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  • [Python tutorial] a turtle is actually cool (1. Move)


    Preparation before class:Win7 ~ win10, MacOS, > = computers with Ubuntu 16.04Python idle above Python 3.1.1 1、 Tortoise?Tortoise is a drawing module, which can be imported in Python as follows: import turtle 1. Forward functionThis function causes the turtle to draw a linestraight lineX degree import turtle turtle.forward(100) 2. Left functionThis function makes turtlesTurn leftX […]

  • 2021 CCPC girls’ competition


    Newbie, a finished with five bronze medalsDuring the game, I leisurely wrote questions with my teammates and thought about dry food. Fortunately, I didn’t get out of the copper tail in the end.Post the code of the competition Question a sign in Teammate A’s, judge whether the sequence of positive and negative directions meets the […]