• Understand these 9 steps and the principle of DNS access will be clear


    It’s the recruitment season again. I met a little interview partner two days ago. He said that the interviewer had a speculative conversation with him and talked about it inadvertentlyDNS requestThe process of. He was temporarily speechless and casually dealt with two sentences. Although the other party didn’t mean to ask questions, the final interview […]

  • [translation] use Sqlalchemy to realize user comments


    translateImplementing User Comments with SQLAlchemy ​ One of the most basic ways to keep web application users engaged is to give them a space to write comments. Now, almost everything has third-party services, and comments are no exception.DisqusandFacebookIs a popular service that allows you to embed comments into your website.​ But what if you don’t […]

  • Dart series: say goodbye to null, null use best practices


    catalogue brief introduction No initialization is required. The object is null Null ternary operator If you need to judge whether the type is empty in use, do not use late Type promotion of local variables summary brief introduction Null may be the most troublesome thing in writing programs. If you don’t pay attention to it, […]

  • C# 9.0 new features Preview – top level statement


    C# 9.0 new features Preview – top level statement preface Follow Net 5 is approaching the release date. The corresponding c# new version has been determined as c# 9.0, and the newly added features (or syntax sugar) have been basically locked. This series of articles will show you them. catalogue [C# 9.0 new features Preview […]

  • C#9.0 new feature explanation series 4: top level programs


    1 background and motivation Usually, if you only want to print a line of “Hello world!” on the console with c#, this is not console. Writeline (“Hello world!”); It can be done with one statement. It also involves other necessary basic codes (such as defining classes and entry function main), such as the following: using […]

  • Tal won the champion of neurips2020 international competition


    Recently, the international artificial intelligence top-level conference neurips 2020 (2020 Conference on neural information processing systems, that is, the conference on neural information processing systems, hereinafter referred to as “neurips 2020”) announced the competition results. Tal AI middle platform machine learning team won a single champion, a single runner up and a comprehensive evaluation runner […]

  • Svelte code half power multiplier


    The most important indicators you haven’t noticed. be careful:original textPublished on April 20, 2019, with the continuous evolution of the framework, some contents may not be applicable. All code has bugs. The more you write, the more bugs, which is reasonable. At the same time, the more you write, the more time it takes, and […]

  • Browser cookies


    Reference article:Cookie and samesite properties of browser family Cookie introduction Why do cookies appear? HTTP is a stateless protocol (HTTP here refers to HTTP 1. X). Each request is completely independent. Each request contains the complete data required to process the request. Sending the request does not involve state change. The simple understanding is that […]

  • Understand these 9 steps, DNS access principle is clear


    It’s the recruitment season again. Two days ago, I met a small interview partner. He said that the interviewer talked with him very opportunistically, and inadvertently talked about itDNS requestIt’s a process of change. For a moment, he stopped talking and dealt with two sentences casually. Although the other party didn’t mean to ask, the […]

  • (7) Integration of spring cloud cloud service architecture – common service project construction process


    We will analyze the whole project of common service and record the whole construction process for more followers to learn. First, before building the common service of spring cloud, we need to prepare the following technologies: Maven (project building), spring boot, spring cloud, micro service concept, decentralization idea, distributed, etc. for the top-level projects of […]

  • If the U.S. blocked the root domain name server, China will disappear from the network?


    Author: Wei JianwuSource: official account number Since the United States announced the “clean network” action, the first reaction of many people who know something about the Internet is, will Americans start with the root domain name server? It’s not been a year or two. People’s daily on June 24, 2014 quoted experts as saying: “at […]

  • Tags in mybatis


    Official document: mybatis official website Several top-level elements in mapper: cache cache-ref resultMap parameterMap sql insert delete update select SELECT <select id=”selectPerson” parameterType=”int” parameterMap=”deprecated” resultType=”hashmap” resultMap=”personResultMap” flushCache=”false” useCache=”true” timeout=”10″ fetchSize=”256″ statementType=”PREPARED” resultSetType=”FORWARD_ONLY”> Note: only one of resulttype and resultmap can be selected. Resulttype can be any wrapper type / entity class; resultmap is more powerful. […]