• Fixed duration timer and periodic duration timer of go


    In order to realize delayed execution in scheduling, we can use pipe blocking until someone writes to the pipe. We can also use sleep to sleep. However, in the process of sleeping, the cooperative process can do nothing and occupy resources. So we need to use the next timer, which will not occupy resources when […]

  • Implementation of termination and reset of golang timer


    Yesterday, some readers had questions about the termination of the timer. Today, let’s talk about the termination and reset of the timer! Timer is a mechanism to execute a task at a certain time in the future by setting a task. There are usually only two types of timers, one is the delay mode that […]

  • Raft MIT 6.824 enables leader election (lab2a)


    1. Program structure The experiment of lab2 is to realize the following interfaces // create a new Raft server instance: rf := Make(peers, me, persister, applyCh) // start agreement on a new log entry: rf.Start(command interface{}) (index, term, isleader) // ask a Raft for its current term, and whether it thinks it is leader rf.GetState() […]

  • Mobile terminal long press event simulation (Vue instruction encapsulation)


    No nonsense, go directly to the code: directory structure This directory structure only creates separate folders with Vue instructions for unified management and the same registration. Users can modify it according to their own items. Instruction code: longpress.js export default { Name: “longpress”, // instruction name instance: { bind(el, binding, vnode) { let isiOS = […]

  • Performance testing of c# for and foreach loops


    The test method is to traverse the known collection data in these two cyclic ways. The timer used is stopwatch class. Finally, the time consumption will be output in two corresponding text boxes. First, the result screen will be directly posted: The test has been executed ten times each. The text box on the left […]

  • Online high precision Online timer (stopwatch)


    Online high precision Online timer (stopwatch) Stopwatch timer, which can record the number of seconds at multiple time points. Simple operation and easy to use. The stopwatch starts timing after the start point. It can be divided many times when the stopwatch is running, and can be reset with one key after stopping. Online high […]

  • Linux processing time_ Wait and fin_ WAIT_ 2 status


    Take the kernel version 3.10 as an example, the kernel version 4.1 + has some changes when dealing with fin-wait-2, which will be mentioned later The code should be reasonably simplified TL;DR Time of Linux TCP_ The timeout of wait status is 60 seconds by default and cannot be modified Fin of Linux TCP_ WAIT_ […]

  • How to do the countdown of scratch programming? How to make a timer with scratch


    Use scratch to make a simple timer, let it achieve pointer rotation, fill color around. Software name: Scratch3.0 offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version Software size: 171MB Update time: 2020-02-21Download now 1. We add a new character, and then who can draw a character with customization and draw two hollow circles with circles,Add two […]

  • How does scratch achieve timer effect? Usage of scratch timer


    How does scratch use the timer function? Today, let’s take a look at the tutorial of using scratch timer function to achieve timing effect. Software name: Scratch3.0 offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version Software size: 171MB Update time: 2020-02-21Download now Click to open scratch software. Find and clickreconnaissance module Check the timer option. As […]

  • Implementation of long press event in Vue 2. X mobile terminal


    Summary of several methods of long press event implementation in Vue mobile terminal Hello, everyone. I’m your siege lion. I’m Ken, the front-end siege lion of humble love. I want to tell you a serious problem. I’m in a low mood these days and I can’t move the code. As a result, as soon as […]

  • JS to achieve Timer Stopwatch function


    This example for you to share the JS Timer Stopwatch function of the specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows HTML <input type=”text” value=”00:00:00″ readonly> < button type = “button” onclick = “start()” > start < / button > < button type = “button” onclick = “stop()” > pause < / […]

  • Implementation of built-in timer based on JS


    Timer has a lot to do with time related projects such as picture carousel and countdown. It is the core syntax to realize these. How to deeply understand JS timer at one time? Look down and you’ll see that there’s a surprise! JS timer has two kinds, one is a single execution after delay, the […]