• Use AI to detect behaviors that violate social distance


    By Priya DwivediCompile FlinSource | medium introduce Many cities in the United States and Europe are now cautiously reopening. People are asked to keep a safe distance when going out. But do people follow suit? It is very important for cities to evaluate whether people’s safety distance meets the rules and take corresponding actions. If […]

  • A review and experimental evaluation


    Title: overview and experimental evaluation of correlation filtering UAV air tracking technology Author: Changhong Fu, Geng Lu Link: correlation filter for UAV based aerial tracking: a review and experimental evaluation code: https://github.com/vision4robotics/DCFTracking4UAV?utm_ source=catalyzex.com Paper PDF please get back to the official account [computer vision alliance] backtracking [object tracking review]. Aerial tracking is one of the […]

  • Implementation of a distance tracker using HTML5 Geolocation


    HTML5 Geolocation is used to locate the user’s location. So how to implement a distance tracker? My idea is this, if the browser supports H5 geolocation, on this basis, to get the user’s location, update the user’s location, calculate the distance, display to the page, so that a simple distance tracker is realized. In order […]