• Simple selenium crawler application and timed desktop prompt diagram


    Document establishment date: March 11, 2020Last revision date:2020 / 03 / 16 (code update – no message is displayed, and the update time with message becomes shorter)2020 / 03 / 27 (code update – forgot what to change)2020 / 04 / 14 (the picture uses the pysimplegui internal picture, and the code becomes shorter)2020 / […]

  • Day 10 | day 12 python, file operation


    In the process of developing the system, XML is often used to store and transmit data. XML is a structural markup language for marking electronic files, which is often seen in blogs. JSON is a lightweight data exchange format, which is often used in back-end and front-end data interaction. For example, if you use Python […]

  • Python’s first crawler, crawling 147 novels


    I just learned Python recently, so I made a python crawler and crawled 147 novels. You can visit my blog:My blog Just learning python, what are the shortcomings, boss, please point out Analyze 147 web page structure You can use GoogleF12Open the console The chapter list was found by<dd></dd>package Chapter titles are provided by<div class=”bookname”></div>LowerH1Label […]

  • CSS implements text “indefinite number of lines” truncation


    By chance, inA hot list pageThere is a very interesting layout. The title here will restrict the number of lines of content, so the text is out of line“Indefinite line”of The detailed rules are as follows: The height of the whole container is fixed, with a total of 3 lines of title and content The […]

  • Teach you how to make wheels with native JavaScript (6) — tree tree control


    file:TreeSource code:tiny-wheelsIf you think it’s easy to use, order a star ~ (″ ‘▽’ ″) effect thinking The effect of tree control is actually totreeAn application of this data structure, because the data passed in by the user is a nested structure, that is, a data structure similar totreeThe first thing we need to implement […]

  • How does springboot swagger work?


    <dependency> <groupId>io.springfox</groupId> <artifactId>springfox-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>3.0.0</version> </dependency> package org.fh.config;import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;import springfox.documentation.builders.ApiInfoBuilder;import springfox.documentation.builders.PathSelectors;import springfox.documentation.builders.RequestHandlerSelectors;import springfox.documentation.oas.annotations.EnableOpenApi;import springfox.documentation.service.ApiInfo;import springfox.documentation.spi.DocumentationType;import springfox.documentation.spring.web.plugins.Docket;/** Description: swagger interface API generation Author: FH admin from fhadmin.cn */ public class SwaggerConfig { public Docket createRestApi() { return new Docket(DocumentationType.OAS_30) .apiInfo(apiInfo()) .select() . APIs (requesthandlerswww. Cungun. Comecollectors. Basepackage (“org. FH. Controller”) // is the current package path […]

  • Microsoft took off the title of “beta” and officially launched the windows 11 PC health check tool


    In order to facilitate old windows 10 users to evaluate whether the current device meets the minimum conditions for upgrading to a new generation of windows 11 operating system, Microsoft has been trying to test the so-called “PC health check tool” for the past three months. After extensive verification, Microsoft has finally removed the title […]

  • Avoid the three misunderstandings of message push and use Huawei push to you


    As a means of user activation and recall for app operation, message push is a good way to establish continuous interaction and connection with users. However, the disorderly misuse and abuse of push will have negative consequences, ranging from closing message reminder to unloading. Now there are all kinds of good articles and posts on […]

  • Linux text processing


    <!– /\* Font Definitions \*/ @font-face {font-family:”Cambria Math”; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:roman; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:3 0 0 0 1 0;} @font-face {font family: isoline; panose-1:2 1 6 0 3 1 1; MSO font ALT: Dengxian; MSO font charset: 134; MSO generic font family: Auto; MSO font pitch: variable; […]

  • Daniel recommendation | seven books that Baidu technology Daniel is reading!


    Guide: February is coming to an end. Have you “skilled workers” completely adjusted from the holiday mode? In order to help you recharge quickly, we specially invited Baidu technology experts to recommend 7 good books at the bottom of the box to help you clear the pit,Spend the least time reading the most worthwhile book. […]

  • Make a blog for self entertainment (IV) friend chain


    Function description Transform the home page into a friend chain. The function includes link title and link. Because the background management system has not been selected, it will not add the function temporarily. The data will be added by the database and the page will be used for display. Background code models Title Structure package […]

  • Markdown use


    First level Title: # title name or Ctrl + 1 Secondary Title: ## title name or Ctrl + 2 Level 3 Title: #### title name or Ctrl + 3 ​ typeface bold (bold) Italics Bold Italic delete quote “>” indicates a reference Split line —Or * * * represents the split line picture Hyperlinks [my […]