• Question of the day


    Half AFO whker up So come to a geometric activity every day 2022/2/8 As shown in the figure,\(AM=MB,CM=MD,PC\bot AC,PD\bot BD,PQ\bot AB\), to prove:\(\angle PQC=\angle PQD\) Thinking: It is not difficult to find that there are two groups of four points in a circle:\(D,P,Q,B\)and\(C,P,Q,A\), you can consider making a circle, and the centers of the circles […]

  • AK: Hollow Triangle (Basic Computer Test Questions)


    By hollowing out a character triangle, you can save material costs and reduce weight, but the key is to pursue another visual effect. In the process of design, it is necessary to give various patterns of materials and triangular templates of various sizes, and make them temporarily through the computer in order to see the […]

  • Rasterization Comprehensive Analysis


    Rasterization Comprehensive Analysis 0 Two methods The rendering process in graphics can basically be broken down into two main tasks:Visibility and Shading. Rasterization can be said to be a solution to the visibility problem. Visibility includes being able to tell which parts of a three-dimensional object are visible to the camera. Some parts of these […]

  • Webgl shallow in shallow out


    Bean skin fans, meet again. Today’s issue, by “Kakashi”, brings us webgl learning. Webgl is a strong graphic library for data visualization. At the same time, data visualization is also one of the important directions of front-end development, which is worth digging and learning. Author: KakashiReprint:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/id… preface: This article is expected to take [15min] to […]

  • Nine day training day 6 greed


    1、 Concept definition The so-called greed always makes the best choice at present. In other words, without considering the overall optimization, what the algorithm gets is in a senseLocal optimal solution。 For example, for an array of positive integers, I want to find two of them to maximize their product. There is no doubt that […]

  • 6. C language 99 multiplication table (five output forms)


    The 99 multiplication table consists of 9 rows and 9 columns, focusing onFor loopKnowledge of.The following is the code for outputting the complete multiplication table, upper right, lower right, upper left and lower left multiplication tables.[code 1] output complete triangle: 1 #include 2 int main() { 3 int i,j; // i. J control row or […]

  • Web GL enters the three-dimensional world


    Three dimensional objects are composed of triangles, so we need to draw each triangle of the object one by one as before, and finally draw the whole three-dimensional object, but there is a significant difference between three-dimensional and two-dimensional. When drawing two-dimensional objects, we only need to consider X and Y information, but when drawing […]

  • CSS how to achieve triangles, arrows, prompt box, to find out


    1. Set a border for a rectangle to see how it changes <section> < H4 > see a normal rectangular change process < / H4 > <div class=”b”> < div class = “B1″ > set the normal width and height of the border < / div > <div class=”b2″>border-top</div> <div class=”b3″>border-right</div> <div class=”b4″>border-left</div> <div class=”b5”>border-bottom</div> […]

  • 2021 Niuke summer multi school training camp 3


    2021 Niuke summer multi school training camp 3 A Guess and lies(to be) Meaning: Alice has a number y in 1 ~ n. let Bob guess. Each round, you can ask whether y is greater than or equal to X. Alice answers yes or no, but Alice can lie once. Now, for X (1 ~ […]

  • Explore the difference of texture coordinates among OpenGL, OpenGL es and webgl


    preface A while ago, I was busy investigating the filter implementation of third-party camera applications, and made these filters into the form of AE plug-ins for designers to use, so as to make more aesthetic filter effects. During the development of AE plug-in, it is found that the output of some shader codes in AE […]

  • How to view overdraw under URP pipeline


    1) How to view overdraw under URP pipeline2) Lua local function call recycling mechanism3) How does AssetBundle use the secondary compression algorithm to reduce the enclosure4) The number of triangular patches of URP is not accurate This is the 262nd UWA technical knowledge sharing push. Today, we continue to select a number of issues related […]

  • Build your own kingdom: Android custom encapsulated view (3)


    design sketch: effect0.jpg Product requirements: Make product label card. Limit height, self applicable width (max limit) Two types, product or other. The product name is on the top and the price is below. Others have only one line of copy. The pictures on the left are also different (a total of 8 different types). Implementation […]