• Implementation of call stack in typescript


    This paper introduces the call stack of typescript and shares it with you class CallStackTool{ private static index:number = 0; public static printCallStack (count:number , simple: boolean = true):void { let caller:Function = arguments.callee.caller; let i:number = 0; count = count || 10; CallStackTool.index ++; if( CallStackTool.index > 500 ) CallStackTool.index = 1; console.log(`***—————–${CallStackTool.index}Start———————– **`); […]

  • Yezi technology Python and sudo Python


    Revision of the official website of Yezi e-Competition data https://www.xxe.io/ New debutWhen using sudo PIP install to install pymongo, it is found that pymongo will be installed to the directory of python2.6 by default. Currently, python 2.7 is used, so pymongo cannot be used Cause of the problem: Because there are two users on the […]

  • Classic front-end interview questions (60 front-end interview questions include JS, CSS, react, network, browser, program questions, etc.)


    (all answers below are for reference only) Short answer 1. What is anti shake and throttling? What’s the difference? How to achieve it? Reference answer Anti shake The function will only execute once in N seconds after triggering the high frequency event. If the high frequency event is triggered again in N seconds, the time […]

  • React + typescript + webback4 multi entry configuration


    Resources React-16.8.* react-router-dom-4.3.* TypeScript-3.5.* webpack-4.* eslint-5.16.* Project directory ├ – dist ├ package results directory │ ├├ – packing results of Demo1 // category Demo1 │ │ ├── demo1.himl │ │ ├── demo1.js │ │ └── demo1.css └ – demo2… // packing result of demo2 ├ – SRC business resource file directory │├ – category […]

  • How to use react hooks gracefully for state management


    In the process of using react and Redux, there is always a problem, which states need to be put in Redux, which states need to be saved in the local state of the component, in addition, unreasonable use of Redux may cause state management confusion, in addition, for local state local state, react hooks provides […]

  • Vue + typescript error set


    background Vue + TypeScript Vue + webpackdevmiddleware + typescript records the process of building Vue + typescript development environment. This article records all kinds of error reporting problems and solutions in the development process for reference. problem TS1192 TS1192: Module ‘”d:/dev/gitlab/seccloud/security-cloud-web/src/script/base”‘ has no default export. Terms of settlementTo be solved ts(2732) Cannot find module ‘../../product/moduleList.json’. […]

  • Vs code plug-in development Chinese document – v2.0 released!


    Explain Under development or want to developVs code plug inPlease pay attention to FollowingVs code plug in development Chinese document-v1.0After the release, we have received a lot of praise! Of course, recently due toGiant hardContinuous improvement of the original documents leads tov1.0All internal links of version are invalid But after @ liked(I’ll fight)Under the hard […]

  • Solution to visual studio code decorator prompt “experiential decorators”


    The setting.json of the workspace or the experimentaldecorators property of tsconfig.json of the project is set to true, which is not valid, and the warning still exists. Check where you are currently using vs code to open the project and whether it is opened in the root project. Correct opening mode: Error opening method:

  • Correctly configure visual studio code to develop and debug typescript


    I. environment Node.js v10.15.3 npm 6.9.0 Visual Studio Code 1.33.0 (user setup) 2019/4/6 Koa2-node.js QQ group: 481973071 Two, developmentTypeScript 1. Create project directory Use the following command to create a directory for the project: mkdir ts3 cd ts3 mkdir src mkdir dist The established directory is as follows: ts3 ├─dist └─src 2. InitializationNPM In the […]

  • Typescript best practice: use noimplicitany or not


    I should usenoImplicitAnyTypescript compiler flag? noImplicitAnyThe compiler option basically takes typescript from theOptional type languageConvert toMandatory type checking language。 This makes typescript a little far away from the superset of JavaScript, because it’s simple: function logMe(x) { console.log(x); } // error TS7006: Parameter ‘x’ implicitly has an ‘any’ type. It will also report an error […]

  • Write an instant chat application (react related, PWA, socket.io, node (koa2, TS), MySQL)


    Previous article: the personal project written before, share it, hope it can help people in need Ghchat (react version) In addition to various chat functions, it also supports GitHub authorized login, and displays the information disclosed by GitHub users. Then, it is convenient to build a project communication group for its own GitHub project in […]

  • Vue + typescript PC end project starting type


    GitHub address: https://github.com/pppercyWang/vue-typescript-admin I’ve seen a lot of typescript articles recently. I decided to try it myself. I feel it’s pretty good. Here is a template to share with you Project structure public css Icon.css — font class import of iconfont src API — API interface Assets – static resources Components — component library store […]