• The realization of the purpose of adding new products


    Toolbar menu description Introduction to introductory cases toolbar: [{ iconCls: ‘icon-help’, Handler: function () {alert} },{ iconCls: ‘icon-help’, Handler: function () {alert (‘help Toolbar ‘)} },’-‘,{ iconCls: ‘icon-save’, Handler: function () {alert (‘save Toolbar ‘)} },{ iconCls: ‘icon-add’, Text: “test”, Handler: function () {alert (‘save Toolbar ‘)} }] Icon styles in tables Page structure: Page […]

  • VC6.0 set comment shortcut


    Step 1: right click on the toolbar, select customize, select Add ins and macro files page, and tick the front of sample.   Step 2: select “commands” page, select “macro” for category, and then drag “comment out” in commands to the toolbar shortcut.   Step 3: select “keyboard” tab page, or category (toolbar), select macro, […]

  • Common shortcut keys of vscode


    Shortcut key effect Ctrl + Shit + F Activate the global search function of this toolbar Ctrl + F Local search, which searches the contents of the current file ! + Tab Input an English exclamation mark in the blank HTML file! , and then press tab to generate an HTML template page Element or […]

  • Text editor of C + + QT project (1)


    Example of text editor Project development environment System version: Windows 10QT version: 5.9.9Development language: C++ Realized function File operation: new, open, save, save as, print, exit Editing operations: copy, paste, cut, find, replace, undo, restore Text editing: font, size, bold, slant, color Personalized function: background color modification (the default background color of the software is […]

  • Layui event monitoring (forms and data tables)


    1、 Event monitoring of forms Let’s first introduce the usage of several attributes 1. Lay filter event filter Equivalent to selector, layui’s exclusive selector 2. Lay verify properties The attribute values can be: required, required, phone number, email address, URL, number, date, identity, ID card. This is equivalent to regular judgment. Of course, you can […]

  • How to open the services running window of idea


    Start idea development tool and open java project double-click.ideaFolder, findworkspace.xmlfile edit workspace.xml File, add the following configuration code at the end <component name=”RunDashboard”> <option name=”configurationTypes”> <set> <option value=”SpringBootApplicationConfigurationType” /> </set> </option> </component> Save the configuration file and restart the idea development tool. At this time, you can see the execution window as shown in the […]

  • How does Notepad + + toolbar display small standard icons?


    How is Notepad + + a small standard icon? How to set the small standard icon in Notepad + + for the one used? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial first. Software name: Text code editor (Notepad + +) v7.8.9 multilingual official Chinese installation version Software size: 7.30MB Update time: 2020-07-17Download now 1. […]

  • Redux devtools: an easy to use Chrome extension for viewing the status of angle application ngrx


    Redux DevTools: https://chrome.google.com/web… After installation, a Redux panel will be added to the chrome developer tool And in the extension toolbar in the upper right corner of chrome, the icon corresponding to Redux devtools will be lit up. At this time, you can easily view the state and action related to ngrx in the Redux […]

  • Introduction to uniapp applet


    No matter what the framework is, you can go to the uniapp website first to see the technical documentation and tutorial examples https://uniapp.dcloud.io/quickstart The process is very detailed. Let me summarize it here Download hbuildx https://www.dcloud.io/hbuilderx.html Using hbuildx Create uni app Click File > New > project in the toolbar, then select the type and […]

  • Introduction to layui Chapter 4 (Le byte architecture, big data)


    paging                                           A kind of (indicate the intention)                    < font color = “red” > module loading Name:laypage</font> Quick use The use of laypage is very simple. It points to a container for storing paging. After getting some initial values from the server, the paging rendering can be completed. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> […]

  • How to display file suffix name in win10 system — win10 Professional Edition


    People who have been in contact with computers for a long time all know that computer files have their specific suffixes, which can let us know the format of files clearly. If we need to show the suffix when we want to modify the file, how to display the suffix? The following small series will […]

  • Chrome debugging skills you don’t know


    Main records of this paperChromeIt is seldom used in daily development, but it has high practicabilityHide buff, collate and reprint from Nuggets album chrome debugging skills you don’t know Fast key Command + shift + DSwitch development tool layout ESCShow or shadow the drawer toolbar Command + shift + POpen a rapid positioning tool for […]