• 5 New CSS Features


    Author: Anna MonusTranslator: Frontend XiaozhiSource: blog.logrocket Search [Great Move to the World] on WeChat, and I will share with you the front-end industry trends, learning paths, etc. as soon as possible.This articleGitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included, and there are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for interviews with first-line manufacturers. New CSS features […]

  • Front-end Weekly Issue 35


    The front-end weekly publishes weekly front-end technology-related major events, article tutorials, version updates of some frameworks, as well as codes and tools. It is published regularly every week, and everyone is welcome to pay attention and reprint it.<span style=”color:red;”>If the external link cannot be accessed, follow the official account</span>front-end weekly, there is a solution in […]

  • The requested url is invalid error message encountered when using http-proxy to proxy HTTP requests


    Create an HTTP proxy server with the following code: const http = require(‘http’); const httpProxy = require(‘http-proxy’); const targetUrl = ‘https://www.sap.cn/index.html’; const proxy = httpProxy.createProxyServer({ target: targetUrl, secure:false }); http.createServer(function (req, res) { proxy.web(req, res); }).listen(8089); console.log(‘Proxy listens in 8089’); browser inputhttp://localhost:8089/, encountering the following error message: The requested URL “http://%5bNo%20Host%5d/index.html/”, is invalid. When the […]

  • Research on the realization of circular progress bar with linear gradient


    This article mainly introduces the NutUI Vue3-basedcircleProgressThe design and implementation principle of the component is a circular progress bar component, which is used to display the current progress of the operation, and supports modification progress and gradient colors. The circular progress bar is a very commonly used component, especially on pages that manage background data […]

  • VS Code For Web in-depth explanation–Server module design


    After understanding the communication mechanism of VS Code, we can start to analyze the implementation and design ideas of each module in VS Code Server. <!– more –> VSCode Server module design Through the previous introduction, we can understand that the capabilities of VS Code are separated from the front and back ends, which makesremote […]

  • Use Electron+Vue3 to make a cool plug-in toolbox


    foreword One day, I was copying and pasting code back and forth between different projects. Frequently switching editors made me feel tedious, and I was thinking: “It would be much more convenient if I could write a tool to copy all the content, and then copy them out one by one.” At this time, the […]

  • Best practices for data lakes on Shuhe Cloud


    Introduction: Shuhe Technology has formed a big data team and built a big data platform since its establishment. And built its own Cloudera Hadoop cluster on ECS. However, with the rapid expansion and development of the company’s Internet financial business, the big data team is taking on more and more responsibilities. The requirements for real-time […]

  • Add expire function to lodash’s memoize


    Demand scenario: cache a large number of repeated requests with the same parameters initiated at the same time, but after a few seconds, the cache is no longer needed, and the latest data needs to be requested from the server again The lodash.memoize method will be used throughout the life cycle of the page. Need […]

  • Use http-proxy to proxy network requests


    Use the following simple code to proxy network requests: const http = require(‘http’); const httpProxy = require(‘http-proxy’); const targetUrl = ‘https://www.sap.cn/index.html’; const proxy = httpProxy.createProxyServer({ target: targetUrl, }); http.createServer(function (req, res) { proxy.web(req, res); }).listen(8089); console.log(‘Proxy listens in 8089’); The semantics of this code is to create a proxy HTTP server listening on port 8089. […]

  • Front-end Canteen Technology Weekly Issue 58: TypeScript 4.9 RC, New Features Landing in Browsers in October


    Delicious value: Taste: Green Tangerine Dahongpao Canteen Technology Weekly warehouse address: https://github.com/Geekhyt/weekly Summary of this issue TypeScript 4.9 RC New features coming to browsers in October Is Turbopack really 10x faster than Vite? Using Git in VS Code 100 Days of Modern CSS Challenge New features in Node.js 18 Hello everyone, I am Tong Ouba. […]

  • About java’s dynamic binding mechanism


    About java’s dynamic binding mechanism Let’s talk about the dynamic binding mechanism. I believe that after reading this article, you will have an understanding of the dynamic binding mechanism. Most of the Internet can be summed up in one sentence: When calling an object, this method will be bound to the memory address/running type of […]

  • New React state library: foca


    Based on redux and react-redux.Warehouse Address:github.com/foca-js/focaDocument address:foca.js.org idea TS First, no programming without TS! characteristic Modular development Focus on typescript ultimate experience The model is automatically registered and can be used after export Built-in immer for fast data processing Intelligently track the execution status of asynchronous functions Model supports private methods Customizable multi-engine data persistence […]