• Neural cleaning: recognition and mitigation of backdoor attacks in neural networks


    Summary:This paper will take you to understand the backdoor knowledge of deep neural network. The author proposes a reliable and scalable DNN backdoor attack detection and mitigation system, which is an in-depth interpretation of countering samples and neural network backdoor attacks. This article is shared from [paper reading] of Huawei cloud community(02) identification and mitigation […]

  • Combination of quartz and topshelf to realize window timing service


    1、 New console application 2、 Select the item, right-click manage nuget package, and add four: Quartz Quartz.Plugins Topshelf log4net  3、 Create project file Three configuration files: must be placed in the project root directory. (1)log4net.config View Code (2)quartz.config  true SampleJob SampleGroup Sample job for Quartz Server QuartzTopshelf.Jobs.SampleJob, QuartzTopshelf true false key1 value1 key2 value2 SampleSimpleTrigger […]

  • MySQL online DDL tool GH OST


    I brief introduction GH OST is based on golang language. It is an open source DDL tool of GitHub. It is the abbreviation of GitHub’s online schema transformer / transformer / transformer / thing, which means GitHub’s online table definition converter. 1.1 principle Main implementation principles,firstBuild two tables, one_ GHO’s shadow table, GH OST will […]

  • Implementation of quartz timing task visual management with springboot


    preface In the actual framework or product development process, the integration of quarzt in springboot is basically directly hard coded in the form of bean objects of job and trigger. For example, the following code example. There is no dynamic global management for all scheduled task types, specific execution classes, execution strategies and running status […]

  • Too many ZABBIX alarm processes


    In the morning, I saw the ZABBIX alarm: there are too many system processes.     The first reaction is to look at the threshold set by the trigger. Here we set it according to the actual environment. The default setting of ZABBIX is 300, which can be set according to your actual situation:   […]

  • Quartz scheduled task management class


    package org. fh. util; quartz This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • ZABBIX auto discovery, port URL detection


    1、 Auto discovery 1. Turn on automatic discovery Configure auto discovery Modify automatically discovered network segments Enable autodiscover 2. Configure automatic discovery actions Configure autodiscover actions Add the IP address of the action Add autodiscover action Enable action 3. Inspection image.png 2、 Automatic registration 1. Modify agent configuration #All agent machines need to modify the […]

  • Quartz is here Net


    1、 Background For example, you need to update or synchronize some data in the database in a certain month of a certain year, or execute part of the code to call the interface at regular intervals, but you don’t want to execute it manually For this kind of business, you can use “timed call task“. […]

  • Exploration of serverless and microservice (II) – deployment practice of springboot project


    preface After sharing the last article, some fans responded that the content was too theoretical and abstract to see the actual appearance. Therefore, I will write a tutorial here to teach you how to deploy a springboot project to serverless and test it successfully. The following link is the article I published to the official, […]

  • Use and understanding of MySQL triggers


    1. What is a trigger? A special kind of database program that can monitor the operation of certain data (insert / update / delete) and trigger relevant operations (insert / update / delete) to protect the integrity of data. Personal understanding is a bit similar to the observer mode of Java. When an object changes, […]

  • New “friends” in container industry


    On ignite 2021, Microsoft released azure container apps, which is aHosted services centered on serverless applications,Users do not see or need to manage any underlying VM, coordinator, or other cloud infrastructure. Azure container apps supports any application code packaged in the container, which is not limited by the runtime and program code development model. Both […]

  • Oracle trigger usage example details


    This article describes the use of Oracle triggers with examples. Share with you for your reference, as follows: 1、 Trigger introduction The definition of trigger means that when a certain condition is established, the statements defined in the trigger will be executed automatically. Therefore, triggers do not need to be called artificially, nor can they […]