• What is XML? Using XML to parse tree structure data


    In real life, many things are related to each other. For example, there are many provinces in China, and there are many cities under each province. The relationship between these provinces can be described by a tree structure, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 city relationship Figure 1 visually describes the hierarchical relationship between […]

  • Tree lists files in tree format


    When you show others the contents of your own CD-ROM, or list the data in a directory on your hard disk, the tree command is quite convenient, and can make the contents displayed clear and orderly. Don’t say anything, picture above. By the way, review the CD command. Of course, you may not be satisfied […]

  • The CMD tree command lists files in tree format


    When you show others the contents of your own CD-ROM, or list the information in a directory on your hard disk, the tree command is quite convenient, and can let you display the content in a clear and orderly way. Don’t say anything, picture above. By the way, review the CD command.Of course, you may […]

  • Implementation of custom tree structure by Vue


    Implementation of custom tree structure by Vue It can be added and deleted dynamically It can be dragged as a whole If the content is also dynamic, replace the component content with input, select and other components data structure treeData: [{ name: ‘1’, child: [ { name: ‘2’, child: [{ name: ‘1’ }, { name: […]

  • How to use the tree plug-in in CentOS


    The tree plug-in consumes CPU and memory, so you need to pay attention when using it. Tree installation: yum -y install tree Or is it sudo apt-get install tree When using the directory name of tree, the tree structure of the directory can be displayed. An example is as follows: Unload command of treeyum -y […]

  • Data structure tree (3): multiway search tree B tree, B + tree


    Multiway search tree Height of complete binary tree: O (log2n), where 2 is logarithm The height of the complete m-path search tree: O (logmn), where m is the logarithm and the number of nodes in each layer of the tree M-path search tree is mainly used to solve the problem of data storage which can […]

  • Using tree command to show the tree structure in MAC system


    In Linux, you can easily use the tree command to view the directory tree mechanism in the current directory. But in MAC, you need to install at least one tool At first, I found a way to print tree structure with shell command from the Internet find . -print | sed -e ‘s;[^/]*/;|____;g;s;____|; |;g’ You […]

  • Explain the use of tree command under Linux


    Tree command, the main function is to create a list of files, all files listed in the form of a tree Tree under Linux is more powerful, but the general system does not have this command, it needs to be downloaded and installed manually. Installation: yum -y install tree – a Displays all files and […]

  • VbsTree VBS script simulates tree command


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: ‘————-vbsTree.vbs———————— Description: Output a folder directory structure with vbs.‘———————————————— Const Unit4Size = Byte KBMBGBConst OutFile = “OutTree.txt” Dim theApp,SelPath,TreePath,TreeStr Set theApp = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”) Set SelPath = the App. Browse ForFolder (0, “Select the path that needs to list the subprojects”, 0)If SelPath Is Nothing Then WScript.Quit TreePath = SelPath.items.Item.Path […]

  • Recursive Query of Tree Data in SQL SERVER 2005


    Problem description. The problem of borrowing adinet. See: //www.jb51.net/article/28670.htm Today, we have a problem with our project. There are top-level product classifications A, B and C. There are subclassifications of a1, A2 and A3 under mid-term A. But A1 might belong to A and B together, and then my database was designed like this.       […]

  • An Example of Implementing Link List, Stack, Queue and Tree of Java Data Structure


    This paper illustrates the implementation of linked list, stack, queue and tree of Java data structure. Share for your reference, as follows: Recently, I inadvertently turned to a book and wrote a few lines of code in my spare time to implement several commonly used data structures for future reference. I. Linear List (Linked List) […]

  • Summary of Several Methods for Updating FreeBSD Port Tree


    In order to make the software we installed the latest version, we need to update Port Tree regularly, so-called update port is to update patches.1,CVSup/csup Note: csup is a rewrite of C VSup software in C language. It is provided as part of the system in FreeBSD 6.2 and later.Before running CVSup for the first […]