• TXT text cutter supporting drag implemented by vbs


     SplitFile.vbs ‘/*=========================================================================    ‘* intro. TXT text cutter, the default is 8000 characters into a file. Drag is supported.    ‘ * FileName    SplitFile.vbs    ‘ * Author      yongfa365    ‘ * Version     v1.0    ‘ * MadeTime    2008-04-24 12:58:43    ‘ * LastModify  2008-04-24 12:58:43    ‘ *==========================================================================*/    Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments    If objArgs.Count = 0 Then   Iiiii InputBox (“select text file to process”, “select text file to process”)Else       For I001 = 0 To objArgs.Count – 1            IIIII objArgs(I001)        Next   End If   Function IIIII(Path)        TempStr = ReadFromFile(Path, “gb2312”)        Length = Len(TempStr)        iii = 0    For II = 0 to length step 8000        iii = iii + 1            WriteToFile Left(Path, Len(Path) -4) & “_” & Right(“00” & iii, 3) & “.txt” , Mid(TempStr, II + 1, 8000), “gb2312”   […]

  • How to merge multiple txt files into one TXT?


    Sometimes it is necessary to merge multiple txt files for summary and analysis. How to quickly merge multiple files? 1. Copy multiple txt files to be merged to the same folder. If the order of files is important, please adjust the order according to the file name. 2. Use key combination“Win + R”Open the run […]

  • Summary of the simple implementation of Java to read TXT document with voice


    Recently, I was bored. I flipped through my blog and saw some people reading text content with VBS, that is, reading a few sentences of Chinese. Emmm is very interesting and easy to implement. I don’t need to install any environment. I just create a new TXT file, input some simple VBS code to read […]

  • Using VBS to save the contents of a TXT suffix to HTML format


    do.vbs Copy codeThe code is as follows: ‘BY Coo_boi If WScript.Arguments.Count=0 Then WScript.Quit Dim fso,txt,htm txt=WScript.Arguments(0) Set fso=CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) Set htm=fso.CreateTextFile(txt&”.htm”,True) title=fso.GetFile(txt).Name title=Left(title,Len(title)-4) MsgBox title htm.WriteLine “<html>” htm.WriteLine “<head>” htm.WriteLine “<title>”&title&”</title>” htm.WriteLine “</head>” htm.WriteLine “<body>” htm.WriteLine “<h1 align=center>”&title&”</h1>” htm.WriteLine “<hr color=red>” For Each line In Split(fso.OpenTextFile(txt).ReadAll ,vbCrLf) htm.WriteLine line&”<br>” Next htm.WriteLine “</body>” htm.WriteLine “</html>” htm.Close Wscript. […]

  • How to speed up the subtle differences between the contents of two txt files?


    Sometimes, in order to confirm whether the two txt files have been modified or not, and whether there are differences, when the content of the files is relatively large and the differences are very small, it is difficult to distinguish them directly by naked eyes. For example, below, we need to use computers to help […]

  • VBS implementation code of “txt to HTML, HTML” txt to web “


    Among many text editors, Microsoft word is very powerful. In addition, XP Pro supports VBS to call word document objects, so VBS is the best way. The idea is as follows: open word in VBS, open TXT in word, save as web page, and exit. 1. VBS calls word.application component If word is installed in […]

  • New TXT Documents in Mac System and the Solution to Error Code


    Friends who use MAC may have the question that the powerful text editor under MAC system can not save the commonly used TXT format? Or open the TXT file saved on Windows, there will be such a problem (as shown below), so the editor specifically to share with you the solution. Create TXT manuscripts This […]

  • How can VB6.0 quickly delete TXT content in batches?


    VB6.0 can achieve mass deletion of TXT files, how to delete TXT files? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. It’s very simple. Please see the details below. Software Name: Visual Basic 6.0 Streamlined Installation Edition Software size: 5.86MB Update time: 2014-08-25 1. First, create a new folder on the desktop of the […]

  • Three ways of downloading files (apk, txt, etc.) on Html5 page are explained in detail.


    Requirement description The original requirement is that there is an H5 page with a “click download” button. After clicking, the specific APK is downloaded. Probably the following: (1) requirement analysis When I received the request, I had a good time. The biggest advantage of this H5 page is that it can’t be used in micro-mail […]