• Rearrange the order of toolbar icons under Mac to make them conform to usage habits


    The order of icons in the toolbar of Mac OS system is arranged by default, but some users don’t like this sort method because it will affect their operation habits. So how does the MAC system change the order of toolbar icons? Now let Xiaobian introduce you to a small method. In the Mac OS […]

  • The Ubuntu 14.04 host and the win8.1 virtual machine establish a shared folder


    This article skips the installation steps of Ubuntu host and windows virtual machine. If you need to install, please search for the relevant tutorials yourself 1. Install VirtualBox in Ubuntu Search “VirtualBox” in the Ubuntu software center to find it, and then click Install 2. Add Ubuntu shared folder Click “Settings” in the VirtualBox dialog […]

  • Graphical operation of GitHub in idea


    1、 Local warehouse initialization and remote warehouse push operation Idea basic environment configuration GitHub configuration Git execution file directory assignment Create project git02 Create a local warehouse and submit project files to the local warehouse Create a local warehouse in the directory where the current project is located Local submission success statusAfter the local warehouse […]

  • Linux Chinese garbled code problem


    Linux version Ubuntu 16.04 Problem description The Linux command line displays garbled code in Chinese, as shown in the following figure: Run Python code program on Linux platform. When you encounter coding problems in reading and writing Chinese files (you can try to check the system coding) Solution Open. Bashrc in the home directory (this […]

  • Pyqt5 case summary (full version)


    start PyQt5It is a set of application framework bound to Qt5. It is available in Python 2. X and 3. X. This tutorial uses Python 3. X. Qt library is the most useful GUI library. Pyqt5 is implemented as a set of Python modules. He has more than 620 classes and 6000 functions and methods. […]

  • Make sublime text easier to develop Egret


    In toolbarTools > Build System > New Bulid SystemThen copy the following code and save it as egret.sublime-build. { “cmd”: [“egret”,”build”], “working_dir”:”${project_path:${folder}}”, “shell”:true } Again inTools > Build SystemSelect degree to use it.Finish typing the codectrl+bYou can compile the degree project.I had onectrl+shift+bAfter that, you can run browsing, but you can’t close it. The port […]

  • How can MAC customize the application toolbar to make it more personalized


    The application toolbar is often used by us. It is also an important place to show our personality. How to set a personalized application toolbar? Now Xiaobian will teach you a solution. Setting method: Just open the customized menu on the toolbar, click the right mouse button (if you have a button, the mouse can […]

  • SmartGit


    Modify interface language After the latest upgrade, it will be displayed in Chinese by default and changed to English Toolbaredit => Preferences => user interfaceIn English:Edit => Prefernces => User InterfaceAbove: View interfaceoutDetails of (output) Every time you operate, you willoutInterface output correspondinggitCommand, as shown in the following figure: If you want to view historical […]

  • The realization of the purpose of adding new products


    Toolbar menu description Introduction to introductory cases toolbar: [{ iconCls: ‘icon-help’, Handler: function () {alert} },{ iconCls: ‘icon-help’, Handler: function () {alert (‘help Toolbar ‘)} },’-‘,{ iconCls: ‘icon-save’, Handler: function () {alert (‘save Toolbar ‘)} },{ iconCls: ‘icon-add’, Text: “test”, Handler: function () {alert (‘save Toolbar ‘)} }] Icon styles in tables Page structure: Page […]

  • VC6.0 set comment shortcut


    Step 1: right click on the toolbar, select customize, select Add ins and macro files page, and tick the front of sample.   Step 2: select “commands” page, select “macro” for category, and then drag “comment out” in commands to the toolbar shortcut.   Step 3: select “keyboard” tab page, or category (toolbar), select macro, […]

  • Common shortcut keys of vscode


    Shortcut key effect Ctrl + Shit + F Activate the global search function of this toolbar Ctrl + F Local search, which searches the contents of the current file ! + Tab Input an English exclamation mark in the blank HTML file! , and then press tab to generate an HTML template page Element or […]

  • Text editor of C + + QT project (1)


    Example of text editor Project development environment System version: Windows 10QT version: 5.9.9Development language: C++ Realized function File operation: new, open, save, save as, print, exit Editing operations: copy, paste, cut, find, replace, undo, restore Text editing: font, size, bold, slant, color Personalized function: background color modification (the default background color of the software is […]