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  • Python common package and function introduction


    Content from reprint 1.NumPynumerical calculation   NumPyIs usedPythonBasic package for scientific calculation,NumpyIt can provide array support and corresponding efficient processing functionsPythonThe basis of data analysis isSciPy、PandasThe most basic function library of data processing and scientific computing library, and its data type isPythonData analysis is very useful. It contains: A powerfulNDimension array object Complex (broadcast) functions […]

  • I spring and autumn DMZ large range experiment (I) intranet expansion


    More tips to download the toolkit first   IP open BP for agent to find no request for the whole page No pages are blasted by Royal sword, dir, hscan. No useful information is found. Code audit is carried out on the current page and PNG secondary image path is found.   In the […]

  • Summary of Windows 10 ADK Version and Download Links


    The Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (Windows ADK) has the tools needed to customize large-scale deployment of Windows images and test the quality and performance of systems, added components and applications running on the system. Windows ADK includes:Windows Assessment Toolkit and Windows Performance Toolkit for evaluating the quality and performance of systems or components.You can […]

  • Differences among JRE, JDK and JVM


    Differences among JRE, JDK and JVMJRE is the abbreviation of Java Runtime Environment, referring to the Java running environment, which contains Java virtual machine, Java basic class library. The development tool JDK is not included.JDK is a software development tool kit for Java language. It is mainly used for Java applications on mobile devices and […]