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  • 020_ Java version and module


    catalogue Three versions of Java Javase Standard Edition (desktop program, console development…) Javame embedded development (mobile phones, small appliances…) Java EE enterprise development (web, server development…) JDK/JRE/JVM JDK java development kit JRE Java runtime environment JVM Java virtual machine Three versions of Java Write Once, Run Anywhere Javase Standard Edition (desktop program, console development…) Javame […]

  • Amazon launches reinforcement learning tool to manage robot workflow


    Amazon today launched the sagemaker reinforcement learning component kit kubeflow components, which supports the company’s AWS robomaker service for coordinating robot workflow. Amazon says its goal is to accelerate experimentation and management of robot workloads from sensing to control and optimization, and create end-to-end solutions without having to rebuild them every time. Robots are increasingly […]

  • Simple introduction to Spacy


    Install Spacy pip install spacy Import toolkit and English model #python -m spacy download en text processing import spacy nlp=spacy.load(‘en’) #Participle doc=nlp(‘Weather is good, very windy and sunny. We have no classes in the afternoon.’) for token in doc: print(token) #Clause for sent in doc.sents: print(sent) Weather is good , very windy and sunny . […]

  • (14) Integrating spring cloud architecture to build a distributed e-commerce platform


    Build a cloud business platform system of PC + wechat + app + cloud services through spring cloud, including B2B, B2C, C2C, o2o, new retail, live e-commerce and other sub platforms. We have talked about a lot of concept articles about spring cloud before. Starting from this section, we will take the distributed micro service […]

  • Tanhua make friends build distributed project


    1. Maven structure (illustration) 2. Engineering construction Tanhua: parent project, which defines the dependent version and the dependent information required by the project <parent> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-parent</artifactId> <version>2.1.0.RELEASE</version> </parent> <properties> <mysql.version>5.1.47</mysql.version> <jackson.version>2.9.9</jackson.version> <druid.version>1.0.9</druid.version> <servlet-api.version>2.5</servlet-api.version> <jsp-api.version>2.0</jsp-api.version> <joda-time.version>2.5</joda-time.version> <commons-lang3.version>3.3.2</commons-lang3.version> <commons-io.version>1.3.2</commons-io.version> <mybatis.version>3.2.8</mybatis.version> <mybatis.mybatis-plus>3.1.1</mybatis.mybatis-plus> <lombok.version>1.18.4</lombok.version> </properties> <! — General dependency — ><dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-test</artifactId> <scope>test</scope> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>junit</groupId> <artifactId>junit</artifactId> […]

  • NPM package item error: NPM err! Code elifecycle


    1. The following is the detailed error information of terminal: D:\xxx\Workspace\WebstormProjects\vue\vue_demo>npm run build > [email protected] build D:\OneDrive\Workspace\WebstormProjects\vue\vue_demo > node build/build.js – building for production…(node:21224) Warning: Accessing non-existent property ‘cat’ of module exports inside circular dependency (Use `node –trace-warnings …` to show where the warning was created) (node:21224) Warning: Accessing non-existent property ‘cd’ of module exports […]

  • Alcatraz (manage Xcode plug in) (xcode7)


    Help you manage Xcode plug-ins in a visual way Alcatraz installation: Download address:GitHub – alcatraz/Alcatraz: Package manager for Xcode 1. Run Command + R after downloading 2. Exit Xcode completely and reopen it 3. Select Load bundles 4. At this time, there will be a package manager in the window. Open it to manage the […]

  • SNMP introduction and use, super useful, recommended collection!


    Write on the front If you don’t know SNMP at all, or just want to learn how to use the existing SNMP tools, you have found the right article. However, if you want to learn the specific protocol content of SNMP, it is recommended to read the official RFC document. 1. Introduction SNMP (Simple Network […]

  • Spring boot plus background rapid development framework 1.0.0.release has been released


    Introduction Spring boot plus is a rapid development framework integrating common development components of spring boot Purpose Everyone can develop projects independently, quickly and efficiently! Everyone can develop projects independently, quickly and efficiently! Quick Start Official website address: springboot.plus GITHUB:https://github.com/geekidea/spring-boot-plus GITEE:https://gitee.com/geekidea/spring-boot-plus Main characteristics Integrate spring boot common development component set, common configuration, AOP log, etc […]

  • Creating linear regression model with Excel


    By ram dewaniCompile VKSource: analytics vidhya summary You can perform modeling in Excel in just a few steps Here is a tutorial on how to build a linear regression model in Excel and how to interpret the results introduce Can excel really build a prediction model? This is usually my first reaction when I bring […]

  • Recommend a component rich chart library livecharts


    Currently, there are many data visualization toolkits in the front end, such as ECharts.js , Chart.js , d3.js, etc. compared with the front-end, they are relatively less implemented in desktop applications. At present, I think the effect of livecharts is better, and it provides many components, such as charts, bar charts, lines, heat maps, scales […]

  • 1.2 build a development environment — Notes on the first line of Android code (Second Edition)


    JDK: Java language software development kit, this tutorial uses jdk8 or above,Android SDK: Google provides a toolkit for Android development to use Android related APIs.Android Studio: this tutorial is above 3.1.3. Build development environmentInstead of downloading one by one, you just need to download Android studio, and you will choose to install other toolkits during […]