• One technology per day: wechat development – Custom Menu


    summary Custom menus can help official account rich interface, allowing users to understand the official account number better and faster. Document definition Interface call request description HTTP request mode: Post (please use the HTTPS protocol) https://api.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/menu/create?access_ token=ACCESS_ TOKEN Examples of click and view requests { “button”:[ { “type”:”click”, “Name”: “songs of the day,”, “key”:”V1001_TODAY_MUSIC” }, […]

  • Markdown advanced syntax collation


    It’s very practical to see a friend’s markdown advanced grammar, so I’ll extract it here for future reference. I. form |status_code | message | desc | |——————|———–|——| | 404 | not fond | error | status_code message desc 404 not fond error Notice the colon of the table line—-:, which indicates whether it is centered. […]