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  • Permanently solve the problem of MySQL time zone: server returns invalid timezone Go to ‘Advanced‘ tab and set ‘serverTimezon


    preface When connecting to MySQL, you will be prompted at any timeServer returns invalid timezone. Go to ‘Advanced‘ tab and set ‘serverTimezon Generally, the MySQL time zone is not set. Next, let’s teach you4A solution. Method 1: 1. Check Mysql to set the time zone:Win + R open operation Enter CMD and then OK to […]

  • JS thoroughly understand GMT and UTC time zones


    catalogue preface 1、 GMT What is GMT History of GMT 2、 UTC What is UTC UTC consists of two parts: UTC’s history 3、 GMT vs UTC 4、 Time zone How are time zones defined 5、 Daylight saving time What is daylight saving time History of daylight saving time Dispute over daylight saving time 6、 Local […]

  • Installation, use and configuration of laradock


    First clone the project: git clone https://github.com/Laradock/laradock.git cd laradock/ cp env-example .env to configureUBUNTU_SOURCEIt is the source of Alibaba cloud to preventapt-get update -yqqQuestion: vim .env # Change the separator from : to ; on Windows COMPOSE_PATH_SEPARATOR=; # If you need to change the sources (i.e. to China), set CHANGE_SOURCE to true CHANGE_SOURCE=true # Set […]

  • Jackson serialization and common annotations


    brief introduction Jackson is a set of data processing tools of Java, including first-class JSON parsing / generation library, matching data binding library (for conversion between classes and JSON strings), and other data format modules to process Avro, bson, CBOR, CSV, smile, (Java) properties, protobuf, XML or yaml encoded data. Three core modules Streaming (Jackson […]

  • It is often necessary to confirm some information of MySQL during development


    View MySQL version SELECT VERSION(); View general_ Log log related information Check whether it is open and the path SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘general%’; open set GLOBAL general_log=’ON’; time zone View current time zone show variables like “%time_zone%”; Set to UTC time zone # vim /etc/my. CNF ## in the [mysqld] field, add default-time_zone = ‘+8:00’ […]

  • Time problems in different time zones in game development


    In the era of global Internet, many game manufacturers are vigorously exploring overseas markets, and a large number of games will choose to be distributed overseas. As game developers, we also have to deal with an easily overlooked problem, the time problem in different time zones around the world Some time concepts related to time […]

  • Golang’s time zone and magical time How to use parse


    catalogue time zone Magical time Parse Time zone: time zone Write a test code first: const TIME_LAYOUT = “2006-01-02 15:04:05” func parseWithLocation(name string, timeStr string) (time.Time, error) { locationName := name if l, err := time.LoadLocation(locationName); err != nil { println(err.Error()) return time.Time{}, err } else { lt, _ := time.ParseInLocation(TIME_LAYOUT, timeStr, l) fmt.Println(locationName, lt) […]

  • MySQL — date type datetime and timestamp


    Datetime and timestamp are both date types in MySQL. Datetime type Store date and time in yyyy-mm-dd HH: mm: SS [. Fraction]: datetime = YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS datetime(6) = YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.fraction The datetime type is independent of the time zone (its value does not change at any time), and it takes 8 bytes to store. Timestamp […]

  • Some questions about springboot time


    Recently, another problem was found in the project. The local running time is different from the time zone on the server, resulting in different displayed time and various time formats. Sort it out here. Unified time zone Database connection URL plus: &useSSL=false&serverTimezone=UTC&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF8 Then set the time zone in the application startup class: @PostConstruct void started() […]

  • Time conversion and comparison of go


    Time conversion timeLayout := “2006-01-02 15:04:05” 1. Get the server time fmt.Println(time.Now().Format(timeLayout)) 2. Get UTC time fmt.Println(time.Now().UTC().Format(timeLayout)) 3. Convert server time to UTC time Timestr: = “2021-05-18 12:00:00” // server time location, _ := time. Loadlocation (“local”) // timestr is Beijing time. Pay attention to using local localTime, _ := time.ParseInLocation(timeLayout, timeStr, location) fmt. Println(localTime.UTC(). […]

  • Mac MySQL modifies the default time zone to UTC


    If your time zone setting is+08:00The explanation is Beijing time, but all our online servers are UTC time. This difference will bring some unexpected results. Let’s uniformly set the UTC time zone! MySQL [email protected](none):(none)> show variables like’%time_zone’; +——————+——–+ | Variable_name | Value | +——————+——–+ | system_time_zone | CST | | time_zone | +08:00 | +——————+——–+ […]

  • [share] IOS development – preliminary understanding of nstimezone time zone attribute


    Nstimezone * * time zone is a geographical name to overcome the confusion of usage time among regions or countries.Basic concepts:GMT 0:00 GMT; UTC + 00:00 calibrated global time; CCD + 08:00 China standard time [from Baidu Encyclopedia]Daylight saving time, English “daylight saving time”. In summer, advance the time in the time zone (generally 1 […]