• String.fromCharCode.apply Maximum call stack size exceeded


    On the PC side, the download background returns to Base64 format, when the file is too largeString.fromCharCode.apply(null, new Uint16Array(data))Maximum call stack size exceeded Error reason:Use this handler to report memory out of bounds string. Fromcharcode. Apply (null, new uint16array (data));solve: return String.fromCharCode.apply(null, array); replace var res = ”; var chunk = 8 * 1024; var […]

  • Important new features in golang1.13


    Index of this article language change Number literal The improvement of cross-border index error reporting Tool chain improvement GOPROXY GOSUMDB GOPRIVATE New features of standard library Judge whether the variable is 0 Innovation in error handling Unwrap Is As Golang1.13 has been released for a month, and this article will list some of its more […]

  • Baidu super chain college enters Chongqing to explore the new industrial momentum brought by blockchain!


    On December 17, baidu super chain college will enter Chongqing and hold the “first Yuzhong District block chain industry alliance conference and Baidu super chain college lecture hall Chongqing station” activity. With the theme of “cross border integration of science and technology empowerment” – blockchain technology application and industry integration innovation, and with salon as […]

  • GitHub brings not only open source, but also fold awareness


    I am a technical person who is fascinated by products and operation, and I am willing to cross-border lifelong learners. Welcome to my personal public number “cross boundary architect“. Delivered on time at 11:45 every Friday My “113” original Almost every programmer knows GitHub, but there are few estimates of how many repositories there are. […]

  • ArrayList source code analysis


    I. overview This paper is based on jdk8 The bottom layer of ArrayList is realized by the data structure of dynamic array Memory needs continuous space guarantee Adding operation involves dynamic expansion of array Adding and deleting all involve position moving operation Fast random search efficiency (subscript search) The inheritance and implementation diagram of ArrayList […]

  • MySQL stored procedure 02


    This time, I will continue to talk about MySQL stored procedures: Let’s first look at its multi branch control structure case: The case statement is simple: Case variable name When condition 1 then output result 1; When condition 2 then output result 2; …… end case;   Let’s create a stored procedure to implement it: […]