• Turing test is outdated and AI needs a new benchmark; Goodbye, flash, Adobe player officially stopped


    The developer community technology Weekly has met with you again. Let’s take a look at some important news worthy of our developer’s attention in the past week. Software green alliance unified technical specification 1.0 for new generation 3D data files was officially released Flash bye! Adobe player was officially shut down from January 1 Deep […]

  • After reading hacker: the hero of the computer revolution


    I read several good books during the National Day holiday, but the only thing that I can write a little experience after a few days is this hacker: the hero of the computer revolution. I should have bought the e-book for several years. I haven’t read it carefully, or the more important problem is that […]

  • Practical and free API recommendation


    All kinds of free API, good things to share with you! Data from: Turing chat robot, baidu open platform, eolinker API shop, face + + 1、 Turing chat robot http://doc.tuling123.com/open… 2、 Baidu map open platform http://lbsyun.baidu.com/index… 3、 Eolinker – API shop Daily use Driving test question bank:https://apistore.eolinker.com…National Weather Forecast:https://apistore.eolinker.com…Hot news todayhttps://apistore.eolinker.com…Zip code inquiry:https://apistore.eolinker.com…Real time air […]

  • Turing tells you about AI in person


    Introduction:I don’t understand AI yet. Why don’t you let Turing tell you about it in person? If you are given a super ability of “crossing”, which historical celebrity do you want to go back to for a chat? Newton? Hawking? Or Nobel? Although the technology of traversing time and space is still far away, someone […]

  • Dry goods information! Turing programming series 300 + Books (PDF)


    Turing programming series is a series of professional books including front-end, back-end, algorithm, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on. Many of these books are regarded as the standard by programmers. as An authoritative guide to Python web crawler by Ryan Mitchell” Node.js Alex young Deep learning in Python And so on. Now I have […]

  • Hugin monitors web page changes and pushes them


    Take the weekly special price page of Turing community as an example:https://www.ituring.com.cn/tag/36527 Grab content This page will update three half price e-books every Monday After copying and pasting, you can see that the XPath of the three books are: //*[@id=”tag-book”]/div/ul/li[1]/div[2]/h4/a //*[@id=”tag-book”]/div/ul/li[2]/div[2]/h4/a //*[@id=”tag-book”]/div/ul/li[3]/div[2]/h4/a Only the middleli[]The content is different So the options section and the XPath […]

  • A Simple RESTful API Service With Node.js And Koa2


    Background: 2017 can be said to be the year of the outbreak of blockchain. It is said that the currency circle is one day and the stock market is one year. The immediacy of the grapevine is very important. Sometimes I want to query the currency price in real time, but I also need to […]

  • AI — the fourth industrial revolution


    There have been three industrial revolutions in history: the first was represented by the invention of steam engine, which changed the long-standing cotton textile industry, and human beings entered the “steam age”; the second was represented by the invention of automobile and the development of electricity, and the scope and duration of human activities were […]

  • Using Python to chat with Turing robots


    I’m disappointed with the blog platform. I can only use it as a file. The recognition accuracy of Turing robot for Chinese is as high as 90%, which is the most intelligent robot in Chinese context. There are many blogs that use the Turing robot API in Python, but they are all version 1.0. So […]

  • Using Python to transform raspberry pie into a voice assistant


    I’m disappointed with the blog platform. I can only use it as a file. Voice assistant is nothing new. Just two or three years ago, the experience of using voice assistant was not so good, and it was not used after tasting. But recently, it was found that no matter Cortana of Microsoft, Siri of […]