• Test markdown’s syntax


    This syntax is quoted from the homework tribe’s CMD online markdown editor readerhttps://www.zybuluo.com/mdeditor?url=http://www.zybuluo.com/static/editor/md-help.markdown A concise grammar manual for CMD markdown 1. Italics and bold Use * and * * for italics and bold. Example: This isItalicsThis isbold。 2. Graded title Use = = = to indicate the first level title, and — to indicate the […]

  • Using in Vue marked.js Parse markdown, generate directory, run code example


    Original address of personal blogYunmo Bai’s blog https://www.yunmobai.cn/blog/10 preface For me, a blog system is used to summarize what I have learned. Writing articles, consolidating technology, writing articles, I adoptedmavon-editorIn the background, the written markdown article is saved to the database, and the foreground obtains the markdown article, parses it into HTML code, and then […]

  • [go] go language actual combat – realize Title flicker


    In the process of implementing the customer service system, the title bar will flash when there is a new message Because the chat box is the page that is entered by the iframe box, after receiving the websocket message in the chat box, the message should be sent to the parent page, and the title […]

  • selenium get_attribute


    title_ id = self.driver.find_ element( By.XPATH , ‘/ / label [contains (text(), “title”)]). Get_ attribute(“for”)print(“title_id=======”+title_id) Print title obtained_ ID is always the lower attribute. In fact, the attribute you want to get is for, ‘CQ_ widget_ CqTextArea_ Thank you very much!title_id=======cq_widget_CqFormEdit_2 This work adoptsCC agreementThe author and the link to this article must be indicated […]

  • Day 10 | 12 finish python, file operation


    In the process of developing the system, XML is often used to store and transfer data. XML is a kind of markup language used to mark electronic documents to make them have structure, which is often seen in blogs. JSON is a lightweight data exchange format, which is often used in the data interaction between […]

  • Markdown: for notes


    Markdown can quickly write a formatted article with only a few tags — this article is written with markdown. Some basic marks: (there may be other expressions, which I am familiar with) 1. “Chen” is used to write the title #Heading 1 ##Heading 2 ###Heading 3 2. “>” reference >Citation >>Re citation 3. = = […]

  • Markdown grammar learning 2020


    1. Title There are two formats for the markdown title 1.1 use = and – to mark the first and second level headings First level title === Secondary title — 1.2 mark with ා #This is the first level title ##This is a secondary title ###This is a three-level title ####This is the fourth level […]

  • Summary of markdown grammar


    1. Title First level title The first level title can use more than one equal sign = = = = Secondary title Use more than one paragraph in the secondary title class a second level Three levels Level 4 Grade five Grade six The title can also use the pound mark ා, ාාාාාාාාාාාාාාා񖓿ාාා񖓿 2. Block […]

  • Use markdown


    Typora should be the best artifact to use and see here.downloadYou can find it by installing Baidu. First title Enter a number and your text enter. That’s what it looks like The second introduction It’s a greater than sign>I am so handsome and unrestrained The third has a sequential list It’s input1.plusSpaceIt’s in order Fourth […]

  • Python crawler, crawling 3000 + wechat articles in 30 seconds


    introduction Due to the needs of work, I made a small tool for the front end of the company. I used Python language to crawl the wechat articles of Sogou and attached the official website of Sogou wechat Sogou wechat:https://weixin.sogou.com/ From the hot to the fashion world, and includes the load more content options under […]

  • C ා using LINQ to CSV to read. CSV file data 3_ Source code transformation_ Support to set header row & Title Mapping & Auto print and ignore error row data & define data format


    Compared with Excel, using CSV file to store data is more lightweight, supporting more rich scenarios, can be completely customized, not subject to the constraints of Excel. But for the parsing and reading of the CSV file, there are not many materials on the Internet. Here, we take the LINQ to CSV source code and […]

  • HTML a link label title property line wrap effect of mouse hover prompt content


    When the mouse hovers over the object, prompt the content (title attribute content) to wrap the typesetting method, and summarize the HTML title line wrapping method. HTML’s title attribute displays one line by default. How to wrap? Here divcss5 summarizes and introduces two line breaking methods for you to share. 1、 Line feed of Direct […]