• How to synchronize database changes to local during team development


    Database synchronization in multi person development I’m sure that every small partner has encountered this problem in team development: in general, each team member uses the local database on their own development environment, which is only used by themselves. During the development process, the database will change frequently. Compared with other small partners, if they […]

  • Why do I choose to use vs Code for front-end development?


    Yes, I’m here to give you Amway vs code. For the front end, this is a sexy IDE, oh no, it should be an editor. Most people in our team are already using VSC, so this Friday we made a small vs code share in the group to explore some tips to improve the development […]

  • Coding 2.0 enterprise class continuous delivery solution


    “The key to DevOps transformation is that there is no end-state—we must continuously evolve.” ——Mirco herring, global leader of Devops Today, coding was invited by the partner Tencent cloud to attend the kubecon 2019 technical forum held in Shanghai by kubecon, cloudnativecon and open source summit. At the forum, coding officially released products focusing on […]

  • Evaluation of six online project management tools of Zhihu hot push


    After using the project management tools for a period of time, a simple summary of the project management tools is as follows: A platform tool that can meet the project manager’s management of project resources (personnel, documents and time), and provide visual display of project progress and support team cooperation. Here, several online project management […]

  • Introduction to Fastlane


    What is Fastlane Git address: Fastlane Document address:Fastlane Document Fastlane is a complete set of client cicd tools. Fastlane can build an automatic publishing service very quickly and simply, and supports Android, IOS and Mac OS. The bottom layer of Fastlane command execution is not implemented by itself, but by calling other plug-ins or tools. […]

  • Coding 2.0: why we need Devops


    Coding was released at kubecon 2019 two days agoCODING 2.0。 Behind this is coding’s thinking on R & D management and R & D team building. Since the founding of coding, we have been exploring“Make development easier”How. To split the big vision of “making development simpler” into quantifiable product goals is actually to reduce the […]

  • Front end tool template


    HTML5 8 new responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates 50 + FREE responsive HTML5 website templates CSS3 10 animated characters implemented by pure CSS 20 useful CSS libraries in Web Development CSS Tools, framework, library collection (1-26) CSS Tools, framework, library collection (27-54) CSS3 realizes 18 loading effects 8 CSS libraries for adding hover effect to […]

  • Dingxiangyuan open source interface management system


    API Mocker Post the project address first: dxy-f2e / API mocker With the development of web and the evolution of front-end and back-end separation, the interaction of web pages becomes more and more complex. In the process of project development, when the front and back end are developed in parallel, there are always various problems […]

  • Common tools in MySQL


    I. MySQL (client connection tool) The most frequently used client tools to connect to the database are as follows: mysql [options] [database] The options here represent the available options of MySQL. You can write one or more at a time, or even not. Database represents the connected database. You can only write one or not […]

  • Figure 1 understanding coding 2.0: enterprise level continuous delivery solution


    Recently, coding officially launched Devops one-stop solution at kubecon 2019 Shanghai station:CODING 2.0。 Coding 2.0 upgraded the products, product concepts, functions and home page, and upgraded the user services as a whole. From code hosting to Devops full process coverage, coding, as a representative of EAP tools in China, has been determined to explore the […]

  • Windows command line tools cmder configuration


    brief introduction Cmder is an enhanced command-line tool, which can not only use all commands under windows, but also use Linux commands and shell commands. download Official website address: http://cmder.net/ When downloading, there will be two versions, mini and full. The only difference is whether there is a built-in msysgit tool, which is the standard […]

  • Webstorm load project stuck in scanning files to index


    Problem description Problem descriptionWebstorm is a good front-end development tool, but it consumes a lot of resources and takes up memory. When NPM imports a package, webstrom establishes an index. Although the index is a good thing, when there are too many packages, it will get stuck, especially when there are too many packages. If […]