• It’s time to say goodbye to docker


    In the ancient times of container (about 4 years ago), docker was the only participant in container games. But now the situation is different. Docker is no longer the only one, but just another container engine. Docker allows us to build, run, pull, upload and view container images, but there are other tools that can […]

  • Software and plug-ins


    Software & plug-ins 1. Front end development 1.vscode Relatively “light” (free, no need to crack) 2.webstrom Compared with vscode, it is “heavy” (charged, need to be cracked) 2. Back end development Idea (need to be cracked) 3. Database DataGrid needs to be cracked. See the picture for the supported libraries 4. Reinstall the system software […]

  • Found a problem that postman automatically generates interface calling code


    Postman is an interface testing and verification tool often used by programmers. Click the button below in postman to see the implementation code in different programming languages corresponding to the interface call in code snippet. For example, automatically generate the corresponding jQuery Code: However, I found that these automatically generated codes can not be directly […]

  • See, this is what modern PHP should look like


    This is a community collaborative translation article. The translation has been completed. For more information, please clickIntroduction to collaborative translation 。 The title of the article is really pretentious, isn’t it? Yes, although we have worked with PHP for many years, can we tell which are the best practices and tools? I can’t, but I’m going […]

  • Introduction to development environment from windows to Linux


    System selection For the development environment, if you want to make less trouble, you should give priority to Linux mint, which is one of the most used desktop distributions in foreign countries. At the same time, all operations are relatively humanized. It is recommended to give priority to it.(for example, nativescript only provides DEB package […]

  • Architecture pain points solved by SAP BTP MTA application


    SAP BTP MTA specification solves the life cycle and choreography complexity of cloud and local platforms. Its official definition is as follows: Multi target application (MTA) consists of multiple parts(modules)Composition, created and deployed to different targets using different technologies, but with a single and common life cycle. MTA connects developers with native tools specific to […]

  • Recommend a high report tool with high cost performance – large screen visual report


    Highreport report report is a professional enterprise level Web Report tool. It adopts an efficient and flexible way similar to excel designer and zero code to realize Chinese style complex reports. The product supports report display, form filling, report parameters, report graphics, authorization management, export and printingHighreport report adds a large screen visualization tool, and […]

  • In simple terms, it can teach you to realize the introduction and advanced of data analysis step by step


    Source data analysis Recently, many people are asking some questions about data analysis. How to learn about data analysis? How to get started quickly and how to break through the bottleneck between technology and business? In fact, before learning data analysis, you should at least know what skills data analysts need. When some students saw […]

  • Godson go road (II) – install opencv go


    Tools and Resource Center Help developers work more efficiently and provide tools and resources around the whole life cycle of developers developer.aliyun.com/tool?spm=a1z3… Godson pie installation go opencv In fact, the second generation of Godson sect has integrated opencv2, but it is not completely installed. We can’t use it normally, so we need to install it […]

  • I developed six online tools for go language


    Tool quick access JSON to go:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/json2go Yaml to go:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/yaml2go SQL to go zero model:https://printlove.cn/tools/sql2gozero SQL to Gorm model:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/sql2gorm SQL to elasticsearch DSL:https://printlove.cn/tools/sql2es/ SQL to entgo schema:https://printlove.cn/tools/sql2ent JSON to go website:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/json2go 1. There are two modes Transform expand: all objects in JSON are created as new structs Conversion nesting: all objects in JSON are contained in […]

  • Don’t underestimate these official gadgets! It can help you quickly solve the database bottleneck when it is critical


    Do you know the performance of running mysql, whether the parameter settings are reasonable, and whether there are security risks in the account settings? As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Regular physical examination of your MySQL database is an important means to ensure […]

  • Mysql database authorization (I)


    1、 Obtain MySQL login account and password 1. Database authorization needs to know the account and password of the database and its configuration files. Generally, the configuration files are in the root directory of the website. The names of these configuration files have distinctive characteristics, such as Conn, config, data, SQL, common, Inc, etc   […]