• Using teigha.net to read common function modules of CAD


    TeighaMedium solid rotation Code: using (var trans = database.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()) { Entity ent = trans.GetObject(entityId, OpenMode.ForWrite) asEntity; if (ent != null ) { Extents3d exts = ent.GeometricExtents; Point3d poCenter = newPoint3d((exts.MinPoint.X + exts.MaxPoint.X) / 2, (exts.MinPoint.Y + exts.MaxPoint.Y) / 2, 0); Matrix3d Matr4 = Matrix3d.Rotation((30 * Math.PI / 180),Vector3d.ZAxis, poCenter); ent.TransformBy(Matr4); } trans.Commit(); } //Rotate 30 […]

  • How to deal with some dialog problems in C ා


    1. For open file dialog box processing #Region open file dialog box string StrPath; OpenFileDialog Flag = new OpenFileDialog();Flag.multiselect = true; / / set multiselectFlag.title = “open file”; / / get or set the file dialog box titleFlag.filterindex = 2; / / set the default display file type to CSV file (*. CSV) | *. […]

  • IntelliJ idea setting terminal window font size


    I checked all the settings related to terminal in setting, but I didn’t find a way to set the font size. The original terminal only needs to set the font size of console. Settings——>Editor——>Colors Scheme——>Console Font After setting it here, go to see the font in terminal directly. There is no change. At first, I […]

  • Go into the details, what’s the matter with font anti crawler


    The content is selected fromForthcoming publicationThe scope of this publication is Chapter 6: text obfuscation anti crawler. This is the fourth section of Chapter 6, the rest of which willGradual release。 An overview of anti crawler opening Before CSS3, web developers had to use fonts that existed on the user’s computer. However, in the CSS3 […]

  • Invalid modification of IOS input disabled font color


    Problem description Set upinput:disabledThe font color of is invalid under IOS. The color is very dark. The display of PC is normal. Problem reason iPhone Safari/webviewThe default style of input disabled in the environment will have a default styleopacityAnd hidden styles-webkit-text-fill-color Solution input:disabled{ color: @disabledColor; opacity: 1; -webkit-text-fill-color: @disabledColor; }

  • Linux bash printer run time


    #!/bin/bash function ShowTime() { endTime=`date +’%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S’` start_seconds=$(date –date=”$startTime” +%s); end_seconds=$(date –date=”$endTime” +%s); usedTime=$((end_seconds-start_seconds)) #Display in red font for more than 2 seconds, yellow font for 1-2s and green font for less than 1 s if [[ $usedTime -ge 2 ]] then echo -e “\033[31mUsed time:$usedTime s \033[0m” elif [[ $usedTime -ge 1 ]] then […]

  • How to download and install fonts in the 1803 app store?


    How to download and install fonts in the system of win10 preview 1803? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Right click on Windows 10 desktopStart button,Click in the pop-up menu“Set up”Menu item. 2. In the open windows settings window, click“IndividualizationIcon. 3. In the open personalization window, click the“Typeface”Menu item. 4. In the […]

  • Windows Server 2016 PowerShell add domain and specify ou (2)


    In the previous chapter, netdom join is used to add domain and specify the corresponding ou. In this chapter, a ready-made PowerShell add domain and specify the corresponding Ou script is added for your work. $PlainPassword = [email protected] $UserName=”Administrator” $DomainName=”azureyun.com” $DomainUserName=”[email protected]”+”$DomainName” $SecurePassword = $PlainPassword | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force $DomainCredentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList $DomainUserName,$SecurePassword Add […]

  • IOS – some small things about custom segment selectors (segmented)


    The segment selection of the system is uisegmentedcontrol. There are also some customized segments of bigwigs, such as hmsegmentedcontrol on GIT. In my previous initial project, I’ve also used them. If I write or want to customize some UI, where should I start? In fact, after using hmsegmentedcontrol, I have a general idea. If I […]

  • Weex loads the local font file offline in native, such as iconfont.ttf


    Since my app has an offline mode, I have to save the font file locally and load it offline when I use iconfont, so I have the following article Let’s start with a couple of reasons How to load fonts on weex How to distinguish between local resources and online resources Relative path on the […]

  • New technique: a solution to the problem of font blur in win


    Now more and more small partners use the high-resolution screen (above 1080p). When they enjoy the more and more clear display effect, they also bring some problems in use. Small editing will solve them all at one time. These are the experience gained by using the high myopia mirror. If you feel that the font […]

  • Java uses POI to operate Excel


    1. POI operation Excel 1.1. Dependence org.apache.poi poi 4.1.0 org.apache.poi poi-ooxml 4.1.0 org.apache.poi poi-ooxml-schemas 4.1.0 1.2. Read Excel 1.2.1. Excel file content 1.2.2. Code /** * Read Excel */ public static void readExcel() { InputStream inputStream = null; XSSFWorkbook xssfWorkbook = null; try { String past = “/ operate excel. xlsx”; inputStream = new FileInputStream(past); […]