• What is the best programming language for algorithmic trading?


    The application of programming language must consider many factors, such as strategic parameters, performance, modularity, development, flexibility and cost. Once you want to implement a trading strategy, you need to build the whole algorithm trading system. This includes hardware selection, operating system and system resilience to rare and potentially catastrophic events. Algorithmic trading system is […]

  • BakerySwap. JS how to operate?


    1 compilation contractEnter the project directory at the terminal and execute the following command to compile bakeryswap and the test token contract provided by the development package: ~$ cd ~/bakeryswap.js~/bakeryswap.js$ bin/build-contracts The results are as follows: Insert picture description here 2 deployment contractFirst, start the development of private chain at another terminal: ~$ ganache-cli -d […]

  • The golden finger of tens of millions of e-commerce transactions: distributed transaction management


    Summary:Since ancient times, our trading and consumption process has undergone earth shaking changes. Today, let’s decrypt the story behind those purchases that have lasted for thousands of years. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Uncover the things behind the tens of millions of transactions》Original author: Huawei cloud header. When the general mobilization of shangyun […]

  • 27000! At present and in the future, it will still be the golden period of quantitative trading


    Recently, the financial commission of the State Council held a special meeting to comprehensively and actively respond to the concerns and concerns of the capital market, which not only enhanced market confidence, but also gradually stabilized market sentiment. Since 2017, domestic quantitative private equity funds have shown a rapid development trend in the A-share market. […]

  • [Research Report] will eip-1559 proposal make eth appreciate or face risks?


    Eip-1559 is probably one of the most anticipated upgrades of Ethereum’s economic model, and it is also recognized that it is not easy to understand, because many articles focus on technology. In fact, thinking from the perspective of sharing the cake (gas) may be a shortcut to understand this matter. Important background supplement. Eip-1559 is […]

  • Bitcoin: data structure of transaction


    The most important part of bitcoin protocol is transaction, and other parts of bitcoin protocol are also implemented to ensure the generation, broadcasting, verification and packaging of transactions.This paper mainly aims at the data structure of the transaction and the analysis of the original transaction. It will continue to be written laterLife cycle of transaction、Transaction […]

  • Bitcoin cash Roadmap


    Original address:https://chrispacia.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/the-bitcoin-cash-roadmap/Note: the author is the developer of openbazaar and developed bitcoin cash wallet. The roadmap described here is summarized by the author from the email group and slack, not the official roadmap Bitcoin cash fromBitcoin CoreIt’s been a month since bitcoin split. By any reasonable standard, bitcoin cash should be defined as successful. At […]

  • How to call PHP to realize Chia interaction [support XCH]


    Chia PHP supports the functions of obtaining the current blockchain information, obtaining the current height, obtaining the current network information, creating a new wallet, generating mnemonic words, initiating transactions, obtaining transaction records and so on. Chia PHP GitHub address:Fenguoz/chia-php Support method node Blockchain ✅ Current blockchain informationgetBlockchainState() ✅ adoptheader_hashGet complete blockgetBlock() ✅ Get complete block […]

  • Building a blockchain with go — Part 4: transaction (1)


    I have put the translated series of articles on GitHub:blockchain-tutorial, any subsequent updates will be on GitHub, which may not be synchronized here. If you want to run the code directly, you can also enter the SRC directory in the tutorial warehouse on clone GitHub for executionmakeJust. introduction Transaction is the core of bitcoin, and […]

  • On the trading of the middle office structure


    The concept of Zhongtai has been said for many years. Its origin is a Finnish game companysupercellLater, Ali put forward the strategy of big, middle and small front desk, and then eroded China like a mad dog. In order to appear arrogant, many small companies have to deal with him and fuck him. Anyway, if […]

  • Send Oriental Wealth transaction information using nailing robot API


    In my spare time, I completed a program to track the transaction of Oriental Wealth on that day, which can send the transaction completed on that day to chat using the nailing robot API. import json This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • New defi projects based on real needs: stoplos, overlay, unipeer, crescendo


    The new valuable direction can make people have greater confidence in the market! After the first impact of defi ended at the end of September, there are few interesting new projects in the domestic market so far. Today’s seemingly simple article at least gave me a lot of new expectations and cognitive improvement. There are […]