• Dedicated to you who are learning python, 10 most popular Python open source frameworks


    If you are learning python, you must not miss these 10 open source frameworks, including event I / O, OLAP, web development, high-performance network communication, testing, crawler, etc. It’s not all, but it’s enough for you. 1. Django: Python web application development framework As we all know, there are many different web frameworks under python. […]

  • Tornado returns 304 status code continuously when processing get request


    Tornado source code analysis — Etag implementation Etag (entity tag of URL): What is the specific Etag, request process and implementation principle are not introduced here. Please refer to the following link:http://www.oschina.net/questi…https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki… Analysis of tornado implementation: First, from the call order of tornado processing a request (from the document: http://www.tornadoweb.cn/documentation): The program creates a requesthandler […]

  • 5 minutes to teach you how to monitor Django system errors


    I. monitor all request requests How to realize system monitoring and automatically send the email of error log? Just configure the configuration settings file. 1. Set send mail configuration information The message will be sent to the message list set by admins. SERVER_EMAIL =’[email protected]’ DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL =’[email protected]’ ADMINS = ((‘receiver’,’[email protected]’),) EMAIL_HOST =’smtp.exmail.qq.com’ EMAIL_HOST_USER =’[email protected]’ EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD =’123456′ […]

  • How well did Python learn to find a job? It’s enough to master these four points!


    When you are learning python, you will be asked “how much Python needs to learn to find a job”. This is not a problem for students studying Python in Python training institutions, because according to the python syllabus, there are generally no problems, but for self-study python, it is relatively difficult to master, and it […]

  • Development experience of tornado of SAE


    For programmers, Sina cloud SAE is undoubtedly the best PAAS platform in China. Real name authentication and free Yundou obtained by binding mobile terminals can help you not worry about eating and drinking before making an application that can lift your head.So the first versions of websites and applications that we have done in this […]

  • Tornado print daily logs


    After the website traffic comes up, it is more convenient to view and manage the logs by day or even by hour. Python’s logging module also provides a timedrotatingfilehandler to support archiving logs in different time dimensions.However, according to the official guidelines of logging howto, it is found that the new logs are only root […]

  • Tornado Introduction (zero) – Preparation


    Preface: I have been learning to use Python + tornado + mongodb for web development these two days (hahaha is a high-end word). In the process of learning, I have consulted numerous materials and gained some experience, so I hope to summarize a simple introductory course for beginners. The complete tutorial will follow the following […]

  • Introduction to tornado (1) – Demo1


    Front words Demo1 is a simple blog system (=). =Any website is called a system. We start with this simple system to understand the internal logic of P + T + m website, and remember some “rules” for our further development. The word “rule” is intentionally double quoted in order to make it clear that […]

  • Tornado uses Python statements in templates


    I believe that when you read this article, you must have understood the templateTemplatesThis concept. stayTornado web applicationUse inrenderMethod transmissionHTMLTo the browser, the template will be rendered in the browser. We knowrenderThe function parameter consists of two parts: the first part istemplate file。 The templates we use are thosehtmlPapers. The second part is the data […]

  • How to use tornado in SAE


    Just for some reason (see another blog for details), a simple tornado application has been created on SAE to obtain wechat API. Baidu temporarily “how to use tornado on SAE”. summarize experience Create a blank Python application Modify the index.wsgi file in the root directory import tornado.wsgi import sae class MainHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler): def get(self): self.write(“Hello, world! […]

  • Tornado implements the one-to-one chat function of friends based on websocket


    Instant communication is involved in the project, so I read a tutorial under the suggestion of gladou. Tornado built a chat service based on websocket. After some modification and debugging, the function was realized. Here’s a summary and share. Follow the train of thought: Similar to wechat, click the user to enter the one-to-one chat […]

  • The problem of tornado terminal processing logic


    When doing form validation, use the If not team [‘name ‘]: form validation self.redirect(“/form”) Coll? Team. Save (team)? Database update It turns out that the database is still up to date. So I wonder if it isredirectThe processing logic does not terminate after function execution. Baidu immediately. When Zhihu saw such an answer: Q:Why?TornadoIn callself.finish()Do […]