• A small tool for generating online database documents


    brief introduction DB doc is a small tool for generating online database documents( https://github.com/viodo/db-doc ) screenshot ⚒️ support [x] Mysql [x] SQL Server ⚗ usage Download DB- doc.exe Double click to open, and follow the prompts to enter the configuration ? Database type: 1:MySQL 2:SQL Server 1 ? Database host ( : ? Database […]

  • Still using select count to count the number of rows in the database table? Out


    In ABAP, if we want to get the number of records in a database table by code, the general practice is to use Select count. If you’re using a Hana database, now there’s a new way to do the same. Hana database has a piece called M_ The system view of tables contains the metadata […]

  • Do arm linux cross compilation once


    Cross compilation Why cross compile In fact, cross compilation is relative to native build. I believe that when you first learn C / C + + languages, you write programs on the computer, then compile and generate executable files on the computer, and finally run them on the computer. The whole process of editing, compiling […]

  • Quick tutorial of spring cloud microservices (4) fuse and its tools (dashboard, turbine)


    0 – why fuses are needed In a distributed system, services call each other and depend on each other. If a service hangs up, it is likely that a series of other services calling it will also hang up or run out of server resources while waitingThis phenomenon is called avalanche effect; In the future, […]

  • Quick analysis of oom with mat tool


    Tool preparation Download the mat tool at: https://www.eclipse.org/mat/d… After decompression, windows will run directly MemoryAnalyzer.exe that will do Code preparation Write a code that can OO public class GCtest { private String[] val = new String[10000]; public static void main(String[] args) { Map<String, GCtest> map = new HashMap<>(); int i = 0; while (true) { […]

  • Notes and skills for writing C in vs 2013


    install If the downloaded visual studio community 2013 is in English, you can install the simplified Chinese language pack of visual studio community 2013, and click download. Uninstall: uninstall using Microsoft Visual Studio uninstaller, the official tool of Microsoft. Write C New project Tips: Cancel “precompiled translation header” first, and then check the blank item. […]

  • Recommend some tools commonly used by programmers


    IDE Visual Studio Universe first IDE, needless to say. https://visualstudio.microsof… Visual Studio Code The most popular code editor, developing IDE, is also a Microsoft product. Write JavaScript, Python and other preferred. And it has a huge plug-in ecosystem. https://code.visualstudio.com JetBrains family Whether it’s Java, web, python or golang, you can find a good ide here. […]

  • A tool to enable your website to support IOS 13 darkmode mode mode


    Recently IOS 13 released the darkmode mode mode. Although I think the voice of this function is greater than the reality, as a front-end with user experience as its own responsibility, of course, we can’t sit back and ignore, we should always do something. After a survey, we have several ways to support the darkmode […]

  • Efficient tools with half the effort, you deserve to have


    Read the original: there is only one efficient tool between you and God There is no denying that handy tools can help us improve our work efficiency. Here I will list the efficient tools that I have used for several years. 1. Video recording GIF software: screentogif Recommendation: screentogif, just as its name, is a […]

  • Write a redis data synchronization gadget with C ා


    Write a redis data synchronization gadget with C ා Intro A small tool written for data migration of redis, which synchronizes the redis data in one instance to another. (I originally planned to find an existing tool to do it, and found a nodejs gadget, but I didn’t install it for a long time.)… So […]

  • 1.hello,world


    1.hello,world Go is a compiled language. Go’s tool chain transforms the program’s source files into machine related native binary instructions. These tools can be used with a single go command and its subcommands. The simplest subcommand is run, which compiles, links, and runs one or more source files suffixed with. Go. package main import “fmt” […]

  • An inventory of commonly used IOS platform application development tools


    For the application development of IOS platform, we usually need to use IDE, SDK and other development tools to improve the development efficiency. The application development ecological environment of IOS platform is becoming more and more perfect with the participation of more excellent developers. So, for IOS application developers, how to choose the right ide […]