• Rich text Vue quill editor combined with element UI — upload to upload pictures to qiniu ECS (including node backend)


    Idea: hijack the image click event in the rich text configuration. In this event, click the upload component upload (< El upload >) in the elementui to arouse the operation of the local upload server, hide the upload component in the text stream, and change the server uploaded by the upload component to qiniu cloud, […]

  • Markdonw syntax


    catalogue Introduction to markdown syntax **Bold** *Italics* title Split line 1(#_35) ++Underline++strikethrough \==Mark== Paragraph reference list task list link Code paragraph Table Footnotes Emoji $\ \ KAtex $formula layout definition abbr Introduction to markdown syntax Grammar explanation bold **Bold** __ Bold__ Italics *Italics* _ Italics_ title #Primary title# Primary title ==== ##Secondary title## Secondary title […]

  • React source code — diff algorithm revealed


    There are two diff algorithms in react Single node diff Multi node diff Optimization of diff algorithm Only the nodes of the same level are compared. If the position of the new fibre node is across the level compared with the previous one, it will not try to reuse and will directly build a new […]

  • Review of markdown simple grammar


    Write in front: This is my first blog post. I hope to communicate with you and share the technology we love, and strive to become an excellent software engineer! Enter the text Markdown has been used for some time to take notes. The editor uses the sublime text 3 + markdown plug-in. When I first […]

  • The first note of little zebra


    Let’s summarize my common usage of markdown As we all know, markdown is a lightweight markup language, which can usually be learned in the second grade of primary school. It is easy to use and suitable for taking notes. I will introduce its simple grammar below. (1) Title I’m heading number two. The label is […]

  • Display PDF in browser (ie compatible)


    I’ve inserted the urgent task. Now I don’t have the energy to summarize it. I’ll list the title first, and then I’ll sort it out.

  • Can not miss the video editing software, white easy to start editing!


    Nowadays, many people like to take videos. Facing a large number of video files stored in the computer or mobile phone, it’s really troublesome to share video content with friends or relatives without editing. Therefore, most people have joined the video editing team, but many of them have no foundation and want to start editing […]

  • Angularjs easy to achieve table sorting by specified column


    Using angularjs filter, you can easily sort by clicking a column title in the table. The implementation process is as follows: HTML code: <table class=”table table-border” ng-app=”myapp” ng-controller=”orderByCtrl”> <thead> <tr> <th>inx</th> <th ng-click=”col=’name’;desc=!desc”>name</th> <!– When you click the column header, you can execute the click event to reverse the sorting condition. That is, if the […]

  • Elisp 05: text matching


    Last chapter:iteration In the second chapterText analysisIn order to determine whether a line of text is\`\`\`At the beginning, I defined a function: (defun text-match (source target) (setq n (length target)) (if (< (length source) n) nil (string= (substring source 0 n) target))) In fact, elisp provides a more powerful text matching function. How strong is […]

  • Realizing studio management background with Vue (5): Accordion


    As a person with a goal (the goal is to make an easy-to-use visual editor of bootstrap. The first version has been implemented. Demo address:https://vular.cn/rxeditor/, code address:https://github.com/vularsoft/rxeditor)They work actively, think actively and sleep less. I got up at 6:30 this morning. Before breakfast, I realized an accordion type folding assembly. The specific effects are as […]

  • Small procedures to develop a circle of friends popular interactive answering applications


    These are some of the things that have been influenced by the circle of friends beforeIntimacy testInspired by the development of an interactive answering application. function Create a custom topic and set the correct options Generate sharing map and invite friends to answer questions Friends get transcripts, and can generate pictures to share The notification […]

  • How to use typora


    How to use typora 2020/6/19 Typora supports multiple operating systems of windows, OS X and Linux, supports mathematical editing, can directly convert to word and PDF formats, and can convert to various document formats. 1. Download $ wget -qO – https://typora.io/linux/public-key.asc | sudo apt-key add – # add Typora’s repository $ sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb https://typora.io/linux […]