• Front-end authentication: cookie, session, token, jwt, single sign-on


    In this article you will see: HTTP-based front-end authentication backgroundWhy is cookie the most convenient storage solution, and what are the ways to operate cookieHow is the session scheme implemented and what problems existHow is the token scheme implemented, how to encode and tamper-proof? What does jwt do? Implementation and significance of refresh tokenWhat are […]

  • jwt implements token authentication (nodejs koa)


    Why do you need tokens? In the background management system, we usually use cookie-session for authentication,How to pass cookie and session authentication (nodejs/koa)But this method has the following problems For example, the capacity of the cookie is too small There will be differences in carrying cookies when the browser and the app send http requests […]

  • Talking about Cookie, Session, Token, JWT


    What is certification?Simply put, it is to tell the server who you are (your name, gender…)Authentication in the Internet:Login with username and passwordSend login link by emailMobile phone number to receive SMS verification codeWhat is authorization?Simply put, it is the administrator’s permission to grant users accessFor example: when a mobile phone downloads a new app […]

  • Talk about cookies, session, token, jwt


    What is certification?Simple and clear is to inform the server who you are (your name, gender …)Certification in the Internet:Username password loginMailbox sending login linkMobile phone number receiving SMS verification codeWhat is authorization?Simply, it is the authority given by the administrator to the userFor example: When downloading the new app to use mobile phones, you […]

  • github generates token (August 26, 2022)


    1. Browser login to github (https://github.com) 2. On the personal homepage interface, click on the avatar in the upper right corner -> Settings 3. Find Developer settings at the bottom of the left sidebar of the settings interface 4. Click on Personal access tokens 5. Click Generate new token 6. Fill in the label, select […]

  • IDEA uses token to verify github


    When using IDEA to submit java code to github, it is found that the identity cannot be authenticated to github with the account password, resulting in the inability to submit the code. So use token to verify identity instead. First, you need to generate a token on github. see previous article“github generates token (August 26, […]