• Will you like some liver this month?


    Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.26 In October this year, I don’t know how many new entries have been added to todo list. You may have prepared vue3, webpack 5 and react v17.0 RC. However, in October, it is far more than these items that are worth trying. NPM cli prompts you to pass thenpm […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS automatic layout tutorial: 11, common macro definition: frame coordinate system, get UI, UI value, font color, picture


    preface: This article introduces some SAGIT framework definitions, commonly used macro definitions. 1. Coordinate system correlation //Full screen #define STFullRect [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds #define STFullSize [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size //Empty screen #define STEmptyRect CGRectMake(0,0,0,0) //Coordinate system #define STRectMake(x,y,width,height) CGRectMake(x*Xpt,y*Ypt,width*Xpt,height*Ypt) #define STSizeMake(width,height) CGSizeMake(width*Xpt,height*Ypt) #define STPointMake(x,y) CGPointMake(x*Xpt,y*Ypt) #define STRectCopy(frame) CGRectMake(frame.origin.x,frame.origin.y, frame.size.width, frame.size.height); 2. Uiview view view: getting //! define a […]

  • Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.09 stackhoverflow – 2020 annual report of developers


    ascend a height to enjoy a distant view The sea is a collection of relics, which can lead to thousands of miles Basic technology Stackoverflow 2020 developer Report The annual report of stack overflow, a technology Q & a community, counts 65000 developers from all over the world. There are several shocking numbers: JQuery is […]

  • Markdown makes documents more efficient


    What is markdown? Markdown is a pure text markup language. Through simple markup syntax, it can make common text content have certain format. 0.1 advantages Pure text editing, clear structure. The operation is simple and the learning cost is low. Documents can be exported to HTML, word, image, PDF, ePub and other formats. 0.2 disadvantages […]

  • CSS supplement


    1. Unit of length (1) Pixels: A pixel is equivalent to a small dot in the screen. Our screen is actually made up of these pixels. The size of a pixel varies from monitor to monitor. The clearer the display, the smaller the pixels. (2) Percentage Set the unit to a percentage so that the […]

  • After setting the font of wechat, the page font of wechat browser will also change


    //In Android wechat, the weixinjsbridge object is used to prevent font size adjustment (function() { if (typeof WeixinJSBridge == “object” && typeof WeixinJSBridge.invoke == “function”) {   handleFontSize(); } else {   if (document.addEventListener) {     document.addEventListener(“WeixinJSBridgeReady”, handleFontSize, false);   } else if (document.attachEvent) {   //IE browser, not W3C specification     document.attachEvent(“onWeixinJSBridgeReady”, handleFontSize);   } } function handleFontSize() { //Set page […]

  • This paper solves the problem of incomplete text display in rn0.58 Android phones


    Recently, there was an Android adaptation problem in the project development. The text on some pages of the project app on my colleague’s red rice mobile phone k20pro was not displayed completely, such as the followingMy colleague’s mobile phone has been upgraded to the latest miui12, and the default mobile phone font is Xiaomi Lanting […]

  • Adding, reading, and deleting excel annotations in Java


    An annotation is a rich text comment that is often used to add hints or additional information to a specified excel cell.  Free Spire.XLS For Java provides developers with the function of adding and operating annotations to Excel files in Java applications for free. This article describes how to use free Spire.XLS For Java adds, […]

  • CSS3 Basics


    New features of CSS3 Text shadow Dynamic effect Typesetting Rounded border Shadow effect Rotation effect browser W3C standard formulation is slow, browser manufacturers quickly add new attribute support, add prefixAfter W3C determined the standard, it fully supported and removed the prefix Browser kernel browser css3 Webkit Safari Chrome -webkit- Gecko Firefox -moz- Presto Opera -o- […]

  • Keyboard man can’t swear! This font tool can automatically replace offensive words


    In the early morning of March 8, 1935, Ruan Lingyu, a 25-year-old actress, committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. At that time, two letters left by Ruan Lingyu were published in the newspaper. Among them, one sentence was: “it’s not enough to cherish my death. It’s just a terrible thing to say.” Later, although it […]

  • How to set project font in VS2010


    The default font of VS2010 is hard to see. You can change the corresponding uniform width font and change the font size at the same time, so that the font looks beautiful and easy to read. Software name: Visual Studio 2010 ultimate vs 2010 Chinese ultimate edition with available key Software size: 2.5GB Update time: […]

  • Front end uses custom font scheme


    In my work, I believe that you have met the design requirements of using some strange fonts, and then becauseThe font file is too large, select the cutaway. I have a strong demand for this article from usersYou can choose a font。 There are too many words that can appear in this article. Obviously, the […]