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  • Learn what DefinitelyTyped is through the TypeScript development environment of SAP UI5


    Let's look at a concrete example. Here's a SAP UI5 Component written in TypeScript: import UIComponent from “sap/ui/core/UIComponent”; /** * @namespace ui5.typescript.helloworld */ export default class Component extends UIComponent { public multiply(x : number, y : number) : number { return x * y; } } The first line of import UIComponent, where does its […]

  • TypeScript practice for SAP UI5


    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing to the language. it comes with atranslater, you can convert TypeScript code to JavaScript and run it wherever JavaScript runs, browsers, NodeJS, and more. The biggest change is that TypeScript comes with Types. At the same time, it makes it harder to develop generic […]

  • One of the future trends of SAP UI5: Embrace TypeScript


    This is Jerry's 3rd original article in 2022 and the 371st original article of this official account. In recent years, the field of front-end development has developed rapidly, and various new technologies, new frameworks, new tools and new development concepts have emerged one after another. On the other hand, the rules and complexity of front-end […]

  • graphql+koa2 front-end bff layer


    Recently, I am doing the integration of graphql into the project. Advantages of using graphql: The front end grasps the initiative of the query, can define the fields you need to query to filter redundancy, and reduce the communication between the two ends Taking over the front end of the bff layer can be used […]

  • flutter fix your dart damn syntax


    original https://itnext.io/fix-your-da… reference https://dart.dev/guides/langu… https://dart.dev/guides/langu… https://dart-lang.github.io/l… text Something that often bothers me when I check other projects is that most of us don't follow Dart grammar rules I know you're probably from another language background, but you're using Dart right now, and Dart does things a little differently. In fact, the Dart documentation explains everything […]

  • Redis: error prompt in the redis scenario of envoy agent


    Redigo issue 579 reply.go sliceHelper does not handle Redis errors within the slice#579 1、 What is the problem In the scenario of using envoy agent redis, executeMGETAfter getting the data, there is a problem with one of the redis services. Envoy returned the following error promptupstream failure And what comes back after redigo is redigo: […]

  • Code generation of golang standard library template


    Curd Gen project ​ The curd Gen project was originally created as a tool of the illuminant project to generate the basic code in the front-end addition, deletion, modification and query page. ​ Recently, with the upgrade of antd Pro V5, the project was upgraded, and now all the generated code is TS code.The automatically […]

  • Low level teams should not use typescript


    type R = | (string extends null | undefined ? never : string) | (string extends null | undefined ? never : string) | (string[] extends null | undefined ? never : string[]) | (null extends null | undefined ? never : null) | (undefined extends null | undefined ? never : undefined); This type […]

  • Common tips for typescript type1


    How to define enumeration types? There is such a constantFieldTypesRepresents the form item type, whether it is an input box or a switch or other, and so on. Only two are listed enum FieldTypes { INPUT = ‘input’, SWITCH = ‘switch’ // … } At this time, the sub component needs to receive atypeofprops, the […]

  • How to resolve the unrecognized error of angular custom library module during ng build


    SAP Spartacus angular. JSON is a file automatically generated by the angular cli. For storefrontapp, the generated tsconfig attribute points to a tsconfig app. JSON file, which specifies how ng build builds the app. The builder tool used here is @angular-builders/custom-webpack:browser Why is the types attribute empty? Many JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, jasmine test […]

  • What’s behind the NPM run script


    npm run build:mylib The target build: mylib executed by NPM run is defined in package JSON: The actual command is: yarn — CWD feature LIBS / my lib & & NG build my lib — configuration production Ng build: compile the angular application into the output directory named dist / under the given output path. […]

  • Type definition of golang Tongmai


    catalogue 1. Custom type 2. Type definition 2.1 define structure 2.2 defining interfaces 2.3 define other new types 2.4 defining the type of function 3. Type alias 4. The difference between type definition and type alias 5. Non local types cannot define methods 6. Use aliases when structure members are embedded 1. Custom type There […]