• The following methods for changing the font of immersive navigation bar in Android 6.0 (only valid for some mobile phones)


    This method is only valid for some phones below Android 6.0 (the color can be modified successfully). If it is invalid, the navigation bar is translucent and the font can be seen. Android immersive navigation bar is very common, which can “integrate” the status bar with the title bar of the mobile phone and look […]

  • Method of controlling font display and rendering using HTML5 canvas API


    API introductionToday we begin to fight for a new content – the text API of HTML5 canvas! You know, artists are usually also calligraphers, so we should learn to write and write beautiful words. Isn’t it interesting? OK, let’s preview what canvas text APIs are. attribute describe font Sets or returns the current font property […]

  • Two or three issues of front end design draft


    Introduction: as a part of the web project development process, the front end must communicate and coordinate with the UI / interaction designer in the actual development process, so as to ensure that the design draft can be fully coded and is the desired effect of the designer. Therefore, here I summarize some things that […]

  • How does MAC preview fonts without returning to the edit page


    When using fonts on MAC, users usually go back to the edit page to check the style of new fonts, which is quite troublesome. Is there a simpler way? Actually, there are. Let’s take a look. resolvent: The font manager has its own font style preview function. There is a small arrow at the top […]

  • How to set the font size for vs Code? Skills of vscode font zooming in and out


    Do you want to adjust the font? How to adjust it? Now let’s take a look at how vscode adjusts fonts. Software name: Visual studio code cross platform code editor v1.51.1 64 bit official Chinese installation version Software size: 59.5MB Update time: 2020-11-13Download now 1. Click in the lower left cornerset up。 2. Clickset up。 […]

  • Five powerful techniques for visualizing data using Matplotlib


    By rizky Maulana nurhidayatCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Data visualization is used to display data in a more direct way and is easier to understand. It can be formed in the form of histogram, scatter chart, line chart, pie chart, etc. Many people still use Matplotlib as a back-end module to visualize their graphics. In […]

  • Compatibility routine test


    Introduction Inspection supportfont-familyI can’t think of it at the moment. I checked the information and solved the puzzle. By the way, this paper makes some basic induction on whether the detection methods are supported or not. Origin My GitHub HTML detection Instead of compiling HTML, the browser directly parses and displays the results and runs […]

  • Essential software for learning notes: OneNote + mindmaster


    There are two key points in taking notes: first, the content of notes is detailed and appropriate. Second, the framework of knowledge is clear and complete. Why do you say that? For example, as shown in the figure, my note taking interface is free of charge. As a note taking software produced by Microsoft, it […]

  • Antd-mobile


    Always want to record their own, study and life, or record their reading income, but how wood have time, had to only record some of the problems encountered in their work, and attached solutions! Demand: The requirement is to click the font indicated by the red arrow to jump to the next level, and the […]

  • Best buy


    home page Classname naming conventions The naming standard of classname is that the class name should be as short as possible, the first letter should be lowercase, and the word should be used between ‘\ express Project folder Project folder: pinyougou Style picture folder: IMG Product image folder upload Fonts folder Style folder CSS JS […]

  • Fantastic CSS text animation


    Some of the previous articles about fonts are about how to define fonts Font family you should know Further exploration of Web font family This article will be the same as this one–CSS fantastic border animationSimilar, talk about someText effect, using different attribute collocation to achieve a variety of text dynamic effect. Google Font When […]

  • Idea launched a new font, this time really love!


    The original text of this article:https://blog.jetbrains.com/bl… Recently, JetBrains released a font called “mono”, which is specially prepared for developers. As developers, we spend most of the day looking at the code. No wonder developers always want to find a good font to improve the reading experience. However, the design logic of many popular fonts does […]