click the input method in the lower […]

  • Android key monitoring and keyboard event flow (deletion key cannot be monitored)


    Android key monitoring and keyboard event flow (deletion key cannot be monitored) Recently, when doing a password key input function, we need to process each key, so we used itOnKeyListenerInterface listening. You can listen to input key events in normal text format, but once the input type of EditText is modified to numberpassword (Android: inputtype […]

  • [Python] construction of Python environment


    Recently, I finally decided to learn python, but I think beginners must have a headache about the construction of each language environment. Let’s see how I build a python environment.I use windows + sublime Text3 + IPython + Python 2.7.6 to build the python environment. 【python2.7.6】:-First, go to the official website to downloadhttps://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7.6-Then open the […]

  • Personalized configuration and beautification after Ubuntu installation


    Install Chinese and Chinese input methods Install Chinese Skip the installation Chinese (already installed, I don’t want to say more) Install Chinese input method set upRegion and languageEnter a plus sign at the source pointClick ChineseSelect Chinese smart PinyinTop right selection Get rid of vmaware’s damn top bar white note Menu bar open  edit choice […]

  • Deepin 20 manual compilation of the latest version fcitx5


    Start with the above figure: Fcitx5 on GitHub, if there is no scientific Internet access, the clone will be downloaded at a single digit network speed, so I put the latest version of the current (2020-12-30) clone on gitee for you to quickly clone. xcb-imdkit: git clone https://gitee.com/thepoy/xcb-imdkit.git fcitx5: git clone https://gitee.com/thepoy/fcitx5.git I only use […]

  • Win10 system input method can not switch how to do


    Recently, some win10 system users reported that when typing, they found that the input method could not be switched, which made users very distressed. So what if win10 system input method can’t be switched? Now let’s take a look at win10 system input method can’t switch specific solutions, friends in need can understand! Win10 system […]

  • How to modify MacOS default ime? Method of modifying MacOS default input method


    How to modify MacOS default ime?There are small partners want to modify the MacOS default input method, small compiled for you to modify the MacOS default input method of detailed graphics and text method, interested in small partners to operate it. How to modify MacOS default input method: The first step is to click on […]

  • How to solve the problem of win10 unloading input method icon?


    As we all know, some win10 users find that after they uninstall some previously used applications, the data is gone, but the application icon still exists. Win10 uninstall input method icon is still how to do? In addition to unloading the input method icon, Xiaobian thinks that it may be because the files in our […]