• Lightweight bidirectional binding tool — ukulelejs


    What is ukulejs A lightweight two-way binding tool, you can temporarily understand it as a simplified version of angular. (hereinafter referred to as ukujs) Let’s take a look at the simplest example of two-way binding <div uku-application> <input type=”text” uku-value=”myCtrl.message”> <input type=”text” uku-value=”myCtrl.message”> <textarea rows=”4″ uku-value=”myCtrl.message”></textarea> </div> //Register ViewModel var uku = new Ukulele(); uku.registerController(“myCtrl”,new […]

  • Summary of angular problems


    1. Bidirectional data binding At present, various MVs are popular in the industry*Framework, related frameworks are emerging, and angular is one of them (MVVM). MV*In fact, the core problem of the framework is to separate the view layer from the model, reduce the coupling of code, and achieve the separation of data and performance. MVC, […]

  • Introduction to angularjs


    Introduction to angularjs Introduction Angularjs was born in 2009, founded by Misko hevery and others, and later acquired by Google. Is an excellent front-end JS framework, which has been used in many Google products. Angularjs is designed to overcome the shortcomings of HTML in building applications. Angularjs has many features, the most core of which […]

  • Brief description of angular instruction


    Angularjs instruction system In the previous example, we learned a few things about HTML tagsng-Properties of, such asng-app, ng-controller, they are all members of angularjs instruction system. In future study, we will encounter more instruction systems. They can help us realize many functions conveniently and quickly. MVVM Generally speaking, when the data changes, the view […]

  • What does leetcode mean


    Enter a binary search tree and convert the binary search tree into a sorted circular two-way linked list. It is required that no new node can be created, and only the node pointer in the tree can be adjusted. To better understand the problem, take the following binary search tree as an example: We hope […]

  • Deep parsing of Vue modifier sync


    [sync] modifier for bidirectional binding between child components and parent components: in fact, the modifier sync is available in vue1.0. It can realize bidirectional binding between parent and child components, but vue2.0 was removed and restarted after version 2.3.0 was released. Sync can easily realize synchronous modification of parent component values by child components If […]

  • Vue – $set dynamically updates objects / arrays


    Vue bidirectional binding principle is to operate the setter and getter properties of an object through object. Defineproperty().In order to ensure the dynamic update of the view, we need to add get and set methods to the object for two-way binding. 1. Dynamically update objectsAdd age attribute to manError method:add(){ this.man.age = ’22’ console.log(this.man)},Correct method:add(){ […]

  • Leetcode 127. Word Solitaire 126. Word Solitaire II


    127. Word Solitaire126. Word Solitaire II Preprocessing + breadth first traversal This code does not time out, but it is very slow. The official explanation can use two-way search to improve the speed. I don’t write two-way code here 127 questions class Solution: def ladderLength(self, beginWord: str, endWord: str, wordList: List[str]) -> int: if beginWord […]

  • Two way linked list: I’m no longer driving in one direction


    Unlike a single linked list, each node of a two-way linked list contains not only data, but also pointers to its front node and rear node respectively In fact, compared with a single linked list, a double linked list adds a pointer to the previous node Let me write a double linked list to implement […]

  • Bidirectional circular linked list: the “post station” of data in Hongmeng light kernel


    Summary:Double linked list is one of the most important data structures of Hongmeng light kernel, which is widely used in various modules. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Hongmeng light kernel m core source code analysis Series II data structure – bidirectional circular linked list》, original author: zhushy. When learning the source code of […]

  • SPL data structure 1-bidirectional linked list, stack, queue


    In PHP, the SPL extension provides some common data structures for us to use. Only because there is a universal array in PHP, there will be less understanding of data structures and the use of related data structures. Some data structures and usage instructions provided in SPL are sorted out below, so that we can […]

  • Vue modifies the paged component view of elementui, and there is no update problem


    Today, I encountered a small problem that I didn’t pay attention to. El pagination has a property of current page.Today, I want to manually modify the bound variables in methods to achieve the effect of page number modification. I found that the paging component view did not render, but remained at the original page number.After […]