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  • Comparison of inclusion effects with different parameters when adding modules to app bundle


    As mentioned earlierMeaning of options when adding a module to app bundleAndHow to use bundletool to build apks and universal apk 。 Today, let’s look at two combination scenarios (assuming that the new module is called splitsamplefeature01): 1. on demand=true ,fusing=true a) On demand=true indicates that it is downloaded on demand, so the module splitsamplefeature01 will […]

  • Implementation of key value database based on LSM


       the previous article briefly introduced the basic principle and algorithm flow of LSM. This article will implement a simpleBased on LSM algorithmofMini key value database, combine the theory of the previous article with the practice of this article to make it have a better understanding of LSM algorithm. Of course, there is still a […]

  • Net core multi environment publishing and deployment


    1. new asp Net core project has Appsettings by default JSON and appsettings Development JSON, Create a new production environment appsettings Production JSON   2. publish the configuration file to create a development test and a production environment. Pay attention to placing in different release directories   Two configuration files were generated:   Specify the […]

  • Talk about claudib’s database


    order This paper mainly studies the database of claudib Database claudb-1.7.1/src/main/java/com/github/tonivade/claudb/data/Database.java public interface Database { int size(); boolean isEmpty(); boolean containsKey(DatabaseKey key); DatabaseValue get(DatabaseKey key); DatabaseValue put(DatabaseKey key, DatabaseValue value); DatabaseValue remove(DatabaseKey key); void clear(); ImmutableSet<DatabaseKey> keySet(); Sequence<DatabaseValue> values(); ImmutableSet<Tuple2<DatabaseKey, DatabaseValue>> entrySet(); default SafeString getString(SafeString key) { return getOrDefault(safeKey(key), DatabaseValue.EMPTY_STRING).getString(); } default ImmutableList<SafeString> getList(SafeString key) […]

  • Life cycle of flutter


    3-2.a59bef97.jpg.png initState(): when the widget is inserted into the widget tree for the first time, it will be called. For each state object, the fluent framework will only call the callback once. Therefore, some one-time operations are usually done in the callback, such as state initialization, subscribing to event notification of subtree, etc. Buildcontext. cannot […]

  • Promise. All() gets multiple asynchronous requests in the project


    Promise. All() is simply understood as:Multiple promise instances can be combined into a new instance, and the combined promise will become full only when all instances are full. If any instance is rejected, the combined promise will become rejected。 1 const p1 = new Promise((resolve, reject) => { 2 resolve(‘success’) 3 }) 4 5 const […]

  • Flutter synthetic games


    Flutter synthetic gamesGitHub source address:https://github.com/CZXBigBrother/animals-merge-demo init.gif To realize the function, we need to understand the two shutter controls draggable and dragtarget It can be seen from the literal meaning that draggable can be dragged, and dragtarget is the drag target, which is to receive the control of draggable ddd.png We can only receive controls that […]

  • Playing with __ attributes__ (V)


    objc_root_class Usage: __attribute__((objc_root_class)) @interface MyRootObject @end Purpose: Used to declare a root class. In Objective-C, there is a default compilation flag-Wobjc-root-class, that is, it is not allowed to declare one that does not inherit fromNSObjectofclass。 Use this attribute to declare a custom root class.About root class, Apple’s document stamphere As for the usefulness of my […]

  • Git switch branch does not merge the modification of the current branch — git stash


    In the process of work, we will encounter such problems from time to time. When the current branch is developing functions, a bug suddenly comes. You need to switch to other branches for modification. However, the changes of the current branch are not suitable for submission. Therefore, we can use the following methods to cache […]

  • 02. Interpretation of rxswift source code: dispose process


    The last article explained the process of creating and subscribing to observable. Today we continue to interpret the source code of dispose. Dispose means that the subscription is cancelled. After the cancellation, the relevant memory resources are released, including the observed and the observer. After that, the sequence cannot be sent or received.We can subscribe […]

  • Simple summary of handlerthread


    preface Handlerthread is a thread class used to process handler messages in Android. It has the following characteristics: Handlerthread is a thread class that inherits from thread. Handlerthread has its own looper object. After creating handlerthread, you need to callstart()Method to create a looper object. 1、 Use Create instance object var handlerThread = HandlerThread(“testHandlerThread”) Start […]

  • node. JS mailbox registration, activation and login related cases


    email-verify Specific detailed code GitHubIn addition to the third-party login access, the current login system mainly includes SMS login and email login. According to the characteristics of the current real name system, there are more SMS login, but some will use email login.This article is mainly about the relevant cases of email login. Generally speaking, […]