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  • Linux notes sharing 2: Linux system installation


    1、 Virtual machine installation VMware VMware is a PC software, running it can simulate a new system. 2、 Virtual machine usage Don’t install with image, choose blank installation!!! In the hardware configuration with CD-ROM ISO can be 3、 System partition Partition is to use the partition editor to divide the disk into several logical parts. […]

  • Physical layer of computer network


    physical layer The main task of the physical layer is to define standards Four characteristics (standard) Physical characteristics, such as specification, interface shape, number of pins, number of pins and arrangement; Electrical characteristics, data such as voltage range, transmission rate and distance limits on the line; Function limitation: function, such as indicating the meaning of […]

  • How to improve the transmission speed of USB wireless network card? Several methods to improve the transmission speed of USB wireless network card


    USB wireless network card is a kind of built-in wireless WiFi chip. The network card transmitted through the USB interface is connected to the USB port of the computer. After the installation of the driver, the computer will have a new network device. Access to the Internet through USB wireless network card. Of course, the […]

  • Download files using curl command


    Curl is a tool installed by default in UNIX based systems. Curl supports a variety of protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, etc. If you don’t specify any protocol, the default is http. Environmental Science Centos7.7 Download the file to make the name consistent You can use the same name as the curl download […]

  • Linux operation and maintenance — 1. Disk related knowledge


    Physical structure of disk (1) Disk: the disk body of a hard disk consists of multiple disks stacked together. When the hard disk is delivered from the factory, the hard disk manufacturer completes the low-level format (physical format), which is used to divide the blank platter into tracks with the same center and different radius, […]

  • Ports Installation Configuration vsftpd under FreeBsd6.2


    Install vsftpd #cd /usr/ports/ftp/vsftpd #make WITH_RC_NG=yes install clean A dialog box appears, full selection of installation options! View installation information: #pkg_info | grep vsftpd vsftpd-2.0.5        A FTP daemon that aims to be “very secure”That’s it.3. Preparation of vsftpd #vi /usr/local/etc/vsftpd.conflisten=YES background=YES listen=YES anonymous_enable=NO local_enable=YES write_enable=YES local_umask=022 dirmessage_enable=YES xferlog_enable=YES connect_from_port_20=YES xferlog_file=/var/log/vsftpd.log xferlog_std_format=YES ascii_upload_enable=YES ascii_download_enable=YES ftpd_banner=Welcome to […]