• How to quickly build a spring boot foundation project?


    follow“Full stack of Java back end technology”** Reply to “interview” to get a full set of interview materials of large factories There are two ways to quickly build a spring boot foundation project Official tools of spring Idea tools Spring official tools to build spring boot project Enter address on Browser:https://start.spring.io/ As shown in the […]

  • Android debug signature and release signature


    Android debug signature and release signature 1: Android debug signatureThe APK generated in debug mode is used in the development tool, and the default debug signature file of the development tool is used1. Method 1:Generate app-debug.apk through build apk2. Mode 2: Using gradle build tool to generate APK, assemble can generate debug and release package, […]

  • Goodbye RPM / DEB / tar! The next generation of full platform installation program is coming!


    Appimage is a format used in Linux system to distribute portable software, and does not need super user rights to install them. It also allows upstream Linux developers to distribute their programs regardless of the differences between different Linux distributions. The core idea of appimage is a file, that is, an application. Each appimage contains […]

  • Build your own communication framework — Introduction


    Build your own communication framework — Introduction preface Since my work, I have been doing business development under the framework set up by others. I have gone through the source code of the framework and generally understood the implementation principle. However, only by doing so, it is difficult to understand the author’s thinking when designing, […]

  • Summary of API debugging tools


    preface Hello, I’m crazycodes. Today, I’d like to summarize the common API debugging tools in the industry. As we all know, API debugging tools simplify the API debugging process, reuse other frequently used parameters such as header and cookie, and classify countless interfaces for query management. Postman Postman is a powerful web debugging tool client, […]

  • Hand in hand to teach you to write node.js command line program


    When you use Vue cli to quickly create a Vue project, have you ever thought about how to implement such a projectWhat about command line tools? The development of such a tool will involve a lot of knowledge points (if you want it to be practical and not just a simple demo), but also need […]

  • Windows connect Linux desktop (Windows remote desktop tool)


    Using Windows remote desktop tools to connect Linux Desktop [TOC] 1、 Prepare tools windows linux system win10 centos7 Software Remote desktop connection (included) Xrdp (provided by EPEL Library): open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) service 2、 Linux (connected end) 2.1 add EPEL Library rpm -Uvh https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/epel/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm 2.2 installing xrdp yum -y install xrdp 2.3 setting […]

  • Using bash script to write a screen capture tool


    In Bash’s view, or in any kind of species that can be called shell in Linux environment, as long as you have ffmpeg, grep, SED, awk and an X window system, you can write a good screen capture tool in less than 50 lines of code. Of course, if there’s gimp or something like that, […]

  • Recommendation of serial port debugging tools


    In the embedded development, we always face all kinds of messages from the terminal. Different equipment and terminal manufacturers have their own message protocol. How to debug and test is a very important thing in the development process. If you do well, you get twice the result with half the effort. Sharp tools make good […]

  • WebAssembly Landscape 2021


    This figure summarizes the development of webassembly to the present peripheral tool chain, extension and some applications in browser and server. Of course, the current webassembly ecology is not perfect, for example, there are no security and testing tools. Of course, there should be some good projects missing in this picture. You are welcome to […]

  • The necessary skills for engineers to capture packages in app


    briefly An Internet computer can complete the one-stop service of APP packet capture analysis. This is a summary article of APP packet capture analysis, using the combination of APP simulator and web debugging agent tools. Since then, the ability of APP packet capture and analysis has become more and more efficient, and we will say […]

  • The use of YAF code generation tool


    A series of articles: YAF installation (1) YAF fast start (2) The use of YAF code generation tool 1. Download PHP YAF source code: git clone https://github.com/laruence/php-yaf/ 2. Run the code generation tool php-yaf/tools/cg/yaf_cg demo After executing 2, it will be displayed in YAF_ Create an output folder in the same directory as the CG […]