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  • What are the methods for the front end to request the back end data?


    In the development project of front-end and back-end separation, there will be such and such problems when front-end and back-end joint debugging, especially in the program of fetching data. Sometimes the front-end to the back-end is clearly correct, but it is unable to get the correct data. Now Xiaoqian will explain the three common data […]

  • This is HTTP’s three handshakes and four waves


    Taking the state confirmation scene of common conversations in life as the starting point, this paper interprets three handshakes and four waves of HTTP easily. HTTP three handshakes 1. The client sends a status confirmation query to the server (the first handshake); 2. The server confirms the status and asks the client for the status […]

  • JS intercepts URL parameters


    Copy and paste the code of this page to the HTML page and open it. Document account number: password: //demo.html?userName=yft&pwd=admin //If we can use this data in the second page, we can transfer data between two pages. // {userName:yft,pwd:admin} //Intercept URL string function params(url) { //We just need the string after the question mark var […]

  • 1.3.0-alpha04 Fragment result api


    On April 29, 2020, the  androidx. fragment:fragment : version 1.3.0-alpha 04, the modified version discards the previous fragment data transmission mode and adds a new API, as shown in the figure below   In the past, fragments should have been used to transfer data. There are many ways to obtain fragment instances, arguments, callbacks, and […]

  • The parameter type of livebos WebService is list array


    Yesterday, soap was used to transfer data to WebService. The string type data has been successfully transmitted, but several parameters failed to be transmitted. The java server received a null value. Because I am PHP, and then the receiver is made by Java, and several parameters are of the list array type. I just started […]

  • Re learning react — context / reducer


    1. Context concept Context is also the context, which is convenient for sub level components to share data. Just look at chestnuts //Create a context const context = React.createContext({count:0,add:function(){}}); //Data provided by const Provider = context.Provider; //Consumer: using data const Consumer = context.Consumer; const Child = (props: any) => { return <div> <span>{props.count}</span> <button onClick={props.add}>add</button> […]

  • Timeout problem in [PHP] socket client


    Connection socket is divided into connection timeout and read timeout $sock=stream_ socket_ client(” www.google.com : 80 “, $errno, $errstr, 2); that number is the connection timeout. For example, if you connect to Google, an error will be returned in 2 seconds, so that you won’t be waiting there all the time stream_ set_ Timeout ($sock, […]

  • Http / 1. X http / 2 http / 3 feature


    To summarize http First, http / 1.1: Http / 1.1 since its release in 1997, we have been using HTTP / 1. X for quite a long time. However, with the explosive development of the Internet in the past decade, from the original web content dominated by text to the current rich media (such as […]

  • Android jsbridge source code learning


    Android jsbridge source code learning As we all know, WebView under Android 4.2 has the problem of addjavascriptinterface vulnerability. For those who don’t know much, please refer toSolution to addJavascriptInterface vulnerability of WebView under [email protected] a result, it is used early in company projectsJsBridgeImplement “JS and native communication”. Communication principle of native and JS When […]

  • Redis simulates jedis operation string type data


      1、 Thinking analysis The data transmission of redis follows the resp protocol. You only need to transfer the data to the redis server through the socket according to the resp protocol   Resp data format:         2、 Specific implementation package com.ahd.jedis; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStream; import java.io.OutputStream; import java.net.Socket; /*** *Simulate […]

  • Vue project deployment to nginx server data collection


    Under centos7, install nginx (1.16.1) https://blog.csdn.net/xiongza Deployment practice of Vue project under nginxhttps://www.cnblogs.com/fengy… Nginx reports 502 errors, log connect() failed (111: connection rejected) while connecting to upstreamhttps://blog.csdn.net/hithedy… Nginx proxy ﹐ buffer ﹐ size solves the problem of too much data transmitted by back-end services, which is actually the problem of too large headerhttps://blog.csdn.net/dream_f…

  • Request and log analysis in scrapy


    Scrapy.http.Request Automatic de duplication, according to the hash value of the URL, de duplication   attribute Meta (dict) transfers data between different requests, Dict Priority (int) the priority of this request (0 by default) Don? Filter (Boolean) turn off automatic de duplication Errback (callable) the function that will be called when any exception is thrown […]