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  • What are the methods for the front end to request the back end data?


    In the development project of front-end and back-end separation, there will be such and such problems when front-end and back-end joint debugging, especially in the program of fetching data. Sometimes the front-end to the back-end is clearly correct, but it is unable to get the correct data. Now Xiaoqian will explain the three common data […]

  • Introduction of binary protocol gob and msgpack


    This paper mainly introduces the basic use of binary protocol gob and msgpack. Recently, when writing a session service of gin framework, we encountered a problem. The number types (integer, floating point, etc.) stored in the JSON package of go language in the serialized empty interface are serialized into float64 type. We construct a structure […]

  • 1.3.0-alpha04 Fragment result api


    On April 29, 2020, the  androidx. fragment:fragment : version 1.3.0-alpha 04, the modified version discards the previous fragment data transmission mode and adds a new API, as shown in the figure below   In the past, fragments should have been used to transfer data. There are many ways to obtain fragment instances, arguments, callbacks, and […]

  • Tools for source code analysis of Android jar / Library


    catalog:Source code analysis of Android jar / Library  Bolts: effect:     It is used to chain execute cross thread code and transfer data Chestnut: Task.call(new Callable() { @Override public Boolean call() throws Exception { return true; } }, Task.UI_THREAD_EXECUTOR); Task.callInBackground(new Callable() { @Override public Boolean call() throws Exception { return false; } }); Task.callInBackground(new Callable() { […]

  • Why is the initial sequence number of TCP random


    Before TCP starts to transmit data, the client and server need torandomGenerate their own initial sequence number (ISN), and then exchange confirmation through three handshakes. Question: why is the ISN random? Consider the scenario, B is the server, a is a legal client, C counterfeits a (such as analog IP) to communicate with B. Because […]

  • Picture bitcoin Part 5: how to concurrence gracefully?


    Note: for the sake of brevity, this article only deals with some key codes and structures. Recommended download source code, see the detailed implementation. 1.1 INTRODUCTION Part 1 completes the “handshake”, Part 2 completes the “heartbeat” information, Part 3 loads the matching file, and Part 4 completes the operation of the local database. Next, we […]

  • Interviewer: what are the communication methods between Vue components?


    1、 The concept of communication between components Before we start, let’sCommunication between componentsThe word is split assembly signal communication We all know that components arevueOne of the most powerful features,vueEvery one of them.vueWe can all think of it as a component Communication means that the sender transmits information to the receiver in a certain format […]

  • Flutter learning notes (34) — the use of eventbus


    If you want to reprint, please indicate the source:Flutter learning notes (34) — the use of eventbus In Android, we often use eventbus to communicate. The commonly used scenario is that different pages are used to transfer data. In flutter, we can also use eventbus to transfer data between different pages. Eventbus is an event […]

  • Android serial 21 – review the past (4)


    1、 Implicit intent 1. How to configure AndroidManifest.xml to configureintent-filtercontent Response actioncom.example.activitytest.ACTION_STARTAnd respond to category stayFirstActivity.javaSet intent Each intent can only specify one action, but multiple categories can be specified (1) Intent constructor with intent (string action)_ name)(2) We also use the member method addcategory (string category)_ name) 2. Implicit intent can start the activities […]

  • Error accessing wxpusher wechat push service: content type ‘application / x-www-form-urlencoded; charset = UTF-8’ not supported


    background Using wxpusher wechat push service, you can timely send some abnormal operation information of the service to your own wechat, so as to understand the running status of the service (PS: this service is free). You can see the access description document of wxpusher wechat push service here:https://wxpusher.zjiecode.com/docs/ You can experience its functions here:https://wxpusher.zjiecode.com/demo […]

  • Answers of front end interview day: March 12, 2020


    Today’s knowledge points (March 11, 2020) 22. What are the kernel of the browser? 23. What is elegant degradation and progressive enhancement? 24. The difference between sessionstorage, localstorage and cookie 25. What is the array map() method 26. Simple understanding of promise 27. Steps to enter URL from browser address bar to display page 28. […]

  • Six ways of communication between Vue components


    In the learning of Vue, the communication between Vue components has to be understood. In the actual development, it is also very commonly used. So here I summarize six ways of communication of Vue components, hoping to help partners understand the communication between Vue components better and faster Component relationship description From the above figure, […]