• Text prompt of table table custom header tool tip in elementui


    There is no ready-made attribute to add to the table. We can add it through therender-headerTo render the header. The code is as follows: <el-table-column align=”center” Label = “price” :render-header=”renderTipsHeader” > <template slot-scope=”scope”> {{ scope.row.amount }} </template> </el-table-column> renderTipsHeader: renderTipsHeader (h,{column}) { return h( ‘div’,[ h(‘span’, column.label), h(‘el-tooltip’,{      props:{         effect:’dark’,         Content: ‘prompt copywriting’,         placement:’top’ […]

  • IOS compile run error summary


    Compilation error < continuous update… > Run error The request to open “bundleId” failed. Title: the request to open “bundleid” failedDescription: the reqeust denied by service delegate (sbmainworkspace) Solution: there is an empty parameter in environment variables, just delete it reference resources:https://blog.csdn.net/qq_1505… < continuous update… >

  • Block level element and in line element collation


    Block level elements: Most of them are structural markers <address>…</adderss> < center >… < / center > address text <h1>… < / H1 > Title Level <h2>… < / H2 > Title Level 2 <h3>… < / H3 > Title Level 3 < H4 >… < / H4 > Title Level 4 < H5 >… […]

  • Is that how it was written? It’s over


    MarkdownIt is a markup language in plain text format. Through simple markup syntax, it can make ordinary text content have a certain format. Highly recommended: TproaMarkdown editorCross platform perfect operation Hexo`Mhexoeditor editor blog assistant, perfect support for hexo blog advantage:1. Because it is pure text, so as long as it supports markdown, it can get […]

  • The differences between HTML (006) – title and H1, B and strong, I and EM


    answer: ① Title is used for website information title, highlighting website title or keywords. A website can have multiple titles, and SEO weight is higher than H1; H1 summarizes the theme of the article, and it is better to use only one H1 for a page, and SEO weight is lower than title. Analysis: A. […]

  • HTML (007) – please describe TDK in SEO?


    Answer: in SEO, the so-called TDK is actually three Tags: title, description and keywords, title title tag, description tag and Keywords tag Participation and interaction

  • Getting title and link of Python crawler


    Recently, I posted some articles in the oschina forum. Today, there is nothing to publish, so I’m going to send a small code. Crawling through the links and titles in my oschina forum is very simple and easy. Code first from requests_html import HTMLSessionsession = HTMLSession()url = “https://my.oschina.net/u/4798232″ r = session.get(url)for i in range(1, 12): […]

  • HTML5 Advanced Series: Canvas dynamic chart


    preface The powerful function of canvas makes it a very important part of HTML5. As for what it is, I don’t need to introduce it here. Visualization chart is one of the powerful functions of canvas. Now there are many mature chart plug-ins, which are implemented with canvas, Chart.js , ecarts and so on can […]

  • Explain phpspredsheet setting cell


    Phpspredsheet provides rich API interface, which can set many cell and document properties, including style, picture, date, function and many other applications. In a word, phpspredsheet can do whatever excel form you want. When debugging settings, make sure that the correct file is introduced and instantiated. use PhpOfficePhpSpreadsheetSpreadsheet; $spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet(); $worksheet = $spreadsheet->getActiveSheet(); […]

  • Android custom view: a refreshing, compact and flexible multi node progress bar


    preface Recently, the project has a small demand for node progress bar. After completion, I want to share it, hoping to help students in need. Effect picture of real machine Custom view complete code Out of the box ~, notes have fried chicken in detail /** *@ Description: node progress bar * @author: DMingO * […]

  • The right letter combination of tableview: generate group index


    When you use the iPhone address book, you will find that you can search by letter on the right side, which is very convenient to use. In fact, this function is very simple to use uitableview, as long as you implement a method of data source protocol and build an array of group titles. The […]

  • Win32API — close current application


    This paper introduces how to use win32API to get the current application and close it in Windows system. thinking Enum the current window using EnumWindows interface; Filter out unavailable, hidden and minimized windows; Filter out subwindows; Filter out the system window by title and class name; Use PostMessage to send the message of closing the […]