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  • Disembarkation algorithm | leetcode weekly contest problem solving report for game 256


    [No.1 minimum difference of student scores] Problem solving ideas Sort, and then enumerate every successive k elements. Code display class Solution { public int minimumDifference(int[] nums, int k) { if (nums.length < 2 || k == 1) { return 0; } Arrays.sort(nums); int res = nums[k – 1] – nums[0]; for (int i = k; […]

  • Technology sharing | a case of handling the soaring number of Mongo cluster connections


    Author: Ren Kun Now living in Zhuhai, he has successively served as a full-time Oracle and MySQL DBA. Now he is mainly responsible for the maintenance of MySQL, mongodb and redis. Source: original contribution *It is produced by aikesheng open source community. The original content cannot be used without authorization. For reprint, please contact Xiaobian […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (111): mpstat


    Command introduction The mpstat (multi processor Statistics) command is used to display the status statistics of each available CPU. It is a real-time monitoring tool, similar to vmstat, but can only monitor the overall performance status of the CPU. [[email protected] ~]# mpstat -bash: mpstat: command not found [[email protected] ~]# yum install sysstat -y Syntax format […]

  • How to resolve abnormal data?


    When a customer database (Oracle did not make any changes, the business was frequently stuck every weekend morning. After careful diagnosis, it was preliminarily determined that tuxedo parameters reached the threshold due to the surge of business volume. After optimizing tuxedo parameters on May 10, the business interruption did not occur. A week later, […]

  • IView – dynamic forms and custom validation time periods overlap


    Add form items dynamically IView’s dynamic adding form is very simple. Just set the form item as an array and push a default value when adding a new item. The rest of iView will help you. <template lang=”html”> <div class=””> <Form ref=”formValidate” :model=”formValidate” :rules=”rulesValidate” :label-width=”100″ :label-colon=”true” > <FormItem v-for=”(item, index) in formValidate.showTimeDurations” :key=”index” :prop=”‘showTimeDurations[‘ + […]

  • Performance Optimization — ash of Oracle Database


    Active session history (ash) view and real table are valuable tuning tools provided by ORALCE database. Ash provides two fine-grained Views:V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORYandDBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY。V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORYIs a dynamic view sampled once a second,DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORYIs 10 seconds 1 sampling, stored in the real table (WRH)$_ ACTIVE_ SESSION_ Activity session history data in history. For the sampling logic and associated process of ash […]

  • Anti shake and throttling method


    Anti shake When the same event is triggered many times in a certain period of time, only the last triggered event is executed. The rest of the events are cleared. function debounce(f, m) { let time; return function(){ let arg = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1); if(time) { clearTimeout(time); } time = setTimeout(function(){ f.apply(this, arg) },m) } } […]

  • One button generation of daily appointment delivery / picking up time configuration


    1、 Why The user wants the background to maintain the daily appointment delivery / pick-up time configuration, which can be generated by one click without too much operation. 2、 Sorting out the realization ideas 1. Flexible maintenance / configuration of delivery, pick-up time and allowed number of reservation templates, as shown in the figure: 2. […]

  • How to use DPA combined with ZABBIX to analyze and locate the tempdb database explosion problem of SQL Server


      This article shares how to use ZABBIX and DPA tools (solarwinds database performance analyzer) to analyze and locate the problem of tempdb database size explosion of SQL server. Personal experience, there is no perfect monitoring tool, the so-called ruler has advantages, inch has short. The monitoring scheme should not rely on one tool. It […]

  • Datetools using date library


    1、 Preparation DateTools_ download Datetools is a tool to simplify date and time processing in Objective-C 2、 Installation CocoaPodspod ‘DateTools’ Manual installationAll classes required by datatools are included in the datatools folder as follows: DateTools.h NSDate+DateTools.{h,m} DTConstants.h DTError.{h,m} DTTimePeriod.{h,m} DTTimePeriodGroup.{h,m} DTTimePeriodCollection.{h,m} DTTimePeriodChain.{h,m} If your project wants to support internationalization or use the “timeago” function, you […]

  • Performance analysis of azure SQL database


    Preconditions Users have the right to query data statistics GRANT VIEW DATABASE STATE TO database_user; CPU performance issues in progress View the top x CPU consumption queries (summary) SELECT TOP 10 GETDATE() runtime, * FROM ( SELECT query_stats.query_hash, SUM (query_stats.cpu_time) ‘Total_Request_Cpu_Time_Ms’, SUM (logical_reads) ‘Total_Request_Logical_Reads’, MIN (start_time) ‘Earliest_Request_start_Time’, COUNT (*) ‘Number_Of_Requests’, SUBSTRING (REPLACE(REPLACE(MIN (query_stats.statement_text),CHAR (10),’ ‘),CHAR […]

  • A vbs script of dir command extending time period


    Core code set Arg=Wscript.Arguments If Arg.Count=0 then Wscript.echo chr(9)&chr(9)&space(4)&”Xdir v0.1″ Wscript.echo “” Wscript.echo chr(9)&”cscript dir.vbs path time1 time2 ext” Wscript.echo chr(9)&”cscript dir.vbs d:\test 20080101 20080430 doc” Wscript.Quit End If Path=Arg(0) Time1=Arg(1) Time2=Arg(2) Ext=Arg(3) FileTotal = 0 DirTotal = 0 FileTotalsize=0 TimeSpend = Timer myFind Path TimeSpend = round(Timer – TimeSpend,2) Txtresult = “search complete!” & […]