• Golang hot compile Rizla plug-in


    Today, when writing the gin interface, every time you add or modify an interface, you need to restart the project to test, which is very troublesome. Because beego has bee tools, fsnotify, the start-up project of bee run, will monitor file changes. It is found that a plug-in in in iris project supports hot restart. […]

  • CKB developers share exclusive secrets with live coding for the first time


    Yesterday, the elder sister carried out the first live coding for three hours in the nervos live studio. During the live broadcast, she realized the open transaction live, and responded to everyone’s request, and the women’s clothing appeared on the screen. 👇👇👇 If the response is good, we will continue to make a series of […]

  • Server FTP software, 8 Server FTP software details


    Server FTP software, generally refers to the server ftp client software, can achieve the FTP server file upload and download function in the local computer, a good ftp tool can let us in the website management process more handy, here we bring 8 Server FTP software details. 1. IIS7 server management tool This is also […]

  • Memory cache artifact in go zero business collection.Cache


    Transferred fromgo-zeroclickView original textGo zero microservice library addresshttps://github.com/tal-tech/go-zero Through collection.Cache Cache Many out of the box tools are provided in the go zero microservice framework. Good tools can not only improve the performance of the service, but also improve the robustness of the code, avoid errors, achieve the unification of code style, and make it […]

  • Spark as ETL tool combined with sequoiadb


    1、 Preface The term ETL is often used in data warehouse, but its object is not limited to data warehouse. ETL refers to the process of extracting, transforming and loading data from the source system to the target data store. Common ETL tools include Oracle data integrator, Informatica powercenter, Datastage, kettle, datasprider, etc. In big […]

  • Data upgrade (synchronization) tool


    Data upgrade tool 1. Why is this tool available? The company’s main products are Oracle database, which is updated every 2 or 3 years.After the new version goes online, it needs to upgrade to the old customers, and the data in the old system must be collected when upgrading.The upgrade of the previous version is […]

  • Front end Resources Series (4) – front end learning resources sharing & front end interview resources summary


    Specially do a summary of front-end learning resources to facilitate their own learning and reference, and make common progress with friends. This thought that their own collection of sites, can be quickly completed, did not expect a summary into the deep sea. There are still many deficiencies & omissions, welcome to add. If there are […]

  • Recommendation of CTF learning resources


    CTF learning route guidance 1.CTFwiki https://wiki.x10sec.org/ 2. Wiki tutorial (programming learning)https://iowiki.com/ 3. Rookie tutorial (programming learning)https://www.runoob.com/ CTF online tools 1.CTFtools  http://www.ctftools.com/down/?tdsourcetag=s_pctim_aiomsg 2. CTF online toolshttp://ctf.ssleye.com/ 3.BugTool https://tool.bugku.com/ 4. A toolboxhttp://www.atoolbox.net/ 5. SSL certificate online toolhttps://www.chinassl.net/ssltools/index.html 6.JSON http://www.jsons.cn/ 7. GitHub resources (Advanced recommendation)https://github.com/euphrat1ca/security_w1k1 8. How to use pwntoolshttp://docs.pwntools.com/en/stable/index.html CTF range 1. Ctfhub (for beginners)https://www.ctfhub.com/ 2. Attack and defend the worldhttps://adworld.xctf.org.cn/login […]

  • Dsynchronize


    When writing front-end java script at the beginning, if you want to verify the function on the page, you will repackage it, restart tomcat, and paste the java package into the deploy directory manually. This is the method that kindergarten students will choose. Next, we use a plug-in called jrebel, which can realize hot deployment, […]

  • Backup tools


    Backup tools in the community version installation package: mysqldump1) Both enterprise edition and Community Edition contain 2) SQL statement is used to describe database and data and export 3) MyISAM engine locks table and InnoDB engine locks row 4) it is not recommended to use when there is a large amount of data mysqlhotcopy(physical backup […]

  • Resume, interview brush? Refuse your HR sister, maybe it’s just an AI


    Introduction:Nowadays, AI is becoming more and more intelligent, which makes many people worry whether they will be replaced by AI one day. In fact, so far, AI is still in the stage of weak artificial intelligence, and most human jobs cannot be replaced by AI for the time being. However, at present, AI can decide […]