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  • Network protocol series — TCP, UDP, socket and reference model


    preface To tell you the truth, this article is a bit empty, because I don’t usually study this area, and then it involves too many knowledge points. I can only look around and summarize the relevant information, so I just want to say:The content of this article only represents personal position, and mistakes must be […]

  • Computer network — basic knowledge (1)


    1. Why does socket provide an interface between the application layer and the transport layer and not between other layers? From the analogy operating system and the details of their respective concerns 2. TCP handshake and wave and data transmission process? 3. Why does the active shutdown party stay in time when TCP waves its […]

  • Implementation of high concurrency server with PHP


    When it comes to high concurrency, there is no way to bypass the I / O reuse, and then to the specific platform Linux, there is no way to bypass epoll. Why epoll is efficient is not discussed. Interested students can search for it by themselves, or use the ready-made swote directly. The principle is […]

  • List of Linux commands you must master


    The purpose of this paper is to list the Linux commands that can improve productivity / efficiency of problem analysis, and make a list for future memory and mastery. The purpose of this paper is not to explain in detail how to use each command. The list is kept up-to-date. network Transport layer TCP / […]

  • Git common configuration


    1. Configure the user name git config –global user.name “username” 2. Configure mailbox git config –global user.email “[email protected]” 3. Other configuration #Let git get rid of windows / Unix newline conversion git config –global core.autocrlf false 4. Coding configuration #Avoiding Chinese garbled code in Git GUI git config –global gui.encoding utf-8 #Avoid garbled Chinese file […]

  • Promise is not a callback


    This is a rare example in practical engineering; it is reflected in the design conflict of two programming paradigms in node. This kind of conflict is universal, but this paper only analyzes the nature of the problem, not the higher level of abstraction. I am writing a resource protocol similar to HTTP, called RP, resource […]

  • Understanding of the five layer model as a whole


    After the birth of the computer, the powerful computing function makes people think about whether the computer can communicate with each other. However, people have found that the communication process is very complex and requires a variety of protocols to maintain the stability of the communication process. Therefore, the OSI seven layer model was born, […]

  • About UDP protocol


    Recently, when reviewing the knowledge of computer network, I didn’t study it carefully in class before. I only remember a few high-level terms. So take advantage of this review and record the learned knowledge in the form of a blog, so as to deepen my impression. Secondly, I hope you can have a deeper understanding […]

  • Diagram HTTP notes


    Chapter I network foundation Three construction technologies of WWW: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) solves the representation of documents; HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) hypertext transfer protocol solves the transmission of documents; URL (Uniform Resource Locator) solves the problem of document location. Version http / 1.1 of the current HTTP protocol. TCP / IP is usually referred […]

  • List of Linux commands to master


    The purpose of this paper is to list linux commands that can improve productivity / analysis efficiency, and to make a list for future memory and mastery. The purpose of this article is not to explain how to use each command. The list is kept up to date. network Transport layer TCP / UDP ss […]

  • HTTP network TCP/IP for stone interview


    Preface Some http / network TCP / IP related problems will be encountered during the interview I’ve probably sorted it out Three handshakes & four waves of TCP Which layer does TCP belong to TCP/IP layering Introducing DNS resolution These questions can be found in the following articles Network basic TCP / IP The Web […]

  • MSSQL – Best Practices – connect using SSL encryption


    MSSQL – Best Practices – connect using SSL encryption Author: wind drift abstract In the monthly report sharing of SQL Server Security Series, we have successively shared in the past: how to use symmetric key to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, use asymmetric key to realize SQL Server column encryption, use mixed key to […]