• Format of GIT submission information


    GitThe format of information submission shall meet the following requirements:/^(revert: )?(feat|fix|docs|dx|style|refactor|perf|test|workflow|build|ci|chore|types|wip|dep)(\(.+\))?: .{1,50}/regular expression Examples The following submission information appears inFeaturesHeadline,compilerUnder sub heading: feat(compiler): add ‘comments’ option The display is as follows: Features compiler: add ‘comments’ option The following submission information appears inBug FixesHeadline,v-modelUnder the sub heading, follow#28Links to questions: fix(v-model): handle events on blur close […]

  • iOS15. 0 navigation bars notes


    I always think uinavigationbar is difficult to do. Apple changes almost every year. From IOS 7, 11, 13 to 15 this year, it works every year and has to adapt every year. The test results of uinavigationbar based on ios15 surprised me. I felt that many things were completely different from what I thoughtIt’s different. […]

  • Slot difference between Vue and react


    Vue has a slot, but react is not called a slot. His name is children Class slot in react class Title extends Component{   render (){     return( //Children slot. Insert the required value with children //Class is to use this props。 The function is to use props       <div> Title: {this. Props. Children}   </div>) }} Instantiate object export default class App extends Component {   render() {     return ( […]

  • Process and precautions for submitting PR and issue on gitee


    Mindspire is open source on gitee and GitHub, and everyone can participate~ As one of the main ways to contribute to the community, many small partners are not familiar with submitting PR on gitee. We also found this problem through the previous two activities. Therefore, we wrote this note for your reference and look forward […]

  • R use abestr to create an estimation diagram


    This section will share a small example of statistical analysis through RabestrLet’s draw the estimation chart, and all audience masters will savor it carefully Introduction to estimation chart:https://acclab.github.io/robust-statistical-visualization.html Compared with the traditional graph, the estimation graph has five main advantages: Bar chart Box diagram Dithering diagram Estimation diagram Avoid wrong dichotomy ✘ ✘ ✘ ✔ […]

  • How to use R language to make the risk of bias map of meta-analysis?


    Dear readers, in fact, the video teaching of this tutorial has been carried out on station B (up Master: the learning career of the whole brother) in the last issue. However, because the position of bias risk assessment in meta-analysis is particularly important, and it has not been explained in the previous article, in order […]

  • Advanced IOS localization tutorial


    Advanced IOS localization tutorial stayLastNext, we will introduce the two basic localization methods in the tutorial. Xib and storyboard localization xibandstoryboardAs two different types of UI tools, we can get rid of the pain of code layout. Their localization can not only use the method in the previous article to modify the code, but also […]

  • Vue recursive component scope slot


    Personal websitehttps://kuangyx.cnRealization effectParent component call: <template> <div> <Tree :data=”data”> <template #default=”{ title }”> <div class=”prent”> {{title + “+ custom”}} </div> </template> </Tree> </div> </template> <script> import Tree from “./tree.vue”; export default { components: { Tree, }, data() { return { data: [{ Title: “parent 1”, children: [{ Title: “sub”, Children:[{title: “sun”,}] }], },{ Title: “parent […]

  • A JSON to excel component that vue3 can use


    JSON to Excel for VUE3 Download JSON format data in the form of Excel file in the browser. This component is based onthis threadProposed solutions. Support vue3 Version 2.25 and above Important tips! Additional tips in Microsoft Excel The methods implemented in this component are drawn using HTML tables. In XLS files, Microsoft Excel no […]

  • hello,world!


    Markdown learning title Tertiary title Four level title typeface hello,world! hello,world! hello,world! hello,world! quote Choose crazy God to say Java and go to the peak of life Split line picture Hyperlinks [Click to jump to mad God blog](Tianjin Binhai Vocational College (tjbpi. Com. CN)) list A B C A B C form name Gender birthday […]

  • Imitation microblog: realize the layout of flashing UI to be loaded when the network does not load data


    Train of thought analysis: Skeleton UI is actually a manually set UI layout when the network data is not loaded. After the network request is completed + the data is loaded, the UI layout is replaced. Therefore, two sets of layout files are required, and if the itembinding method is adopted, two sets of itembinding […]

  • Java crawls web content. Title, picture, etc


    package com. fh. util; java, java equls This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article