• Incomplete interpretation of chatdemo of Tornado Demo


    The tornado source code comes with a rich demo. This article mainly analyzes the chat room application in the demo: chatdemo First look at the directory structure of chatdemo: ├── chatdemo.py ├── static │   ├── chat.css │   └── chat.js └── templates ├── index.html ├── message.html └── room.html Very simple, basically no layering, three templates, one […]

  • Bringing Angular 1.x up to date


    This technology blog is from the magic ability of Worktile technology people Web director @Xu Haifeng share ~ full of dry goods, you deserve to have! Worktile’s road to front-end construction In 2013, when Angular.js was just emerging, we boldly chose a technology that seemed relatively new at the time. After three years of technology […]

  • IOLoop of tornado source code analysis


    0. Introduction tornadoIt is a web server and web application framework written in Python language. It is used by FriendFeed Company in its own website FriendFeed. After being acquired by Facebook, the framework is open to the public in the form of open source software. The biggest feature of tornado is that it supports asynchronous […]

  • itchatmp: a complete and elegant WeChat official account interface


    itchatmp English version itchatmp is an open-source WeChat official account and enterprise account interface. It has never been easier to use python to call WeChat official accounts. It is fully packaged, does not require any understanding of the underlying layer, and can be used only by mastering Python. Based on the tornado framework, it can […]

  • tornado best practices in my mind


    This article was first published on personal blogtornado best practices in my mind The latest development of new projects has been learning the knowledge of tornado, and found some best practices on the basis of predecessors, the records are as follows, for future reference. A new tornado, welcome to Paizhuan~ Project directory structure import tornado.ioloop […]

  • Build an independent image service based on Minio and Thumbor


    Most application systems use image storage. From the perspective of system architecture, services such as image storage should be separated from the core business as much as possible. Many people will choose online cloud storage services, such as Qiniu cloud storage. However, many enterprise projects still require image services to be deployed internally due to […]

  • Remember a tornado QPS optimization


    This article was first published on my personal blog:Pylixm’Wiki To meet the needs of the project, we used tornado to develop an api system. After the system was developed, the qps of the 8-core 16G virtual machine was only 200+ after the pressure test. It is an order of magnitude worse than the QPS we […]

  • https configuration under tornado


    problem background More and more websites already support https, which is more secure than http. In particular, some development websites only support https, such as the WeChat public platform.Here I will not mention how tornado builds https service for the time being, I will remember it later when I have time. SSLError Can useAsyncHTTPClientSend a […]

  • Cookie introduces a simple effect passing value


    First a brief introduction A lightweight cookie plugin that can read, write, and delete cookies.Configuration of jquery.cookie.jsThe jQuery library file is included first, and the jquery.cookie.js library file is included later. Instructions 1. Add a new session cookie: $.cookie(‘the_cookie’, ‘the_value’);Note: When the validity period of the cookie is not specified, the created cookie is valid […]

  • Tornado-01, ubuntu environment configuration and connection to pycharm


    First, the installation and configuration of the virtual machine First install ubuntu in the virtual machineThis is the configured ubuntu ova file and its instructionsLink:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1GmnH…Password: wjhdIf the link fails, please contact me to replace QQ:2696801532 *Notice:Be sure to read the ova file instruction document and rememberThe account password of the virtual machine is written in […]

  • Tornado-02, write the first tornado program


    1. Introduction to Tornado tornado is a powerful, extensible web server written in Python. It is robust enough to handle severe web traffic yet lightweight enough to create and write to be used in a wide variety of applications and tools. The installation of tornado is also very simple, just use pip to install it […]

  • Input and output of Tornado-03, Tornado


    Input and output of Tornado 1. Input function Create a new folder lesson2 under the tornado folderCreate a new start1.py under lesson2 and write the following code import tornado.httpserver import tornado.ioloop import tornado.options import tornado.web from tornado.options import define, options define(‘port’, default=9000, help=’run port’, type=int) class TestIndexHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler): def get(self): abc = self.get_argument(‘abc’, ‘no’) self.write(‘hello ‘ […]