• Detailed explanation of flutter text component


    Examples API Text, a very common widget; used to display simple style text, it contains some properties to control the text display style Text construction method source code: /// If the [style] argument is null, the text will use the style from the /// closest enclosing [DefaultTextStyle]. /// /// The [data] parameter must not be […]

  • Play with CSS variables


    If the CSS preprocessor variables in those years opened the door to a new world for me, then the CSS variables will undoubtedly be a bolt from the blue for me. Its function can not only gracefully deal with the previous JS is not easy to deal with or not suitable for business needs. More […]

  • Font selection of copyright symbols in HTML (how to make copyright symbols more beautiful)


    1、 Finding problems&Copy; is the copyright symbol in HTML, but the wrong font selection will bring some problems. If it is song style, this symbol shows a very strange symbol. 2、 Problem solving Copy code The code is as follows: <span style=”font-family:arial;”>Copyright &copy; </span>

  • Description of Tkinter (01) basic options


    Tkinter is Python’s own GUI library, which is based on componentsWidgetTherefore, this paper first introduces some basic content, and then explains the use of each component Note: the Tkinter content here is for reference at present8.5The author’s current Python installation version is3.8.3With tkversion / tclversion:8.6, the platform isWIN 10. The parameter options of grid () […]

  • How to set the font of deepin20 system? How to set the font size of deepin terminal


    How to set the font size of deepin20 terminal? Usually, we will adjust the font size of the system according to our own needs. How to adjust deepin20? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Method 1 1. Use shortcut keys to adjust font size, [Ctrl + =] can enlarge the font, and […]

  • Style chapter – CSS basic summary


    Cascading style sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language, which is used to describe the presentation of HTML or XML (including XML branch languages such as SVG, MathML and XHTML). It describes how other elements of the screen should be rendered on paper, CSS, etc. CSS is one of the core languages of open network, […]

  • Java add page jump button to PDF document


    summary When we look up the PDF with a large number of pages, we can add a jump button on the page to achieve page conversion, so as to save time and improve efficiency. This article will demonstrate how to add a page jump button to a PDF document through a java program. Generally speaking, […]

  • Enlarge the display effect of JavaScript input box


    requirement: When the user enters content in the input box, the large font box aboveconIt’s bigger Realization idea: Form detects user input: adds keyboard events to the form At the same time, the value in the express bill NovalueGet it and assign it toconBoxinnerTextAs content If the express bill number is empty, the large font […]

  • Idea change annotation font color


    Idea change annotation font color Settings—->Editor—–>Colors Scheme —–>Language Comments directory Block comment Line comment Doc comment class file

  • Fast implementation of a visual editor (flow chart, topology diagram, web configuration, SCADA) with Vue in one minute


    Video tutorial: https://www.bilibili.com/vide… install topology-vue $ npm install topology-vue # OR $ yarn add topology-vue Component usage 1. Import components How to use typescripthttps://github.com/le5le-com/… <template> <div class=”home”> <topology /> </div> </template> <script lang=”ts”> import { Component, Vue } from ‘vue-property-decorator’; import topology from ‘topology-vue’; import ‘topology-vue/topology-vue.css’; @Component({ components: { topology, }, }) export default class […]

  • Window terminal selection


    Objectives: [] nice font [] VIM showed good results [] TMUX displays well [] can use WSL [] supportwindowsMulti desktop features of Candidates: git-bash windows-terminal cmder hyper == git-bash ==git-bashIt’s the terminal I’ve been using, [10] The default font is good [10] VIM showed good results [10] TMUX showed good results [-] WSL cannot be […]

  • 56. QT – Seamless scrolling of subtitles


    1. Description Recently, we want to implement a scrollbar subtitle, but the series of articles we found use the timer qtimer to intercept and display the text at a fixed time. In this way, the scrolling is actually intermittent, because it is actually implemented by character displacement, but it is convenient to implement Therefore, only […]