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  • Go dateparse of one library per day


    brief introduction No matter when, processing time is always a headache. Because the time format is too diverse, plus time zone, daylight saving time and leap seconds, it is more difficult to deal with these details. Therefore, when dealing with time in the program, we usually use the standard library or the time library provided […]

  • Date correlation function in PHP (I)


    Date related operation functions are the most common functions we come into contact with in our daily work development. Of course, most students may use the date () and time () functions most. We won’t talk about these two functions today. Maybe we won’t talk about them in the following articles. After all, they are […]

  • Date correlation function in PHP (3)


    We have introduced some date manipulation objects related to PHP before. Today we will learn the remaining process oriented usage methods. Of course, if it is a method similar to that in the datetime class, we won’t introduce it. In addition, date () and time (), two very common functions, will not be introduced, because […]

  • Thoughts on how to store time in database


    1. Remember not to store dates in strings I remember doing this when I was in college, and now many novices who don’t know much about the database will do the same. It can be seen that this way of storing dates still has some advantages, that is, it is simple, straightforward and easy to […]

  • PostgreSQL common time and date processing


    preface In the actual business development process, we usually encounter time and date related processing. Here are some common time and date processing methods. 1. Timestamp with and without time zone When creating a table field, specify the time date data type with time zone postgres=# CREATE TABLE tab_test(id serial,app_name varchar,app_release_date timestamp with time zone […]

  • Detailed explanation of time zone in Lua game development tutorial


    preface What is Lua? Lua is a small script language, which was developed by a research team at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 1993. Its design purpose is to embed in the application, so as to provide flexible expansion and customization functions for the application. Lua is written in standard […]

  • Record the problems and solutions encountered in exporting the ranking list in the network security knowledge competition applet


    Record the problems and solutions encountered when exporting the ranking list in the network security knowledge competition applet. As the developer of this small program, at the request of customers, after the competition, the exported elements should include the information of ranking, competition code, competition area, score, time and answer date. After the network security […]

  • Time zone problem in Python


    Problem background Python has been used for development for a long time and has not stepped into the time zone pit. Recently, more services have been introduced into the new business, and grpc is used for data communication. Unfortunately, I stepped into the time zone pit. Sure enough, there will be retribution for my laziness. […]

  • java8 LocalDateTime ZoneDateTime OffsetTime


    time zoneThe earth rotates from west to East. The sun is seen in the East before the west, and the time in the East is earlier than that in the West. In order to unify world time, the regulations of the international longitude conference in 1884 stipulated that the world was divided into 24 time […]

  • Do you know so many mysteries about database time zone?


    Summary:Introduction to time zone related knowledge and use in gaussdb (DWS). This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Everyone knows that there are so many mysteries behind the time zone》, original author: leapdb. Background introduction Like other industrial standards, the standardization process of time zone is also a complex and long process.Gaussdb (DWS), as a […]

  • Summary of machine time, UTC time, local time


    \1. There are two ways to express time, one is human time, such as the year, month, day, etc., and the other is machine time, such as the number of milliseconds obtained by the system. Currenttimemillis() method. \2. Machine time indicates how much time has passed since the epoch time (0:00:00, January 1, 1970). Note […]

  • Stepping on the pit | time zone problem in Flink day level window


    Each article in this series starts from some practical cases, analyzes some problems often encountered in the production environment, and offers a brick to attract jade, so as to help the partners solve some practical problems. This article introduces the Flink time and time zone, and analyzes the time zone problems encountered in the day […]