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  • How to add optionsmenu under noactionbar


    The menu cannot be displayed In order not to display the title bar, the topic uses the noactionbar, which directly results in the option menu not being displayed Solution Add a toolbar to customize the title bar The following is the kotlin syntax. If you use Java syntax, the structure is poor, but the core […]

  • Setting title bar and navigation bar of wechat applet tutorial series


    How to set the title bar and navigation bar of wechat applet is as follows Set title bar Title bar window stay app.json In the file, you can set the properties in the window object **Example:app.json:** function: Set navigation bar Navigation bar tabbar If our applet is a multi tab application (there is a tab […]

  • MVC + efcore project practice – warehouse management system 3 – complete the overall style configuration


    Last time we created a new template page for administrators. This time, we will improve the template page, add styles and some basic components, and configure the UI style of the whole project.   1、 Introduce common CSS and JS files Nuget is used for back-end library and Libman for front-end library Right click the […]

  • The most scientific writing usage of Android alert dialog


    First, let’s look at the picture above   XML code is as follows, used to write buttons: The Java code is as follows to implement the logic: import androidx.appcompat.app.ActionBar; import androidx.appcompat.app.AlertDialog; import androidx.appcompat.app.AppCompatActivity; import android.content.DialogInterface; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View; import android.widget.Button; import android.widget.Toast; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity{ int index; String [] item = {“Android”,”IOS”,”Spark”,”Hadoop”,”Web”}; […]

  • How does win10 title bar display the file complete path?


    In win10 system, when we open the file window, we can not see the full path of the file in the title bar, but the current directory of the file. If it is not displayed in full screen, the full directory of the file can not be seen in the address bar. How to set […]

  • Add a picture background to your vscode


    Let’s take a look at an effect display method In order to be able to modify at any time, you can~/.vscodeCreate avscode_styleThe contents of the,Put your own CSS document and some pictures in it. Take the author as an example, the style of my vscode is /**vscode_style.css*/ body{ pointer-events: auto !important; background-size: 100% !important; opacity: […]

  • Simple implementation of cool GUI window based on WPF


    “Blog move”Original address: CSDN original publication time: November 7, 2016 In this paper, we want to realize a cool GUI window based on WPF, and try to realize a really usable and practical GUI window. The effect of this paper is shown in the figure The results are summarized as follows: No title bar, or […]

  • How to display small icons in the title bar of HTML web page


     Like this effect, the method is very simple, that is,Write in the head: < link rel =’icon ‘href =’pic. ICO’ type = ‘image / x-ico’ / >Remember that the icon is a file in. ICO format, otherwise it will not be displayed

  • IOS news imitating tab title bar effect


    IOS imitates Netease News and other slide title bar for your reference. The specific content is as follows preview thinking Two scorlviews, one for the title bar and one for the bottom pageTitle Block text and effect switching, gradient and size are normalized according to the page offset at the bottomThe small horizontal line is […]

  • Http://javaexception.com/archives/206


    Copyright notice: This is the original article of xing’star. Please indicate the source for reprint! This article is synchronized from http://javaexception.com/archives/206 Android titlebar recommendations During this period of time, I was helping others write an app. In order to speed up the progress, I introduced some open source libraries, one of which is titlebar. The […]