• Front end engineers must understand HTTP caching of knowledge points


    Why use HTTP caching For resources: IfRequest headerandResponse headBoth are1k, request file size is10k。 So a request is12kSize, n times(12 * n)k。 For the front end: Every time the front end requests itRe renderImpact on user experience For the back end: If there is no caching mechanism, the front end will frequently request the back-end […]

  • IOS today’s headlines selection box, animation effect, flappybird game source code


    IOS selected source High copy today’s headlines channel selection box Super easy navigation navigation navigation bar Scoring view, support click, slide, integer and decimal scoring Animation in full bloom Segment selection column of imitating leeco video and Tencent video Theme skin Manager – easy theme update Spritekit game practice – flappybirdswift <br/> IOS quality blog […]

  • How to write an H5 version of XMIND in JavaScript – 1


    Briefly: I am a design dog. I have graduated for more than a year.After working for a period of time, I know that design is wrong and programming is prosperous. So a few months ago, I vowed to switch to the great space machine industry in a year.After a long struggle, I decided to start […]

  • Kafka message specification


    As a message queue, Kafka has its own message format. The message in Kafka adopts bytebuf, which is a tight binary storage format because it can save a lot of space. After all, if you use the format of Java class to define message objects, you will waste a lot of space (in addition to […]

  • Go + typescript + graphql + react to build Jianshu website (I) initialize go backend


    Project address: GitHub I have been learning go for a while, and I am aware of what I can do. Inspired by the community, he took building a website of his own as a lesson, and decided to write down this article at the same time, to clarify his ideas, divergent thinking, not all in […]

  • Redis learning notes – Pipeline


    1、 What is pipline 1. Communication model of primary network command Once network command time = once network transmission time (round trip) + once command execution time 2. Communication model of batch network command N times of network command time = n times of network transmission time (round trip) + n times of command execution […]

  • Execution plan and cache of SAP ABAP SQL


    I execute this open SQL in se38: Because I don’t use ignore? Plan? Cache in open SQL, Therefore, the execution plan will be stored in table m SQL plan cache. The preparation “time field of this table contains the preparation time of the statement. For more original articles on Jerry, please pay attention to the […]

  • $digest() and $apply() in angularjs


    1. When do I need to call$apply()? Angularjs only cares aboutIn the execution context of angularjsChanges in the data model (for example, the code that changes the data$apply()Inside.Angularjs built-in instructionsIt will also trigger automatically$digestLoop, so any changes to the data model will also be reflected in the view. However, if you change oneNot in angularjs […]

  • One of the ES series takes you to avoid the pit of date type


    Summary Time related fields are the most commonly used fields in elasticssearch (hereinafter referred to as ES). Almost all indexing application scenarios will have time fields, which are generally used in time range based search, aggregation and other scenarios. However, due to the problem of time zone, I believe that many small partners have stepped […]

  • JS date function


    JS date function   1. Creation time var mydate = new date(); 2. Get the current year mydate. Getyear(); (2 digits) 3. Get the complete year mydate. Getfullyear(); (4 digits) 4. Get the month mydate. Getmonth(); (0-november, 0 is January) 5. Get the current date mydate. Getdate(); (1-31) 6. Get the current time mydate. Gettime(); […]

  • Enjoy the smooth manipulation of SQL ~ [typeorm] on node.js


    Preface I believe that many front-end players will feel quite tedious and even difficult when they first use node.js to connect SQL and use it.Don’t be afraid! Typeorm helps you solve all the problems about SQL operation! This article is only for Amway. It does not describe the use of typeorm in detail. If necessary, […]

  • Kafka log segmentation and message searching


    Kafka is a message middleware (later Kafka gradually turns to kafkastream, a loss processing platform). The final storage of messages is in the log. Kafka’s message is finally sent with the partition under the topic as the final goal, so Kafka’s log storage is also based on the partition. Log.dir parameter in configuration fileThis parameter […]