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  • JavaScript guess number game


    Code implementation: Document //Functions that generate random integers function getRandom(min, max) { return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max – min + 1)) + min; } //Get random integers from 1 to 50 var random = getRandom(1, 50); var flag = 0; //Dead loop. If you run out of 5 chances or guess right, you will exit the […]

  • CentOS install elasticsearch


    1、 Download Download address: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch Historical version: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/past-releases#elasticsearch If the machine can access the Internet, it can also be downloaded directly by WGet shell> wget https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-5.6.4.tar.gz 2、 Install (unzip) Es runs in Java environment, so you need to install JDK first. There are a lot of online tutorials, so you can refer to my other […]

  • Introduction to rust (2)


    I think to learn computer language, we should use it first and then learn it. In this section, we will realize a small game of guessing numbers. First of all, we will briefly introduce the content of this game: Mr. game becomes a number between 1 and 100, and then we input the number we […]