• Some considerations during Ruby on rails migration


    Put schema RB is saved under version control.Use rake DB: scheme: load instead of rake DB: migrate to initialize an empty database.Use rake DB: Test: prepare to update the schema of the test database. Avoid setting default data in the table. Use model layer instead. ? 1 2 3 def amount  self[:amount] or 0 end […]

  • MySQL data migration summary


    preface: In daily work, we often encounter the need of data migration, such as migrating a table, a library or an instance. Different migration schemes may be adopted according to different needs, and various size problems may be encountered in the process of data migration. In this article, let’s take a look at MySQL data […]

  • How to transfer SSH keys between different devices


    Some MAC need to transfer SSH keys between different devices, but I don’t know how to transfer SSH keys conveniently. Now Xiaobian will teach you the solution to this problem. resolvent: If both devices are in the same LAN, you can use finder to drag the key directly to the target location. However, the. SSH […]

  • . net core 2.0 migration tips: how to fix the memorycache problem


    preface As you all know, for traditional. Net framework projects,System.Runtime.CachingNamespace is a common tool, and the memorycache class is often used to implement memory caching. . net core 2.0 does not support system. Runtime. Caching DLL for the time being, which means that the code related to memorycache no longer works. But the good news […]

  • Detailed explanation of multiple context migration in entityframework 6. X


    preface Since the project was launched on the. Net core platform and used the entityframework core, the 6. X version of the entityframework has never been used again. At present, the 6. X version of the entityframework is the most widely used one. Whether it is to find a job or to improve one’s own […]

  • BUAA_ OO_ Unit 2


    BUAA_OO_2020_UNIT2 1、 Program structure analysis The fifth assignment UML & Mertrics The elevator scheduling problem is essentially a task request and assignment problem. In the fifth operation, the author uses a simple “producer consumer” model to establish a modelDinThe thread as a producer parses the input and adds a transport request to theElevThread output, data […]

  • Bat code of migrating picture directory


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion : enable variable delay, add custom variable nameset sourpic=e:\pic :: define picture sourceset despic=e:\img :: define image storage addressset pictype=*.jpg :: define picture typeset log=e:\log.txt : define log information, which will be regenerated every time REM processing start loggingEcho image from:% sourpic% >% log%Echo upload […]

  • How to migrate a website program to urlos


    preparation: Website program file Website program database file (XXX. SQL) Operation process: The environment required to install the web site program. (php5.6 + Apache is used in this case) Install phpMyAdmin database management tool. Use phpMyAdmin to import the database file of the web site program. Use the SFTP tool to upload the website program […]

  • On transfer learning and multi task learning


    abstractThis paper briefly introduces the idea of transfer learning and multi task learning, and gives the model examples of the two methods, which are suitable for beginners interested in it. For deep learning, the process of network training is quite tedious, and the network structure and model need to be adjusted according to the experimental […]

  • Two methods of WordPress website transfer server operation


    The first method:My blog has been running on the Internet. Today, I want to set up a local database, including databases that are exactly the same as those on the Internet. The specific operation steps are as follows:1. First, back up and download the latest. SQL database file in WP background tools = backup2. Package […]

  • Simple and crude method of redis data backup and recovery


    Example Target: copy redis data on server CentOS to MAC Steps: Find the dump file location on CentOS vi /etc/redis.conf dbfilename dump.rdb dir /var/lib/redis The documentation is available at /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb Find the dump file location on the MAC vi /usr/local/etc/redis.conf dbfilename dump.rdb dir /usr/local/var/db/redis Copy dump.rdb from the server to the MAC machine scp [email protected]:/var/lib/redis/dump.rdb […]

  • Transfer learning


    abstract: is it transfer learning? When to use it? How to use it? The so-called transfer learning refers to the reuse of pre trained models for new problems. Because it can train the deep neural network with less data, it is very popular in the field of deep learning. Through this article you will learn […]