• [Python tutorial] a turtle is actually cool (1. Move)


    Preparation before class:Win7 ~ win10, MacOS, > = computers with Ubuntu 16.04Python idle above Python 3.1.1 1、 Tortoise?Tortoise is a drawing module, which can be imported in Python as follows: import turtle 1. Forward functionThis function causes the turtle to draw a linestraight lineX degree import turtle turtle.forward(100) 2. Left functionThis function makes turtlesTurn leftX […]

  • 2010 noip improvement group problem solution


    MT Use the queue to simulate the meaning of the question #include #include #include using namespace std; int n,m; int head=0,tail=0; int s[1100]; long long ans=0; bool book[1100]; int main(){ cin>>m>>n;memset(book,0,sizeof(book)); for(int i=1;i<=n;++i){ int a;cin>>a; if(book[a]==0){ s[++tail]=a; book[a]=1;// Join the team If (head + m < = tail) // leave the team book[s[head++]]=0; ++ans; } […]

  • A brief introduction to the turtle Library in Python


    This paper makes some changes and deletions on the basis of the original text [turn]https://www.cnblogs.com/chen0307/articles/9645138.html [introduction and learning of Python drawing library turtle] In English, turtle means: turtle; Turtles (of any kind); Tortoise; Water turtles; Soft shelled turtleThe turtle library is a very popular function library for drawing images in Python language. Therefore, we can […]

  • Git conflict resolution in joint development


    This article does not contain any screenshots or code. It mainly records my summary of GIT conflict resolution in development Git conflict: Generally speaking, the conflict is caused by the joint development of many people in the project. Maybe you all use the api.js file and have made changes to the api.js file. Under normal […]

  • Git command line, GIT little turtle, vscade pull branch code


    Generally speaking, in enterprise development, most people use git to develop more. Today, let’s briefly introduce several methods of pulling down branch code. At present, GIT little turtle and sourcetree are very popular with the public, especially sourcetree, which is very easy to operate, Moreover, the of each step is clearly written in the visualization […]

  • Svn file partial submission


    Used togitThe code can be partially staged and then submittedCut tosvnAfter finding that there is no such function, I found that the little turtle provides a similar function This is a small option After selecting this option, he will backup a copy for you according to the current status,Then you change the current document according […]

  • 7-22 Tortoise-Rabbit Race (20 points)


    The tortoise races with the rabbit. The track is a rectangular track, and rest can be done anywhere along the track. The tortoise can advance 3 meters per minute and the rabbit 9 meters per minute. The hare suspects that the tortoise can run slowly and feels sure to win the tortoise. So he looks […]