• Manually implement a compose function


    When merging reducers in Redux, it is useful to use the compose function to combine multiple reducers into one. How can the composite function be implemented? Function compose (… FNS) {// FNS is the function passed in const fn = fns.pop(); return (…args) => { fn(…args); if (fns.length > 0) { compose(…fns); } }; }

  • Time zone problem in Flink day level window


    Each article in this series starts from some practical cases, analyzes some problems often encountered in the production environment, and puts forward some suggestions to help partners solve some practical problems. This paper introduces Flink time and time zone problems, and analyzes the time zone problems encountered in the day level window. If it is […]

  • Spring cache integrates redis and gives it an expiration time!


    Small hub reading: I don’t know if you have set the expiration time for the cache. Let’s try it? In the last article, we used springboot to integrate redis, and redistemplate was used to operate cache data, which can be used flexibly. Today we are going to talk about spring cache, a cache annotation provided […]

  • Android Live Room message flow text text mixed arrangement


    Just after receiving the demand, I think textview and imagespan can perfectly solve this problem. When I do it, I find that it is wrong. If the user level has 100 levels, at least 100 images should be placed in APK. If the background color or the style of display are inconsistent between different levels […]

  • Flink stream processing concept — time Semantics — trigger


    Window operation of Flink For Flink’s window operation, especially the window operation based on event time, we still need to master three important knowledge points: Window allocator: it determines which window the data flowing into the Flink belongs to. Timestamp extractor / watermark generator: extracts time stamp and drives the program to execute normally. Trigger: […]

  • One person develops a product, applet from 0 to 1, Chapter 3 framework syntax


    Many resumes have “proficient” in the word, but the basic knowledge is not qualified. It is suggested that the comrades who study programming should be patient and start from frame grammar. Otherwise, one day, you still have to learn from frame grammar. JS of wechat applet is a set of script language, combined with wxml, […]

  • How to get the name of each month and month


    Actual combat demand Get month Gets the name of the month The value and harvest of this paper After reading this article, you will be able to make the following interface Basic knowledge (master can skip this section, more wonderful later) Date display and processing are skills that every swiftui developer should master. Date, calendar […]

  • The love hate entanglement between Linux system process and thread


    Original address: http://embed.21ic.com/softwar… When a program begins to execute, its part in memory is called a process during the period from the beginning of execution to the end of execution. Linux is a multitasking operating system, that is, at the same time, multiple processes can be executed at the same time. In fact, the single […]

  • On a cross domain essay


    Cross domain: as the name suggests, cross port, domain name and protocol are all cross domain, Usually, when you send an HTTP request to the background, you usually use theaxiosFollowjqueryWhen sending a request with these two methods, it is not cross domain in the same domainThe browser will automatically bring a cookie     Now […]

  • Common view comparison and transmission link interface of GPS Beidou time service equipment


    Common view comparison and transmission link interface of GPS Beidou time service equipment Common view comparison and transmission link interface of GPS Beidou time service equipment Beijing Zhun electronic technology official micro enterprise — ahjzsz 1.1 working principle of satellite time service First, throughGPSBeidou satellite coordinates and the coordinates of the receiver to calculate the […]

  • NPM, this is enough


    preface It’s been studying recentlynpmComponent release, encountered some related problems, is to sort out. Contents involved package.json Document introduction The function and configuration of. Npmrc Public network NPM component Publishing package.json summary package.json Defined in the current projectNPM packageAnd some configuration information of the project (project name, version, description, developer, license, etc.). When it comes […]

  • From scratch handwriting cache framework (12) random characteristics of redis expire expiration and its implementation


    preface Java implements redis from zero handwriting? Java realizes redis from zero handwriting How to restart memory data without losing it? Java realizes redis from zero handwriting Another way to realize the expiration policy of redis (5) from zero handwriting in Java Java realizes redis from zero handwriting Java handwritten redis from scratch (7) detailed […]